Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 5 – You Simply Have to Have A Cute Girl With You on Your Journeys, Right

This island that was under the direct control of the Orc Queen O’Luna was called Ogre’Den

It was in the shape of an ellipse elongated toward the north and south, and if you looked at a map it looked just like an egg.
The size was about the same as the island of Great Britain on Earth.

Roughly speaking, the north of the island belonged to the Orcs, while the south belonged to Humans.

However, both the Orcs and Humans had exclaves here and there, so there were frequent battles for territory as if it were a game of Go.

There were also several disputed areas scattered throughout the island.

If you weren’t a capable warrior, you wouldn’t come to any of those disputed areas.
You’d die.


“So why are we deliberately going to a dangerous zone like that! Isn’t it weird! I’m against it!”
The High Orc girl Ka’Liu angrily protested.

“Oh shut up, just be quiet. And get your head down, they’ll notice you”

I frowned at Liu for being so fussy.

“Like hell I can stay quiet here! I only came with you cause you said you were going to give me some tasty meat so why are we in a dangerous zone! It’s a dangerous zone!”

“Calm down, there are times in life where you gotta do that”

“Yeah like hell there is!”

I decided to ignore Liu’s yelling and focused on how the battle was progressing.
About one kilometer ahead of us, Human and Orc armies were having a battle.
Warriors brandished swords and drew bows on the verdant grassland.

An Orc fortress was under attack by the Humans.
It was a rather strong fortress but it was already on the verge of falling.
They were undoubtedly going to lose.

After all, there was a reincarnator from Earth among the humans.

“I see, I see, it’s him, isn’t it?”

Still under cover, I peered through a telescope, confirming the reincarnator attacking the Orcs.

It was a boy. Probably a middle schooler.
He was restlessly launching fire and ice out of his hands.

He had a magic-type cheat that allowed him to use any kind of magic.

He was unmistakably a reincarnator who tormented the Orcs.

“Such a shame, reincarnating that young. I’m sure his parents cried being left behind back on Earth. Well, I’m going to kill him here in this world, anyway”

“What are you blabbering about …! We have to run away stat or we’re gonna be killed you know! I don’t wanna die young! I’m not supposed to be here! Let me go home!”

“You really won’t shut up will you … and stop it with the death flags”

After having received the request froh the Orc Queen O’Luna to “Kill all the reincarnators from Earth”, I immediately made preparations and departed.
With the noisy High Orc girl Ka’Liu in tow.

Even though she had the fault of being noisy, she’s a rather useful fellow.
She was a talented personnel necessary to accomplish the objective ― or that’s the official reason anyway.

In reality, I took her along because she was cute.
High Orcs were beauties comparable to Elves.
And having healing is a must in a journey.

I told her, “I’m going to give you tasty meat,” and she happily, cheerfully, came along.
What a dumb kid.

“You take a look too. That’s the one we’ll be fighting after this”

I handed Liu the telescope.

Liu was reluctant inside, but nevertheless looked through the telescope.

“… Uwaa, you Earthlings are really something aren’t you. What’s with that, he’s using magic like it’s nothing. Is he backed by the goddess or something? Even the great me won’t be able to reach that, I’ll lose”

“Well, we are going to lose if we fought him head on. He’s a cheat after all”

“… But Motoki, you’re an Earthling reincarnator too, right? You can win if you tried hard can’t you? You can win, right?”

“No, well, I’ll lose if we fought head on. My skill isn’t something you’d use in a fight, you see ― remember this, never ever fight a fair fight against reincarnators. Never do an intelligence contest either!”

“Wha …! If you’ll lose then what can I do!”

“Calm down, I’m only saying that we don’t have to fight fairly. That way we can win. ― but I need to create the best condition in order to win. The important thing I need from you is for the care of my heart and body along the way. Erotically speaking”
While saying that, I glanced at Liu’s chest.

Orcs have a preference for slack clothing, and because Liu was prone, her chest area was full of openings.
Her smallish breasts were conspicuously peeking out, you simply have to have a look ….

“Whoa there …!”

Liu covered her chest in a fluster.

“If you do anything weird I’m reporting you to the Queen!”

“Ah, Luna already gave permission. [Liu always looks down on people, so you go put the fear of men in her], she said”

“My Queen― …!!”

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