Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 13 – The Grimoire Store Girl Longs for Love with a Hero 5

“Motoki, when are you going to take Ruby from Yuutarou? You haven’t done anything at all even though you were going on and on about stealing her. Hm, are you afraid of something? Pfft. Your chicken act’s really going barefooted out the door, huh, well, chickens are barefooted to begin with, though!”

Liu said that and cackled, then chugged down her beer.
Even in the lively tavern, Liu’s noisiness towered above the rest.

“You sure can talk to the one who did you just last night …”

I did it with Liu last night.
We gave each other our firsts.

Even though I thought we would have more of a sweet ambience having made love with each other once, Liu has been like this all morning.
She starts abusing me at everything.

… this is weird, what the hell.

“Liu, are you mad at me?”

“No no no, I’m not mad at you for taking my precious first time in public, or for tearing my favorite clothes apart with weird magic, or for not taking care so I don’t get knocked up, I’m totally not the slightest bit mad. None, like, at all”

“I said I’m sorry already …”

Since I’m in the wrong here I decided to shift the topic.

“Liu, let’s change the mood and talk about the plan, shall we”

“Su—re, let’s so obviously shift the topic—”

Ignoring Liu’s sarcasm, I continued.
I began explaining how I would go about stealing the grimoire store girl Ruby from Yuutarou.

“Listen up Liu, I’m going to explain. — The grimoire store girl originally existed to simply be a member of Yuutarou’s harem”

If left alone, Ruby would be gobbled up by Yuutarou’s Narrative and swallowed whole.

Because Ruby was weak.
Not weak in the fighting sense, but in character.
She had a weak ego. That’s why she would easily be swallowed by destiny and become the strong Yuutarou’s amusement.

Then to prevent that from happening:

“I’m making the existence called Ruby stand on her own as a character. I’m making Ruby’s character strong enough to not be inferior to Yuutarou’s”

“But still, how are you going to make her strong? That timid-chan isn’t going to be independent you know — ah, another beer here please!”

“Nope, there’s a definite way to make a character strong”

There are three processes a story must go through to make a strong character.

  1. Trial
  2. Meeting with the Benefactor
  3. Departure

All together, this is called the Initiation.
We reincarnators all went through this.

  1. The “Trial” of having died on Earth
  2. “Meeting with the Benefactor” namely the goddess who gave us cheat skills
  3. “Departure” to another world

Therefore we were strong.
Both in power and in character.

“That’s what I’m doing to Ruby, giving her her Initiation. She’s having her first Trial right now. When I’m all done with her, I can release a strengthened Ruby from Yuutarou’s Narrative — and I would be waiting there with my jaws wide open”

I’m going to make those huge breasts mine.

This way, I’ll steal one or two of Yuutarou’s girls and destroy his Narrative.

“By the way, Liu. I’m going to be sleeping with lots of girls from now on, so how’s it sitting with you? Are you going to be jealous or something?”

I asked.
I think I want to see a jealous Liu.

“Well, I’m not going to be thinking nothing of it, but I already have your virginity right here stored inside my belly after all. I feel like the legal wife, so, yeah, I’ll at least allow you to play around”


Still, she’s a tolerant girl.
I’m glad she was my first.

I recalled Liu’s look from last night.

In the town at night, with the thrill of maybe being seen by other people, in each other’s embrace.

I should hurry up and get Ruby —.

Those explosive breasts …!

“Of course, I’m going to have a problem with you imagining another girl’s breasts right in front of my nose”

“I’m not imagining anything, that’s a false accusation, stop it!”

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 13 – The Grimoire Store Girl Longs for Love with a Hero 5

  1. After reading this again, I have to say that these three things;

    The “Trial” of having died on Earth
    “Meeting with the Benefactor” namely the goddess who gave us cheat skills
    “Departure” to another world

    Can kindof be rephrased into… how any major changes happen in someones life.
    “Trial” , “Meeting with the Benefactor”, and “Departure”

    1. The copied power being not perfect is already a weakness, He can’t fight head on with anyone he copies. Thus he adapted and uses deceptive ways in fighting other people.

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