Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki

Interlude 1 – The Adventures of Musashiboy

When I imagine Soma making a doll go on adventures, this scene comes to mind. I’m repenting now.
Yes, this has almost nothing to do with the main story.


In the Elfrieden Royal Capital Parnam’s latest urban legend there is something called

[The Adventurer in a Plush Suit]

They say the adventurer wears a 1.5 meter tall plush costume. They hunt with a halberd carried on their back. They had a short and stout body but their movements are very agile and their skills are also top notch. They don’t seem to have a fixed party and take on monster subjugation quests solo but sometimes when there are adventurer teams looking for temporary party members to go on a dungeon capture, they would participate and delve the dungeon together.

By the way, they were registered with the Adventurers’ Guild under the name [Musashiboy-kun], a bonafide adventurer. Since there are lots of eyewitnesses and there’s no mistake that he ‘exists’, he gradually turned from being called an [urban legend] to a [story of an eccentric].

◇ ◇ ◇

“Umm… so you’re the adventurer who wants to be our temporary party member?”

In front of the request bulletin board in the Adventurers’ Guild.
The male swordsman of a 4-person adventurer party (consisting of the swordsman, a male priest, a female thief and a female mage) was dubiously asking a short and stout plushie. The plushie had a halberd in his hand, a woven box on his back, and white silk covering his face (it’s actually sewn on), the acorn eyes and thick eyebrows peeking from behind the silk looked very charming. Who’s that? Is it a snowman? Is it a tumble doll? No! It’s Musashiboy-kun!

[……. (Musashiboy-kun says “that’s right!” with a hand sign)]
“Ah, so might you be the adventurer they’ve been talking about lately…”
[……. (Musashiboy-kun nodded energetically)]
“I, I see…”
“Oi oi, we are in a hurry because we needed a vanguard but is this thing really okay?”

The slit-eyed female thief said with malice. The friendly-looking male priest calmed her down.

“W, well, the rumors say he’s a proper adventurer even though he looks like he’s fooling around, so I think he’ll be fine. We’re going to a rather easy dungeon near the capital today, too….”

“He’s all right, isn’t he~. He’s cute, too~”

The female mage was also fooling around, leaning on to Musashiboy-kun, enjoying his fluffiness. The male swordsman looked at the scene with a wry smile as he offered a hand to Musashiboy-kun.

“Anyway, we’ll be in your care today”
[…….. (Musashiboy-kun shook hands)]
“…….. could you possibly… can’t talk?”
[……. (Musashiboy-kun nodded energetically)]
“Oi oi, you’re sure we’ll be okay, right?”

Nobody answered the female thief’s question.

◇ ◇ ◇

The adventurer party plus Musashiboy-kun entered a dungeon near the capital. This dungeon is a cavern, in it dwells ferocious gigantic monsters in addition to goblins. What will you do, Musashiboy-kun!


~Musashiboy-kun vs Giant Python~


[……… (Musashiboy-kun stands before the big snake)]


[…………!? (But Musashiboy-kun was surprised because the big snake ignored him)]

Let me explain. Snakes look for prey by sensing their body heat, it couldn’t detect Musashiboy-kun who is only a plush doll.

“Tch, why are you ignoring the plushie and going towards us!”

Waddle waddle waddle, SLASH!

[…….. (Musashiboy-kun saved the panicking female thief)]
“T, thanks….”
[………. (Musashiboy-kun gave her a thumbs-up)]


~Musashiboy-kun vs Vampire Bat (a whole flock)~

[………… (Musashiboy-kun mowed down the bats with a [High-speed rotating slash])]
“Oooh, you’re quite good aren’t you”
[……….. (Musashiboy-kun turned to the male swordsman and gave him a thumbs-up)]
“……… hm? Oi, you…..”
[………. (Musashiboy-kun tilted his head, “what is it?”)]
“Your back, there are several bats hanging down from there….”
[!? (“Take them off!” Musashiboy-kun kicked and struggled)]

Let me explain. Musashiboy-kun doesn’t have any sense of pain so he doesn’t notice he was being bitten.


~Musashiboy-kun vs Bottomless Swamp~

Sploosh sploosh, sploosh sploosh

[……… (Musashiboy-kun is stuck in a swamp, struggling)]

Sploosh sploosh, sploosh sploosh!

[……… (He is calling to the party members “hurry and save me!”)]

The mage and priest looked at him blankly.

“He totally looks like he’s playing~”
“I know, right”

Sploosh sploosh, sploosh sploosh

◇ ◇ ◇

Once the dungeon capture was over, the members went about splitting today’s earnings equally. However, no matter how the male swordsman divided the rewards, Musashiboy-kun wouldn’t take it.

“No way, it’s no good to work for free. Please take the reward”
[……… (Musashiboy-kun shook his head)]
“Are you really, really sure you don’t want it?”
[……….. (Musashiboy-kun nodded energetically, then…)]

Waddle waddle waddle….

Musashiboy-kun ran away from the adventurers. Let me explain. The plush doll Musashiboy-kun could absolutely not equip anything besides his initial things (the woven box? just a decoration). The party members watched Musashiboy-kun’s back dumbfoundedly.

“What’s the deal with the guy?”
“Don’t ask me. Actually, is he really a guy to begin with?”
“There might be a fairy inside~”

Musashiboy-kun who leaves mysteries behind. His actual identity might be a fairy, like the mage said.
Today yet another urban legend was born.

◇ ◇ ◇

The large common bath inside Parnam Castle.
Inside there’s a “Musashiboy-kun doll (large)” being soaked in a large tub filled with hot water, Soma who’s washing the mud off its lower body, and Liecia who’s looking at him with cold eyes.

“…….. Doesn’t it look a bit bigger than before?”
“That one was a prototype. This one’s the one I ordered from castle town’s artisans based on that”
“! No way, the [Plush Adventurer] the town’s been talking about couldn’t be…”
“Ah, it’s probably this guy. There’s nobody inside, though”
“There’s that time with the mannequin dolls too, are you trying to turn Parnam into a ghost town!”
“Owowowow…. hey woah!”

Hit with a bucket by Liecia, Soma dived down inside the tub still in his clothes.

By the way “Musashiboy-kun” looks like this


…… yeah. This somehow feels like it exists somewhere.

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29 thoughts on “Interlude 1 – The Adventures of Musashiboy

  1. yeah. old school bdaman. i have those in grade schooler. they are round simple colored ninja styled stuff. some has samurai like palm hair.

      1. My bad~ Checking back, musashi is not a surname but a region. So Miyamoto Mushashi is actually Miyamoto of the Musashi region. so yeah, the mascot got the name of region, not name of the sword saint~

      2. Musashibou Benkei is different from Miyamoto Musashi. Benkei is a monk and servant of Ushiwakamaru/Yoshitsune while Musashi is a ronin swordsman renowned for his dual blade style.

  2. “…… yeah. This somehow feels like it exists somewhere.”
    What are you saying? it definitely exist!

    It seems like they have sight and hearing but not touch. Maybe because the skill lacks level? or the doll itself lacks level?
    It could make a great spy if it’s coin-sized. Pretty badass.

  3. I know this isn’t what he looks like, but i couldn’t help but think of a chicken costume for alife sized plushie outfit. So i now have the idea of someone in a chicken costume going around wnd slaying dragons…

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