Hitokui Dungeon e Youkoso

Chapter 12 – The Villains’ Preparation: The Red Crows’ Party

This series is rated MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading.
This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes.
You have been warned.

“Are you sure we don’t need to go after that damn imp?”
The huntsmen’s cabin by the river was a simple rest area only visited by hunters from nearby villages on summer.
It was a simple cabin that could lodge around ten people. Being only an hour’s walk away from the highway, it was a shelter well known by merchants and mercenaries that often go this way.
The one who opened a small door to a room inside the cabin and called out was a tall young girl still in her late teens.
She was waifish and somewhat slender. The bulges on her chest were rather modest compared to girls her age, just about small enough to be covered in the palm of her hands.
She had willful blue eyes and long flowing purple-blue hair reaching down to the pit of her stomach. She had a good looking face, shaped like a doll, but that impression contradicts her provocative and strong-willed expression.
“Yeah, it didn’t do anything too bad anyway. It ran away with one shot from you didn’t it?”
The reply came back from a two meter tall giant of a man who didn’t even look back.
The muscles on his body were as good as armor, and even now in the middle of camp he was wearing light leather armor in place of sleepwear.
The smell of blood and sweat that permeated his leather armor made the girl grimace, but continued.
“Legda, even though that kind of low level demon appears in fields, they’re mostly working for some superior monster. Rumors say there’s a dungeon master in the dungeon in those mines, so shouldn’t you be a little more careful?”
The men surrounding the giant responded to the girl’s words.
“He he he, our lady magician’s sure a worrywart”
“Don’t worry, Sara. The mines are still half a day away from here. The monsters only appear around the mining village anyway, right?”
“No need to mind anything here, nothing to be scared of”
The lighthearted voices made the girl called Sara no longer able to contain her irritation.
The wand in her hand adorned with a star trembled slightly.
“Don’t call me Sara! My name is Thalia!”
Glared at by Thalia, several of the men smiled wryly and shrugged.

They did not doubt the fact that Thalia had left from the Academy and that her magic was the real thing, but none of them minded it.
They were currently drunk and couldn’t put together a coherent thought … rather than the vice-captain Thalia, the Captain Legda was in the middle of some minor business. In addition, though Thalia was able to acquire her vice-captainship through her magic ability, as an adventurer she was a newbie, and so the ex-mercenary seniors under Legda had more voice.
“… hng, Sara, wait a bit. Not much longer … uoh, Shiro, I’m coming, drink it all … ngh”
Legda was fucking a girl’s mouth.
She was wounded all over and had a metal collar around her neck. The chain linked to the collar was being held by Legda.
The girl called Shiro was trying to drink down the large quantity of semen in her mouth with tears in the corners of her eyes.
Her red light leather armor that had been cut and torn all over was no longer able to function as armor. Her cheeks were red from being slapped again and again.
Traces of dried tears and semen were repeatedly left on her slightly freckled youthful face as she was forced to recognize pain as pleasure through the application of aphrodisiacs.
“Ngh, ng, gg …”
“You’re slobbering, bitch!”
Legda suddenly grabbed Shiro’s hair, raising her face up.
Semen that she was unable to drink down leaked from the corners of her lips and flowed down with drool.
“Eek … sorry, I’m sorry, don’t hit me, please …”
The girl’s face was strained in fear, tears flowed from her eyes.
Her labia had swelled red from what was probably several days of rape, there were still semen somebody put into her in there.
“You don’t need any pretentious names. Shiro the white bitch is enough”
Legda threw Shiro down in front of his underlings. “Alright, have at her,” he declared.
Several of the quicker among them dropped their pants and straddled the girl.
The other men surrounding them that fancied just watching made vulgar jeers and cheered.

