Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 12 – Even an Irregular Reincarnator Longs for a Harem

“Then I’ll be counting on you today as well”

Right now, Liu and I came to the walls next to the grimoire store again.
I had once again transformed into Yuutarou and with Liu, were in the “act” of doing it.

“Uu … if this keeps on I’m going to get used to outside play, I don’t want it … Well, I do love myself but looking at myself right now is a little, you know … well, I really do love myself though”
Liu was trembling with shame.

“Well, it’s an act after all, just an act. When this is done I’ll give you fresh fish today like I promised”

“Un, it may be late but fish ain’t going to cut it for my motivation … glance”

Liu sent me a glance, obviously wanting something to coax her with.

“… Fine, I’ll add booze to that. Drink all you want”

“Alright! Now come right at me!”

“Now you’re obviously into it … ”

Liu and I began our Act.

I made Liu deliberately say Yuutarou’s name loudly and with gasping breaths.

We continued for a while and heard the sound of the shutters opening behind us.

Ruby was looking at us.
Her beloved Yuutarou was deliberately doing it with another woman near her home —.

“Ruby is shocked, I think,” I muttered.

A lot must be going through Ruby’s mind right now, after seeing the gut wrenching scene two days in a row.
[Why is Yuutarou doing it with another woman every night. And why did he deliberately do it so close. And why now, right after the novel had gone out. Is he insinuating something …]
Et cetera et cetera.

Even at the best of times, people would start thinking about all sorts of things when they lock themselves up.
When they stay in the same place without meeting people, they would have their imagination pointlessly amplified.

It’s Ruby, who had a strong imagination, she’s definitely going to be thinking and thinking about Yuutarou.
She would start thinking of Yuutarou, who she had unconditionally trusted until now, as just a person and try to guess what he was thinking.

Within Ruby, Yuutaro would turn from god into man.

“— Alright Liu, let’s stop here for today. Sorry for making you do something shameful, even though it’s just an act. We’re going into the next phase starting tomorrow”
I called to her, but Liu didn’t respond. She stayed completely still with her hands on the wall.


I wondered what’s going on and looked at her face. Liu was taking deep breaths with her mouth hanging open, and was narrowing her eyes heartrendingly.

“Are you, aroused?”

Liu had a flushed face and couldn’t breathe properly, it looked tough for her.

Should I go and nurse her?
No —.

There’s no reason to let this chance go away.
I’m a scrap of a reincarnator after all.
I have more than the average person’s desire to hold a harem.

“Come here”

I pulled on Liu’s hand and brought her to a place with really nobody around.

I pushed Liu against the wall of a ruined building.

“What’s this … all of a sudden … ”

Liu’s mouth said that but she didn’t make any move to resist me.

Then I should go ahead and take off Liu’s tunic — no.

It would be boring to take it off the normal way.

“I’ve come up with something good”

Using Mirror, I transformed to my former Elven friend Elieya.
Using her debuff skill [Destroy Armor], I stripped Liu naked.

“Eh, whoa … this is … ! What did you do!”

Liu went all flustered. The skirt she was wearing completely went apart in tatters and fell down.

“Guu … are you thinking this is more embarrassing than having me stripped completely naked in one go? What do you think I am, a fish dipped in water before I get cooked? When you said you’re going to give fish, am I going to end up being the fish in the punchline? Are you going for the double punchline of making me fall for you! You’re good aren’t you?”

“You still won’t shut up even at a time like this …”

It might just be Liu coping with the shame, but she’s talking three times more than usual.

While Liu talked, I completely tore her clothes off of her.

This was girl, completely naked in public, looking as beautiful as an Elf.

With the erect points of her twin hills shined on by moonlight.
Underneath, her maidenly private parts —.

With me pinning both her hands, Liu couldn’t cover herself, and looked up at me in shame.

“Hold it … Motoki. I’m sorry to say this when you’re aroused, but there’s something I want to ask from you, will you listen to me?”

“If you’re going to ask me to stop, I’m going to call you a demon for your whole life”

“If I’m a demon then what are you? The great king of hell? — no, nevermind that

Liu continued bashfully.

“What I want … please turn back to the real you. I want you to do me in your real form”

Now that she mentioned it, I was still in Elieya’s form.

“You sure? Someone like me. Should I turn into Yuutarou or something?”

“Just FYI … about how I’ve been letting you do all sorts of sexual harassment to me, that’s because I don’t mind you. I’m telling you, don’t look down on girls, we don’t let people we don’t have feelings for touch our bodies you know …”

“Liu … ”

“Well, there’s also me calculating that having the position of an Earthling reincarnator’s legal wife would give me security for life, too”

“I, didn’t really want to know that … oh, whatever”

Such is life.
Since I never had the chance to have contact with a cute girl like this in my previous life, I wasn’t in any position to complain.

Liu quietly closed her eyes.

I turned back to my original body and gave Liu a kiss.


After that, it was no longer an act — it was the real thing.

Except that, since it was both our first times, it didn’t go all too well.

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 12 – Even an Irregular Reincarnator Longs for a Harem

  1. “What I want … please turn back to the real you. I want you to do me in your real form”

    Now that she mentioned it, I was still in Elieya’s form.

    Elieya.. Is a girl, right? So how can he f*ck her with a female body?

  2. Well… That’s fast. I’m used to the novels where you’d wait for half the novel until some cuddling and sexy scenes pop up. Sometimes the mcs visit prostitutes though, but usually not and almost never in great detail.

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