Hitokui Dungeon e Youkoso

Chapter 3 – Bloodline That Brings Calamity: A Night with the Succubus

This series is rated MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading.
This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes.
You have been warned.

Churp, I felt I heard a sound.
My penis, exposed to the chilly outside air, was wrapped in soft tissue and I felt my whole body’s temperature go up all at once. I unintentionally let leak a voice.
Inside the warm oral cavity, the woman’s long, thin tongue twirled around my penis, gently licking it.
After that’s done, she gently sucked the outer edges with slurping sounds just like how a cat would lap up milk.
Every now and then she would leave her tongue on my shaft and put my root or my balls into her thick lips, leaving them covered in saliva.
Her supple feminine arms wrapped around my waist as if not wanting to let me go.
We were laying flat but the woman’s arms were around my waist and her face was buried in my crotch.
Every now and again she would look up with upturned eyes to see how I’m doing, but I was not so experienced as to be able to think about that.
Having the woman have her way pleasuring me, I couldn’t do anything but press on her miserably when she stopped right before I climaxed.

“Master, have you not slept with a woman before?”
The woman raised her head, asking me while licking my glans.
“A half-blood like me … out here on the woods … what am I supposed to do …”
It’s not that I don’t want to.
But out here on the woods, there rarely are any women in the nightlife business, the only woman in the trade, that can satisfy those urges, would only be my own mother.
After my mother died, the men who worked furthering the development of the mines would sometimes go to town to buy women, but there was no place there for me.
The farmers don’t have the time to do that to begin with. Those who don’t have a wife or lover would spend their days unsatisfied just like myself.


In this rural village, there was a custom where orphans whose parents had died and women who lost their husbands and had no means of living would be protected by the entire village, but as I was not someone from the village, I didn’t get that chance, and even if there was someone that took a liking to me, as I had demon blood in me both me and that person would be left unhappy.
Which is why I had halfway given up on it.
I told myself off in resignation, someday I’ll gather up money, leave the village and start business in a town somewhere.

“Uhuhu…. You don’t have to hold back. You have to be more greedy and grow stronger. You can even destroy this village, have your way with all the women and then kill them”
I didn’t expect to hear those whispers while my penis was being played with.
The woman had already stripped her kantoui, baring her voluptuous body, the small wings growing out of her back, and the small tail growing from her rump, and straddled my crotch. A faint sweet scent wafted into my nose.
My meat rod was kept waiting on the verge of climax, and my eyes were rooted on the woman’s steaming nether regions.
“What, are you … ?”
The fact that I was able to ask was my final resistance.
“You have the blood of one of the world’s strongest princes, the ‘Tuner’ Stalto …. You are one fit to disregard the sensibilities of the human world, to take land by the rules of the demon world, to rule. I am Astarte. I will be serving you, I will be educating you into a proper demon befitting of your lineage …”
Having said that, the woman who called herself Astarte threw her body on top of me and slowly put her lips on mine.

“From now on you will ravish many women, steal many lives, and trample over the world, you shall dominate. But to start … you will dominate me, violate me, please”
Guided by Astarte’s lithe fingers, My penis entered her most intimate spot.
“U … uwaaah ….!”
I spontaneously let loose a voice.
Having been teased to the verge of climax by her overwhelming tongue skills, my penis ejaculated all at once the moment it was guided inside her vagina, letting out a large quantity of semen.

In the middle of the overpowering pleasure, my consciousness turned white, washed away by the climax.
After I finished letting everything out, Astarte caressed her swelling belly and smiled sweetly.
“Uhuhu. So warm, so full …. Master, from now on I will be your servant, I will stay by your side as your educator. First, may I hear your name, Master …”
“N, name … Elliott … but …”
For being a wicked demon, Astarte’s face smiled an unbelievably sincere, but at the same time obscene, which might have been believable.
“Master Elliot, my Master. Astarte will from now on guide you to the road to kingdom ….”
That one just now was probably not for me, she might be telling herself that.
That said, I don’t have the energy to think things like that back then, I wanted to fire off the stuff backed up in my loins again, my hips impatiently moved.
“Um, Astarte … was it? Um …”
Before I can finish talking, she probably realized that the penis left inside her vagina had not softened.
Astarte nimbly rotated so that the penis doesn’t come out jutting out the pair of hills behind her behind.
Her arrowlike tail wrapped around my penis, stroking it, inviting it in.
“Yes, Master Elliot. The night is still long. Please, unleash your desires, more and more …”


“Haah … aah …”
Steaming from her entire body, Astarte was leaning herself on me.
It was about the tenth time I let loose my semen inside of Astarte, but it seems like I was finally satisfied with her. … the fact that I was able to think that means that I’ve finally collected myself.

Honestly, I had no recollection what I did or how. Just that I was fully occupied with earnestly locking lips, twining tongues, and thrusting my meat rod into Astarte’s melting honeypot.
I indulged myself in Astarte’s body, like monkeys, that might have been the accurate term.
When I realized it, we have been entangled on the cold dirt floor for hours, morning had arrived.

The peculiar cold air of daybreak came flowing in and slowly became refreshing.
I was thankful that there were no guests that season, but properly speaking, the floor that I used to greet guests was stinking of cum.
Now then …

“Nnh …. Master Elliott,  you’re still lively …”
The resuscitated Astarte was standing on her knees, holding my hips from behind with her hands.
Astarte’s breaths hit the area in between my back and rump, it tickled.

Her fingers started playing with my penis again, asking for a rematch.

“As you’d expect, I’m done. Also, it’s about time for guests to come. Have to clean this room”
“Ara, should we change rooms, then?”
She jokingly said, but she understood the situation.
Looking around, I saw that Astarte had already used magic and had changed her clothes to the nun outfit she was wearing last night.
…… of course, since she hadn’t washed, the choking smell of cum was plainly there.
“Well then, I would like to borrow a room for a while … Ara, looks like we have a guest”

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 3 – Bloodline That Brings Calamity: A Night with the Succubus

  1. one night only when losing your virginity. His mc level is too low.

      1. Exactly. Depending if such a system exists and how it works a proficient enough individual can use your name, your personality, and past actions to narrow down the field or as a jumping off point to get there.

      2. And if they can figure it out, they literally have the key to your body, mind, and soul. But pacts and contracts with demons tend to be incomplete unless you exchange true names.

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