Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 7 – Reincarnators are Popular Like I Thought They Would Be

― I want to be him.

I imagined the form of the person I wanted to borrow and willed myself, then I instantly transformed into him.
That’s my unique skill Mirror.

This time, I decided to borrow the form of a man who had worked for a long time at the human town Coura as a shoemaker.

In that form, I entered the town tavern.

“Oh, the shoemaker! This is rare. You said you don’t drink, didn’t you?”

A man, probably the shoemaker’s acquaintance, came up holding a beer mug in one hand.

Doesn’t look like I was found out. I had perfectly taken the shape of the shoemaker.

“I do drink every now and then. The wife’s going to kill me so keep this a secret will ya? Like, I wasn’t here today, okay?”

“Ha ha, being hen-pecked is hard, huh”

“You too, right”

While chatting like that, I smiled.

Then when he was completely open, I asked the main question.

“By the way, I heard there’s a reincarnator who came from Earth a while ago. They say he’s called Yuutarou or something?”

“Ah, that guy, he’s something alright! He learns any kind of magic just by reading the grimoire just once. No matter the aptitude and system!”

I see, so he had the cheat I thought he had.

I continued my intelligence gathering.

“Anyway, that Yuutarou, I think he was walking along with a cute girl”

“A girl walking with Yuutarou? Was it Lugin? Well, that knight is a beauty, but I’ll pass. She’s a scary girl you know? You make fun of her and stab she goes”

Lugin ― that girl would be the Heroine in Yuutarou’s Narrative.

Probably, Yuutarou reincarnated and met with this Lugin girl, then fell in love.

Then the girl Lugin Yuutarou fell in love with was caught in some kind of problem and he found out about it.

Yuutarou then decided to fight to solve that problem ― that’s how it goes, I suppose.

Every reincarnation story follows the same pattern.¹
¹ «TN: You can say that again»

“Anyway, besides that Lugin girl, Yuutarou gets along with some other girls, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah, it’s all cute girls around him. First it was the grimoire shop’s Ruby was it, then the priestess Miria, also ―”


Thus I was able to get information on Yuutarou in just an hour.

The greatest thing was having gained intel on the girls around Yuutarou.
Before I forgot, I took my memo and wrote them down.

Lugin … Main Heroine, Female Knight, Strong Willed
Ruby … Harem Member, Grimoire Shop Girl, Timid
Miria … Harem Member, Priestess, Graceful
Kirisha … Harem Member, Noble’s Daughter, Tomboy

“I see”

In order to interfere with Yuutarou’s reincarnation story and turn it into something worthless, I had to begin by whittling the harem down.

The first target will be the grimoire shop girl Ruby.

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 7 – Reincarnators are Popular Like I Thought They Would Be

  1. Its not a harem yet he’s planning to netori the heroes?
    Would he perhaps netori the heroes via using other people hence heroines falling to those said people?

  2. don’t tell me this is what the goddess want to see from him, the goddess want to see a good netori story.

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