Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Prologue – The Earthling was Sent to Kill Earthlings

“These Earthlings are reeeeeeallly annoying, they are!! What the hell’s with them? Did they teach them to make trouble in other worlds since they were kids or something!?”

The Orc Queen O’Luna stamped her feet on the castle flooring, venting her anger.

That night the sounds of the Queen’s yelling and the floor being stomped on rang throughout the castle.

So noisy, I thought, plugging my ears.
“Oi Luna, calm down. What time do you think this is. You’re worrying the servants”

The Lesser Orc maids gathered in the Queen’s room were funnily looking at her flusteredly pacing around the room like an NPC. So irritating ….

However the Queen Luna, despite her maids’ worries, became more and more heated up.

Luna’s Elf-like beautiful face scowled as she continued to curse, “Earthlings, unforgivable … I’ll definitely kill them … I’m seriously going to kill them …”

She was completely irritated by the Earthlings no words were able to enter her ears.

Well, it’s obvious that she’s mad.

Just now, the Orc fortress at the foot of mount Schera fell by the hands of a reincarnator from Earth.


The Earthling did it half for fun.

They were fooling around with the cheat power the goddess gave them when they reincarnated.
They denounced the demihumans of this world [Monsters] and bullied them.

Luckily, nobody died this time but the damage was great.

Queen Luna, after being woken up in the middle of the night and heard about the fall of the fortress, raged in her room, breaking everything she could get her hands on.
She then roared like a wild beast.

The maids sleeping in the other rooms and I heard that sound and came over to this place.


“Damn them all — … I’m really mad right now — … Earthlings are really damn irritating — … You can’t just do whatever you want just because we’re orcs — …”

Luna kept on grumbling into daybreak. She was hugging her knees up on her luxurious bed and mumbled her grudges on and on.

“I know, I know. I really do”

Sitting next to the bed, I put in just whatever words in to accompany her.
Somebody once told me that when a woman is angry you should first symphatize.

By the way, the Lesser Orc maids were sleeping on the floor all around.
Sleeping in their master’s room, really, these guys are useless.

While I was saying “I know, I get why you’re mad” back at her, my eyes are rooted on her chest.

Because the chest button on Luna’s white nightdress negligée was undone, her twin hanging hills were veeery close to peeking out.

If she stooped over just a tiny little bit more the tips were going to be visible …

“I’ve decided!!”

Luna suddenly stood up on the bed. She tightened her fist, seems like she has come to a decision.

“I’ve decided … to kill each and every one of the reincarnators who came to this world from Earth!”

“All of them? Hee. So you’ll kill me too?”

Sorry for the late introduction, but my name is Kato Tomoki.
A reincarnator from Earth.

Having died on Earth, I received a certain unique skill from the goddess, and reincarnated into this world with that cheat.

My race is Human — meaning a completely normal human being, but stuff happened and right now I’m staying as a guest at the Orc Queen O’Luna’s castle.

Normally, a reincarnator from Earth would be considered an Orc’s natural enemy, but Luna and I had been through some things together and we’re friends now.

“Kato, even though you’re an Earthling you’re my friend! You alone I would not kill. Yes, you’re my equal here”

Looks like Luna exempted me from her kill-list because I’m her friend.
Thank goodness. Now I can get friendly with this sexy Orc Queen for a little while longer.

“By the way Kato. I have something to ask of you as a friend …”

Luna poked both her index fingers together and twisted her body bashfully.

“Will you kill the Earthlings in my stead …? Those Earthlings are all strong. I can’t win against them. But as another Earthling, you …”

Being friends is fine and all that, but why do I have to kill my fellow Earthlings? Stop kidding me!
I was enraged and almost yelled at her — but wait.

If I listen to her request now — then I can make her mine more easily, can’t I?


Hearing me agree, Luna turned all smiles and jumped.

“Really!? I just wanted to try asking you know! You’re the best Kato!! The best!! Whee! So cool! You’re shining the brightest now!”

“However,” I continued. “There’s a condition”

“C, condition …?”

“Yup. I will kill my fellow reincarnators all for your sake, and in return for that — Luna, I want you to let me do what I like with your body”

I have always wanted Luna.

Well, she’s hot, y’know.

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37 thoughts on “Prologue – The Earthling was Sent to Kill Earthlings

    1. Some die for money. some die for honor. many die for nothing…
      our MC going to die for boob…
      He is a great man!!!

  1. I’m sorry, don’t orcs look ugly? How does the queen look like beautiful and elf-like?

    1. Elves are pretty, but dainty and fragile.
      Orcs are more voluptuous and sturdy, but ugly.

      Luna takes the good parts of both…

      1. All women in Xanxia are Orcs you know the ones with skin like jade and big white teeth.

  2. Thanks for the new series, hum perv protagonist, anti-hero…… I’m a huge pervert that hate heroes and love villains, yep already love this novel

      1. honestly? I don’t know myself. I saw this and thought it looked fun and before I knew it it was already monday morning and I had 21 chapters in hand

  3. The Orc Queen must be one of those Xanxia heroines, you know skin like jade with very noticeable white teeth.

  4. Thanks for translating this series, seems interesting.

    But one thing….. I couldn’t almost believe that you just started translating this series on July 17 O.o and you have already translated 72 chapter + prologue.
    What are you? A super saiyan translator?

    But anyway, keep up the great work 🙂

  5. They denounced the demihumans of this world [Monsters] and bullied them.

    Oh please, no one does this. It’s all “fuck humans yeah monstergirls” in this genre.

  6. late to the party huhu , but have to say … 1st time -> beautiful ORC queen …. oh well , i hope there are pictures available in later chapters now

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