Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki

Chapter 4 – Parnam Vacation Day A

Several weeks had passed since the first [King’s Brunch] broadcast.

That day a document was delivered to Elfrieden’s Prime Minister Hakuya Kwonmin.
The document was made mainly by the human resources department, but it was also jointly signed by the castle’s internal departments including the Royal Guard corps and the household agency. There were also names of the now chamberlain Markus and Royal Guard Knights’ Captain Ludwin. Wondering what the matter was, he hurriedly read the contents.

“…… I see”

Hakuya instinctively agreed.

◇ ◇ ◇

“… which is why we would like the king to take a vacation”
“Though you said ‘which is why’, I still don’t get what’s what”

As I was doing some paperwork in the government office, Hakuya came along and suddenly told me to “take a vacation.” I then plopped the document I was working on on top of the desk.

“It’s a written petition from human resources. They said [if the head doesn’t rest the people underneath will find it difficult to take a rest]. This was also signed by Markus-dono and Ludwin-dono. I,too, added my own signature.”

Ah… that reminds me, I haven’t taken a holiday since I was summoned.

“But it’s not like I don’t rest at all…”

I’ve been getting used to [Multiple Parallel Wills] and [Telekinesis] recently so I entrusted the paperwork to telekinesis while my real body works on the “Musashiboy-kun doll” in Liecia’s room. By alternating my wills between working and resting I could fight for 24 hours without feeling fatigue.
But since Hakuya‘s the one mentioning it then it looks like the problem here isn’t that.

“But even though you rested you’re always in the castle, right?”
“Well, that’s just in case anything happens”
“Then allow me to say that that doesn’t look like a break at all. Since you don’t look like you’re resting, everyone is finding it hard to take a rest. Please consider that”
“But, well, even if you say so…”
“Normally I’d want you to take a big chunk of days off for rest but…”
“Do we have the free time for that?”
“We do not”
“You can say that again”

There is practically a big heap of things for us to do. We’re at the level of willing to take help from anywhere. There’s expansion of armaments, meetings with important people, foreign correspondence, and progress with all sorts of reforms, there’s no end to it if I had to mention each and every one. There’s also Aisha, who’s been imploring me to go to the Dark Elf forest as soon as I possibly can (though I did put up countermeasures through word of mouth). There’s no time to waste here in this country that’s being pushed to the edge.
I told Hakuya as much, but he shook his head.

“But do consider that it will cause morale to degrade and work efficiency to go down”
“So what are you telling me to do?”
“Please make room for one day off somehow. While you’re at it, it might be good to take an outing during that time”

An outing, huh?

“What if I wanted to roll around in my room since I finally got a day off?”
“Rejected. We’d like you to take a vacation where your subordinates can see”
“… can you still call that a vacation?”

I personally think that a vacation is where you can do anything you like, you know?
I sent Hakuya a meaningful glare, but I might as well have been talking to a wall.

“Wouldn’t it be a good opportunity? Why not take this chance and take Princess Liecia around the castle town?”
“You’re telling me to go on a date?”
“You are engaged, after all. Show the people you’re getting along”
“Isn’t that official business then?”

Are you telling us to do something like [Kou○○ Album]?
«TN: Koushitsu Album, seems like a TV show about the Imperial Family»

“… and what are you going to do about the escort detail?”
“Don’t you have Aisha-dono?”
“You’re telling me to take a girl along while I’m on a date with another!?”
“A flower in both hands. Most enviable”
“You don’t really mean it do you…”

Haaah… well, since I’m finally getting a vacation and all, let’s make this as some fun between friends. I might as well bring Tomoe-can along, I guess. I could go see  the music café Gyna-san runs.

“… fine. I’ll take a vacation”
“Understood. Thank you very much”

I sent a cold gaze to Hakuya who is bowing reverently.

◇ ◇ ◇

“Now then, I wonder where Liecia’s at?”
I wanted to tell Liecia we have a day off but she’s not in her room. Which means she should be somewhere in the castle’s training grounds. Now that her status as royalty is still in the air because of my enthronement and only the title of officer of the army under Georg Carmine is left to her, she no longer has a job within the castle. She’s only helping me out at most. She was complaining that she doesn’t have anything to do besides joining the Royal Guards for practice, I think.

I went around the shooting range and the indoor practice hall, and finally saw her when I visited the courtyard afterwards.
She was crossing swords with Aisha.


Aisha, loudly screaming a scream filled with fighting spirit, brandishing a sword that was likely to be longer than she was tall.
And in contrast, Liecia was silently seeing through Aisha’s attack, drawing her rapier.
It’s not obvious to the untrained eye which of them is stronger.

Was it Aisha, who could repeatedly deliver blows that’ll seriously injure you if they hit, or was it Liecia, who delivered triple strikes with her rapier, looking for a gap while guarding against those blows, or was it Aisha, who brushed those rapier strikes off with only her gauntlets, or was it Liecia who saw the gap it made and stepped in, not letting Aisha raise her greatsword…. is this really a practice battle?
The armed fight between those two intensified, I don’t know which part is practice and which part is serious.

” [Sonic Wind] !”
” [Ice Sword Mountain] !”

Now they’re beginning to use magic and skills!
Aisha’s [Sonic Wind] seems to be one where she makes a slicing wind with her greatsword, after being dodged by Liecia, it cut the tree behind her right in half diagonally. On the other hand, Liecia’s [Ice Sword Mountain] instantly froze the ground into an ice-skating rink, and made countless spikes come out of it, Aisha lopped off the spikes that seemed like it was going to pierce her.
…… what’s this, a life or death fight?

I’ve seen magici in this world. I’ve been playing at being an adventurer using the [Musashiboy-kun doll (large)] recently in order to practice my doll operation, so I’ve seen the adventurers who delve into dungeons with me use magic. However, the magic used by the adventurers (beginner rank) that go dungeon-delving with me was only to the point of shooting fireballs, hurling ice, and healing simple wounds.
I’ve never imagined that magic could become this absurd when used by an expert.

Aisha is strong, but Liecia is also considerably powerful. They had a lively look in their eyes from meeting a worthy rival, or rather, they’re shining.
This is why military people are… wait, if I let them go on they’re going to destroy the castle!

“” Huh! UWAA!? “”

The two of them returned to their senses and landed, at the same time their feet slipped and they fell on their backsides.

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    1. “Haaah… well, since I’m finally getting a vacation and all, let’s make this as some fun between friends. I might as well bring Tomoe-can along, I guess. I could go see the music café Gyna-san runs.”

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