Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 6 – This is How You Kill an Earthling

“So let’s begin the First Strategy Meeting!”

“Whee―! I’ve been waiting for this! Strategy meetings are the best!!”

“Liu, aren’t you being too high spirited?”

“My heart’s gonna be crushed unless I force myself to be high spirited! ― Ah, waiter! Refill my beer please! I’m not gonna be able to cope without a drink, goddammit!!”
The High Orc girl Ka’Liu desperately chugged down her beer.

It’s been a week since we set off from Luna’s castle.
Liu and I arrived at the Human town Coura.

Most of the Earthling reincarnators who appeared in this island settled in Coura.
Our target reincarnator-kun was definitely also living in some inn somewhere in this city.

He’s on an expedition right now, but he’s sure to come back.
People, once they found a place for themselves, don’t easily leave.

And then we, while waiting nearby for a contact with the target, were having a drinking party under the name of a strategy meeting.

“When they come back to this town we’re finally going to start the assassination plan, right? Then that means our destiny ends there, right? Uu … if I was going to die anyway I should’ve stolen and drunk the booze Queen Luna hid away …”

Seeing the target’s true strength the other day, Luna was completely crestfallen.
We can’t win against that, she thought.

Liu trembled and shivered while pressing her chest against my arm.
Even through her clothes, I can clearly catch the feel of the points at the tips of her breasts.

It felt really good, but I shouldn’t get excited now, but calmly continue the talk.

“Hey Liu, I’d like you to calm down and think a little, but why do you think those reincarnated guys are strong?”

“Hmm …? Thash coz they have the goddess backin them right? Aren’t you the one who said that?”

“Yep, that’s right”

Some of the people that died young on earth were scouted by the goddess.
[You, do you want to reincarnate into another world? Accept now and get a totally cheat skill!], something like that.
I had no memory of that happening, but the other reincarnators said they had a direct talk with the goddess before they reincarnated.

“But you know, Liu. why do you think the goddess bothered to do all that? What do you think’s in it for her to give powers to youngsters like us and send us to another world?”

“Mmm … yeah, probably she wanted to rid the world of Orcs and Goblins, I’m sure”

“Maybe, but then there’s no explanation why she would only send youngsters like us into this world. It would be more efficient to send, say, dead soldiers over to exterminate the Demihumans”

“Sheesh! Stop being roundaboutー! Get to the point already s’il vous plaît!”

“All right, all right, … this is what I think: The goddess enjoys watching us”

Giving youngsters with little experience in life great power and sending them into another world.

Then observing them.

[So what will they do with the great power they were suddenly given? Will it get into their heads and they try to become the strongest? Or maybe build harems? ー Ah, this is fun]

“In other words, we reincarnators are here for the gods’ amusement. This is what I assume, but I don’t think I’m wrong”

“Having fun in a safe place watching people struggle, so awesome, so cool, the goddess must be completely off her rockers”

Liu didn’t hold back on her disgust.

“That’s what joy is all about. It’s simply that we reincarnators were given power in order to please the goddess, that’s all. The goddess, she’s just being a patron. ― which is why we have a gap to exploit”

I gave her a grin.

“Patrons are terrible things, you know. Once you can’t act in accordance to their support, they will heartlessly throw you away”

The name of our target this time was [Yuutarou].
He possessed a cheat skill that allows him to manipulate all the elements.

Now what does the goddess expect from Yuutarou by giving him that skill?

Probably, to become peerless and build a harem, to get carried away.
She wanted him to show her that.

In that case ―.

“We don’t need to beat down Yuutarou from the front. If we interfered with his peerlessness and his harem-building ― if we destroy his Narrative, the goddess will throw him away”

It would be hard to interfere with his matchless strength.
In that case, what we have to do is ―.

“We have to thoroughly interfere with his harem-building. Steal his women!”

That way, the goddess will be disappointed in him.
Something like, [Hey hey, this Yuutarou kid, so he can’t make a harem after all? What a miscalculation].

Then when Yuutarou loses his power, I’ll kill him.

“So, a clever strategy don’t you think? … eh”

Somewhere along the way, Liu had gone drunk and fell asleep.

Being irritated, I peeked at her defenseless breasts and enjoyed the sight of her twin hills not covered by underwear.

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