Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 8 – The Grimoire Store Girl Longs for Love with a Hero 1

— I want to be him.

Strongly willing it, I instantly changed form.
Confirming my looks on a mirror I brought into my room in the inn, I saw myself having perfectly copied the shoe store owner.

“It’s always awesome no matter how many times I see it … whoa, shit, it’s perfect”

Liu touched me all over my face and body.

Mirror’s transformation is perfect.
My clothes, my body, and my insides were perfectly transformed into the target.
Therefore, I can even transform into a woman.

“Btw I can even transform into you — watch”

This time I instantly transformed into Liu.

“You have a good body on you. It’s well built and easy to move in. — yup, your breasts are springy, too”

“Hold up! Please don’t do anything weird in my body!”

“Well, it’s my body now, and I’m free to touch my breasts all I want. Anyway, your nipples look well shaped, don’t they. They’re pink too”

“Ugh, even though nothing’s being done to me I feel like my body’s being played with …! Wait, if there’s two of me then … whenever I don’t feel like working then I can make you do them and play around as much as I like, can’t I!”

“I don’t mind doing your job, but I’ll be expecting appropriate compensation, okay? Corporeally speaking”

Having had enough of fooling around, I transformed back into the shoe store owner.


In the shape of the shoe store owner, I walked through Cru’Se street where shops were lined up and entered a certain small shop by the city walls.

This was a Grimoire shop.

It was about ten square meters in size and had lots of bookcases lined up inside. In them there stood lots of books exquisitely bound.

“So these are grimoires …”

I tried taking one but there was a belt lock attached to it, so I can’t open it to see what’s inside.

That’s because grimoires are items that teach magic to people.

By unlocking it and completely reading the words inside, magic would settle inside the reader’s body.
People who want ice magic would read ice magic grimoires, and those who want fire magic would read fire magic ones.

However, it’s not the case that you can use any kind of magic just by reading these.

Without a talent that matches the magic, it won’t show great effect, and if you’re not born with the aptitude, you won’t be able to learn the magic to begin with.
There existed a wall called talent in this world.

“U, um …”


I turned to face the voice, I hadn’t noticed a petite girl standing there.

“G, g … good morning … mr, from the shoestore. A, are you, l l l l, looking for magic … g, grampa is out but … i i i if it’s alright with you … y, you can consult with me …”

I see, so this is that Ruby girl.

The girl from the grimoire store.
Also, Yuutarou’s harem member.

Looks like she knows the shoestore owner I turned myself into.

“Oh, good day Ruby. Uh, actually, I am looking for magic. Something to attack with, I guess”

“I, I I I see … . T, this way please … —”

Maybe out of no confidence in herself, Ruby hid her face behind long forelocks, and she was nervous all over.

According to what I’ve heard, the girl’s parents died when she was young and she had been living with her grandfather and kept this grimoire shop.

Normally, Ruby’s simple life would stay simple and end in this shop.

However, Yuutarou appeared.
And because of that, her fate was greatly changed —

“Er, yes, Ruby sure makes things easy to understand. — By the way Ruby, do you know the guy called Yuutarou? The hero’s been the talk of the town lately, it looks like he’s good with magic. I actually admire him despite my age. The reason I came here right now was because I thought I might meet with Yuutarou”

The moment Yuutarou’s name came up, Ruby’s face turned red.

“Y, yes … Yuutarou … I, I know him … he, he comes to this shop … a lot … yes”

“Really! Isn’t that amazing, you being friends with a reincarnator!”

Amazing, amazing, I praised Ruby.
By being praised, people would get carried away and make a slip of the tongue.

Ruby looked like she’s feeling better and talked all about Yuutarou.

When Orcs came to town and killed Ruby’s parents in front of her eyes three years ago, she fell into shock and stopped speaking.

Since then, she couldn’t make any friends and started reading all sorts of books while tending the store. She began living in a world of fantasy.
She didn’t want to look at reality.

However, Yuutarou appeared in front of her.

He found out about Ruby in town and came to the store.
[I’ll avenge your parents for you! With the grimoires from your store!]

He bought a secret grimoire from the store and learned magic.

Then half a month later, a rumor came to town.

One of the Orc fortresses had fallen.
The leader of the Orcs that previously attacked this town had died.

Yuutarou did it.
For Ruby’s sake.

“Because of, Yuutarou … I, can, speak again … he, he’s … my, my benefactor ”

“R, right, Ruby didn’t talk at all until a while ago, right! Uh, that’s great, right! All thanks to Yuutarou!”

I followed along with her story.

I knew it, Yuutarou was a hero to Ruby.
It’s a common story, but having your parents avenged is a huge thing.

However — there’s a gap here to exploit.

The feelings Ruby had for Yuutarou was still on the level of yearning.
Something like what a child feels to the protagonist in a story.

In that case, there’s yet another gap to exploit.

” … ”

I nonchalantly stole a glance at Ruby’s chest.

Ruby was fidgeting all over, but her breasts alone were magnificent. Explosively huge, so to speak.

They’re too good for a kid like Yuutarou.
I’ll have them, no matter what it takes.

No, well, I’m just doing my job, okay?

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