Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 16 – The Grimoire Store Girl Longs for Love with a Hero 8

“U, uh, Shuka … where, are, we … going … ?”

“Just come along and follow me”

I took Ruby and walked around town.

The shopping street was brimming with energy.

It was full of all kinds of sounds.
The voices of the townspeople talking, the creaking of the wagon wheels, and the peddlers hawking over each other’s voices.

The pair of a tall Elven woman and a young girl with wobbling huge breasts seems to catch attention and the townspeople sent curious gazes.

Ruby seemed bothered by the gazes and she hung her head in self-doubt.

“Nice town, eh? It’s bright and colorful. Why is it that you never go outside even though you live in such a wonderful town?”

“I, I only … don’t … f, find it enjoyable, to go outside …. W, why do you … p, people who like, to g, go out … always … t, talk about people like me … who like to be home, and, r, read books … l, like it’s a bad thing … ?”

Ruby pouted sullenly to my inquiry.

I feel like I was able to touch the girl’s inner feelings for the first time.

“No, well, I don’t think you’re doing a bad thing. Reading books at home is wonderful, too — But you know, if you really think that’s the most wonderful thing then you need to live more confidently”

I continued.

“I’m wondering, aren’t you feeling like you’re inferior to other people inside? Like, you feel like you lost against those people who could smile with their friends outside”

” … lost, against … ”

Looks like I hit the bullseye, Ruby cast her eyes downwards.

“And in order to get that loser-ness out of you — we’re going to have fun outside”

I smiled.

“Enjoying things, having fun, and having had fun you go home and read books, that’s how you spin a story”

“Having, fun … ”

“That’s right. — now, come on”

Ruby and I went inside a tailor’s.

Seeing Ruby, the tailor woman said, “oh, your order’s finished”

“O, order …?”

Ruby tilted her head to the side.

Not minding her, the tailor took Ruby behind the partitions.

She then said, “now, take your clothes off” as the peeled off Ruby’s plain robe.

“Eh, … kya … stop … !”

Ruby resisted but the tailor’s hands did not stop.

She even peeled off and threw her underwear aside.

Having transformed into an Elven woman, I appreciated the scenery with a nonchalant look.

“Those things are something, huh …”

I gulped.

There are two melon-like thingies enshrined on Ruby’s chest.

… I’ve never seen anything like those.

However, her body was petite overall, so she looked like she’d break if you gripped, say, her shoulders strongly.
Her skin was white from not getting enough sunlight.

The tailor woman skilfully put on fresh clothes on Ruby’s body.

Ruby must think it strange. How did she prepare clothes that fit her perfectly even though she never made any measurements.

The reason was simple.

I transformed into Ruby using Mirror and came here to order clothes beforehand.

Something like a sundress.
It had cloth wedged under the chest bit, molding it into a pair of breasts that draws the male gaze.

“Ruby, that’s a present from me”

I said that and smiled.

The normal me could never have made such a smug smile but I could do it somewhat now that I’m transformed.

“… no, way, t, this … looks so e, expensive …”

“It’s fine, it’s fine — now, next place”

The next place was a metalworking guild shop.

On the shop stands there, they had goods like belt buckles and accessories.

“This looks like it’ll suit you”

I hung an accessory with an olive motif on Ruby’s neck.

Sure enough, Ruby was reserved, saying  “I, I can’t take this … !” but I half forcibly pushed it on her.

With expensive clothes and jewelry, her disposition naturally changed.
Ruby was always looking down until earlier, but now she stood straight and looked forward.

She also stuttered less.

Just by changing her appearance a little, her attitude was completely different.


After that, we had a typical date.

We had a leaf-wrapped lunch at a chic eatery.

After lunch, dessert.
Cakes decorated with adorable fruits. Ruby ate two.
I’m very sure the nutrition all went into her chest.

It’s not good to have me keep deciding our destinations, so I asked Ruby if she had anywhere she wanted to go. She confidently answered “I want to go … to the bookstore”.

I had Ruby recommend me a book in the bookstore.
Ruby looked dazzling as she talked about the things she liked.


As the sun was about to sink into the night, I took Ruby to the theatre.

“… I haven’t been to the theatre, for a long time …. Ever since, when I was small, my parents, took me here …”

Sitting on an open-air seat, Ruby recalled the memories from days of her youth.

I was the same, this was the first time I came to a theatre since I reincarnated.

Well, before that I was on the stage, though.

“Now this is nostalgic,” I thought as Ruby and I enjoyed the play.

During that time, I let go of all of my underhanded tricks and genuinely enjoyed the show.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 16 – The Grimoire Store Girl Longs for Love with a Hero 8

  1. Nice to see he has enough character to put aside his scheming long enough to enjoy something completely unconnected. That’s pretty cool. 😀

  2. Ok, this stuff is legitly inspirational. Nice to see a book take the time to develop a harem member for once. Why can’t everybody do this?

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