“So this is how the White Dogs’ leader, the chivalrous thief Charlotte ends up, huh? … You got no sympathy from me, but you disgust me just looking at you”
Thalia turned her back on the cruel rape show and headed back to her private room.
“Yo, Sara! Why don’t you join us here!”
“We’ll be gentle with you, not like with the bitch!”
The magician girl shut the door, not deigning the men’s crude laughs a response.

Shiro and Legda were originally leaders of opposing adventurer teams.
The leader of the White Dogs, risen from thieves and a ruin raider and jack of all trades, the willful female thief Charlotte.
The leader of the fighting-oriented Red Crows, who brought along his underlings from a mercenary band, the giant warrior Legda.
These two team leaders with opposing personalities who were both based in the same area around Abram often clashed during jobs. Their team members also have opposing characters, so they hated each other.

The antagonism continued for a long time.
When the Red Crows received a request to abduct a certain girl, the White Dogs would get one to let her escape.
Having a chase-off inside of town, so long as they had Charlotte, who was agile and good with traps, the White Dogs would have the advantage.
Even after the Red Crows picked up the magician Thalia a month back, she couldn’t possibly release fireballs in the middle of the city.

As a result, the White Dogs succeeded in their request and the Red Crows’ reputation dropped.
After that, the youngsters of the White Dogs publicly insulted the Red Crows in a bar. That was the final nail in the coffin.
The fact that Thalia carried various drugs for her study of magic was another cause for the tragedy.
They both knew of each other’s positions and territory. Most of the Red Crows being former mercenaries, they chose a means to ensure their victory.
They bought off a boy at the bar where the White Dogs make their base and had him put paralysis poison in their drinks.
When the poison’s effects took hold, they attacked, and the bar-room became a scene of hell.

There were nine of the White Dogs, including their leader Charlotte. Three of them were girls.
One was unluckily killed when they were attacked. Charlotte and the other female member were kidnapped from there, dosed with aphrodisiacs, and raped.
Being a thief with some resistance against poisons, Chalotte survived, but after being taken to the Red Crows’ base and raped nonstop for twenty-four hours, the other girl succumbed to lust and completely broke.

The city guards began the search for the Red Crows the next day.
The Red Crows had escaped from Abram before the guards were able to put up wanted posters at the city gates. A few hours later, a crazed, naked girl was found abandoned on a plaza on the outskirts of town.
Charlotte did not know what happened to the girl, her friend, after that.

“C’mon, bitch! Get sucking!”
“You know how to work door keys and men’s ‘keys’ right?”
She was no longer aware what the men’s voices were saying.
She must do as she’s told, and pleasure them.
If she didn’t listen, she was hit.
Whatever she said, she was raped.
The aphrodisiacs she was dosed with blunted the pain from being hit, but it did not dull the fear.
If she kneaded the men’s penises, sucked them, spread her legs and let them use her vagina and anus, then at least they wouldn’t do anything scary then.

“Shiro, bark like a bitch and beg for cock!”
“W … woof! I, want cock, woof … hyan!”
A week ago she was Charlotte, the spirited, strong-willed leader of the adventurer team White Dogs that opposed the Red Crows.
Charlotte no longer existed.
Unable to protect her friends. Robbed of her pride as a human being. What was left was a dog only allowed to live to open locks and as a tool for sexual pleasure.
She was too afraid to even think about who she was.
To not think and only do what she’s told, the girl that was there had already half given up on her humanity.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter but damn this author have some messed up tastes it looks like all the girls that will apear in the story will be raped by the mc or are already raped by something

    1. > looks like all the girls that will apear in the story will be raped by the mc or are already raped by something


  2. This is the right in the prologue?
    “Guest-sama, let’s become master’s property together!”
    “You made a blunder too, huh. Even a genius like me got caught, so give up.”

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    1. No it doesn’t. Neither girl had Stockholm. Charlotte is doing this to limit the pain as much as possible, plus it’s been at least a week since this started. The other girl broke in 24 hours, meaning she’s nearly catatonic at this point and can barely care for herself.

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