Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 2 – The Happenings since the Reincarnation – Past 2

I used the otherworld skill Mirror and began my life in the alternate world.

First was intelligence gathering. Honestly, this one’s easy.

After all, I could take on the form of anyone just by seeing them once.

If I saw someone who looked well-connected walking in town, I could take his form and go into taverns or temples.

Then, I could nonchalantly listen to people talk.
I wasn’t suspicious, since from the outside I looked just like a citizen who lived in this world.

Just like I expected, this world has various fantasy creatures living in it.

Other than ordinary Humans, there are Demihumans like Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, and Orcs, each of them continually skirmishing against each other.

This Coura was a human town so I can’t meet with Demihumans right now, but my heart throbbed, dreaming of the forms of the yet unseen fantasy races.

Maybe, maybe there are Dragons too —?

But before daydreaming, I have to first arrange my own living.

After all, I had nothing else to my name in this world other than this Mirror skill and the clothes I had on me back on Earth.

I have to somehow guarantee my income and lodging.

But that too was surprisingly easy.

I’m getting repetitive but my Mirror skill lets me take the forms of people only by seeing them once.

With that skill, I could become a thief with frightening ease.

I entered the homes of rich people using their owner’s forms and pilfer gold and silver coins — well I know I was doing something bad but this is necessary.

I’ll at least give half the money I stole to poor homes as atonement for my sins.
Like a certain mouse youngster.

Then with the remaining half I stayed at a cheap inn and once morning came I used Mirror to change and went out to gather information again — after spending half a month doing that I became completely used to this world.

Once I did, I wanted to do something different.
I wanted to go on an adventure.

I wanted to go on a trip and fight Goblins and Orcs …!

Once I decided to start on a trip, I turned to the shopping street to make preparations.

I didn’t use Mirror so that I can find weapons and armor that suited my real body and walked just like that along the street with shops all around.

Then —.

“Ah—! Found someone in Earth clothes—!”

I turned towards the voice and there was a young girl in highschool uniform.

I met for the first time a reincarnator from Earth other than myself.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – The Happenings since the Reincarnation – Past 2

  1. Wow at least his personality wasn’t rotten enough to went NTR spree with his cheat skill….

  2. Although it’s late, let me say sth.

    He’s been there for half a month and exclaimed he got used to that world but, apparently, he never thought of changing his original clothes. Did he not eve bathe? Not once? lol

    He got me good. I thought this guy knows his stuff. Until that last part that is.

    Well, I find it interestingly funny so I don’t really care. Just. Good luck getting the ladies with your BO.

    1. I imagine he has spent most of his time in other forms, including bath times. If using his mirror skill doesn’t take care of that little detail, that is. Its a bit of a jump to go from him not having new clothes to assuming he hasn’t bathed.

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