Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 11 – The Grimoire Store Girl Longs for Love with a Hero 4

The grimoire shop girl Ruby was in her room sitting with her knees hugged in her arms.

She hadn’t gone outside for several days, not even to mind the store.
She didn’t want to see anyone.

Somebody stole the dream novel she was secretly writing, made it into a book, and circulated it throughout town.

In the novel, Ruby and Yuutaro was having fun talking to each other, and at night whispered sweet nothings at each other, and in the end violently exchanged body fluids.

The wild delusions she feverishly wrote down every evening, every night, was now common knowledge.

(Why … why would anybody do this …)
She buried her face in her plump breasts and shivered.

Lots of people called out to her in town.

“I’ve read it you know *grin*”
“You’re lively with Yuutarou, aren’t you~. Is that a true story?”
“Outrageous, how outrageous”
“Gulp … *glances at Ruby’s breasts*”

I wasn’t the one who wrote it, she tried to deny, but the author name [Ruby] was stamped down on the book in gilded letters.
She really wanted to kill the one who made that book.

“Uu … uu … uuuuu …. So horrible”

Her grandfather tried to cheer his shut-in granddaughter, calling her from the other side of the door over and over again.

[Cheer up Ruby. I know you wrote about sex a lot in your book, but you shouldn’t be ashamed about that. Literature is based on sex and violence to begin with, and writing about sex is actually an obvious thing, you know. If anything, you should write more magnificently on the sex stuff! Ah, your book is a literary masterpiece. I’m sure of that. Your sex descriptions are really good, too]

Wanting him to stop saying sex this and sex that, she got angry at her grandfather for the first time in her life.
He had no tact at all.

Ruby’s grandfather misunderstood that Ruby made the book on her own.
He thought the reason his granddaughter was depressed was because the published book didn’t get the reception she wanted.

That’s not it.
Somebody did it on their own. They stole the manuscript and made a book out of it.
Who the hell wants a book made out of their dark history!?

“Auuu …”

And what hurt Ruby’s heart the most was that it’s possible that Yuutarou had read the book too.

(What would Yuutarou think … I made him do whatever I want in the book … I made him have s, sex with me … !)

The day ended with her in anguish, and it turned into night.
The moonlight filtered through the window.

Usually, she would be starting to write her hobby novel right about now —

But that moment.

[Ah, Aaaah … ! Yuutarou … ah, …. aaah]

She heard a female voice from outside.
A woman was calling Yuutarou’s name with gasping breaths.

” … eh …… ”

She hurriedly opened the window and looked outside, what she saw there was a man and woman hugging each other and leaning on the town walls.

She didn’t recognize the woman, but she can’t mistake the man.

“Y, … Yuutarou … ”


“Sheesh, this novel is completely hopeless. A boy and a girl rutting about before they’re old enough to do so. This stuff should be banned I say, banned. Yes, this should be categorized as a harmful book. Is there a sequel by the way?”

“You’re totally addicted aren’t you …”

“Well, you let me read this didn’t you? It’s got captivating descriptions, sweepingly witty lines at every turn, and breathtaking offense and defense on the bed — when you read about the moment the characters in the book reached their climax the reader also … !”

Huff, huff … Liu panted as she read Ruby’s novel on the bed with her feet flapping about.

The other day, I made 40 copies of Ruby’s dream novel and put them here and there around town.
The meek huge breasted girl’s richly erotic story became the talk of the town — and everyone went to the author, Ruby’s house.

However, even though Ruby remembered writing it, she didn’t recall ever publishing it.

Unable to understand what was going on, Ruby seems to have locked herself up.
Just as I planned.

Incidentally, the partner in the story, Yuutarou, was right now being pressed for questioning by his other harem girls for the whole day and night: “did you really do all this with Ruby!?
Well, never mind that.

The important thing now was how Ruby was now locking herself up reeling from the mental shock.


“Come now Liu, let’s go out a bit”

I said that and took Liu’s hand.

“Mu, another job? I’ll tell you this, I’m not gonna work for free. Yep, I’m not a cheap girl you see”

“I’ll give you meat later”

“Ha ha—! You’re such a funny guy, thinking you can bait me with meat, you’re making fun of me aren’t you? So, what do you want me to do sir?”

She’s a cheap girl.


Leaving the inn, Liu and I went to the grimoire shop.
It was late at night, but it’s a night of the full moon tonight, it was bright.
So this world has a moon too, I thought with a curious mood.

“Now then, let’s transform”

I used Mirror in an empty alley and transformed into Yuutarou.

I’d gotten used to using the skill lately, so the time the skill activates had become shorter and shorter.

“This way Liu”

“Eh, wait … Motoki?”

I pushed Liu’s back to the town wall behind the grimoire store.
I pulled down Liu’s loose tunic, exposing her shoulders and barely uncovering her smallish breasts.
Something pink peeked out slightly —.

“Hold on hold on … ! Are you out of your mind? Were out in public you know, even though it’s night time! Are you unsatisfied with your usual sexual harassment and finally gone so far as to do this kind of special play …!? And why are you transformed into Yuutarou anyway … !?”

“Quiet down, it’s just an act. — now you go and say [Aaahn, Yuutarou] out loud, at least loud enough so that she can hear you on the grimoire store’s second floor”

“Uu … even though this is a job, what will my parents say if they saw me like this …”

“Ah, your parents said [that girl ought to experience hell at least once, she keeps making light of society]”

“Papan, Maman … !”

Reeling from the shock, Liu began her “act”.
I made Liu indecently lift up a leg.

Liu coquettishly called out Yuutarou’s name over and over again.

Then I heard a shutter open behind me.

“Motoki, Ruby’s looking at us …”

“Sure she is, she would be curious after all”

“Sheesh … seriously, why do I have to do something like this”

“I’ll explain later. Anyway, we’re now in the ‘giving Ruby a trial’ phase already”

Liu had now completely turned into a Yuutarou harem member.

This was necessary in order to bring out the “Character” in Ruby.

A person needs to go through a trial before they could stand on their own.

An Initiation, they call it.

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – The Grimoire Store Girl Longs for Love with a Hero 4

  1. Uwaaaa… A weird story came… I’m loving the MC so far

  2. Ah, so wait… He hasn’t seen sth like a moon in the half a month he’s been there? And I recall he had been staying with that hot Queen for almost a year now.

  3. I wonder if he’s gonna “slip” that he (yuutarou) is the one that published the novel, to break her heart further (evil ! eviiil)

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