Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 3 – The Happenings until I Joined My First Party in the Alternate World – Past 3

“You’re a reincarnator from Earth right? Me too! Wow, such a coincidence—! Wheee—! We have more friends now!”

The one who called to me was a girl called Ruruka and was a high school student before she reincarnated into this world.

Ruruka was wearing the uniform of the school she went to before she reincarnated.
Those clothes looked really high-class, probably from some elite girl’s school somewhere.

“So a fellow reincarnator. That’s nice”

I grinned despite myself.

By meeting a compatriot, I felt released from despair. Most of all, there’s any man would be happy going together with a cute girl.

Happy having met with me, Ruruka jumped like a rabbit.
I saw pink panties peeking from under her uplifted skirt. I could also see her navel a few times from the edge of her blazer.

What will happen between Ruruka and I now, I began having evil delusions.

“By the way, what’s your name? Vous haven’t introduced yourself!”

“Hm? Ah, Motoki. Kato Motoki. Nice to meet you”

“Motoki-kun! Then Mokkun, okay! — so Mokkun, this might be early but let’s introduce my friends!”

“Eh, friends …? You have them?”

It was a bit disappointing that it wasn’t just the two of us with Ruruka, but having more friends is good.

If there’s another man I might be going to fight over Ruruka at some point, but Ruruka and I have the common point of being a Reincarnator from Earth.

At the end of the story I’m going to end up going out with this girl anyway, I thought as I went to where her friends were.

“These are my friends! O—i guys—! I got us a new friend—! Introducing Mokkun from Earth!”

Ruruka’s friends are two people.

First a female Elf that looked like a magic caster.
Her name was Elieya. A roving Elf who was Ruruka’s first friend since she came into this world.
She looked to be the type to be moody but would stick to you like glue once she falls for you. This kind of Elf is common on the net.

Then the other one is —.

“Yo there! I’m Kai. I’m from Earth too”

A man named Kai.
What, so he’s another reincarnator?
Are reincarnators really so common here …?

Kai offered me a handshake on our first meeting, looks like the nice guy type.

Kai had a greatsword.
The Demon Sword [Ghulcyut]
Seems like he got it from the goddess when he reincarnated.

Looking at Kai, I received a huge shock.
Kai was more of a [Main Character] compared to me.

Even though we came from the same world, my skill was plain and I was a thief too.
It’s not the case that just by reincarnating from Earth, anyone can live brilliantly.

The reason I came to this world was to become Kai’s foil¹.
¹ «TN: A literary term, meaning a secondary character designed to provide contrast to the main character’s personality and actions and thus make him stand out even more»

Which means this was how it was:

Kai … Protagonist
Ruruka … Heroine
Elieya … Support (Stalking horse², Harem member)
Me … Support (Kai’s foil)
² «TN: Ateuma; A rival love interest brought into the story in order to advance the relationship between the main couple»

… Looks like I wasn’t going to become someone even in another world.
Was my soul just simply made that way?

Well, nothing gets done by being pessimistic, so I meekly joined Kai’s party as the foil.

Thus Kai, Ruruka, Elieya, and I, the four of us started on our journey.

We went off to subjugate the Demihumans who had been making the Humans suffer.

Incidentally, Elves are the only ones allied with the Humans, so we mostly hunted Goblins and Orcs.

I wasn’t the Protagonist, but by defeating Goblins and Orcs, I could make a name for myself as a member of the hero party! — or that’s how I encouraged myself.


At that time, I never would have thought I’d later betray these friends and joined hands with the Orc Queen.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 3 – The Happenings until I Joined My First Party in the Alternate World – Past 3

  1. Thanks 4 the chapters!

    It just occured to me. But I don’t consider them reincarnated. They’re not reborn into that world in the traditional sense. They’re more like transported and given powers. Granted their body might not be their original, and might just be copies. They even wore their old clothes.
    Just my thoughts.

    1. Yes, strictly speaking, they’re not reincarnated. However, the word reincarnated itself does not say anything about having to be reborn, so I suppose it fits the broad definition.

      The biggest thing though, is that the author calls them tenseisha — reincarnators.

      1. They seem closer to transmigrators, or whatever its called, to me, but I suppose staying true to what the author put is important.

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