Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 17 – The Grimoire Store Girl Longs for Love with a Hero 9

Ever since Ruby started going outside, her novel’s quality went up.

It felt more real and the tempo of the sentence and developments became better.

However —

“Hm–. Something’s wrong though. The last one had more, uh, a burning pathos thingy but no matter how you look at it, this one’s, you know, that.”

Liu folded her arms and tilted her head.

“Saying ‘that’ doesn’t tell me anything, but well, I get what you’re trying to say”

I nodded.

Ruby’s novel was lacking passion.

The reason was probably the main character’s traits in the narrative.

The work’s main character was a girl that’s just like Ruby.

Just like the author, the girl’s extremely passive.
She never does things on her own.
She just accepts everything, be it joy or sorrow.

Without the support of the main character, the novel’s quality couldn’t become better.

“Well, it really depends on Motoki’s skills whether the sequel turns out good or bad, huh. Such a heavy job, huh. If it doesn’t turn out good imma stick it to ya buster!

“You sure are turning out to be a dangerous fan …”

But yes, I did have to do something about this problem.

If Ruby didn’t become an author that could stand on her own two legs, my plans would be ruined.


“Say, Ruby, I want you to tell me something. Why does your protagonist never do something on her own?”

I transformed into the Elf Shuka and visited Ruby in her room.


Hearing my question Ruby fell silent and cast her eyes down.

No, I’m not blaming you or anything.

“This is just my prediction, but I wonder if it’s because that you as the author is scared to do anything, and that trait of yours reflects in your protagonist”


Ruby fell even more silent.

“Say, do you have some trauma about going and doing something on your own? If it’s alright with you can you share with me? I want to help you”

“… I …”


Then, Ruby began telling her story.
About how she became the way she is now, a person who never takes initiative.


Ruby had always loved reading books since she was small.

She finds the fantasy world inside books to be more enjoyable than going outside.

However, Ruby was by no means an introvert.
She had more curiosity than others, a lively child.

Whenever she found something fun outside, she would chase it, playing until it got dark out.

However —

Everything changed one day three years ago.

That day, Ruby was out with her parents having lunch.

Happy with a full stomach after eating a delicious meal, Ruby walked back — when suddenly a group of Orcs invaded.

The Human town Coura was under attack by the Orc army.

The Orcs set up ladders on the walls here and there and entered the town, slaughtering and pillaging.

Immediately, Ruby and her parents hid in an alleyway with bated breaths.

Luckily, the Orcs didn’t notice the three of them.
It looked like they will live through this.

Right then, Ruby noticed something on the main street from the alley.

Her friend and their parent was being chased by Orcs.

— I have to help them!

Brimming with a sense of justice, she jumped out.

Being the daughter of a grimoire shop owner, she knew some magic.
I had to help my friend with it, she thought.

However, it’s not a situation that a child can help by jumping out.

The parent and child was killed, and Ruby’s parents were also killed covering for their daughter.

They were about to kill Ruby, too, but by a hair’s breadth, the town’s self defense force came to help.


In front of the dead bodies of her parents, Ruby thought:

If only I didn’t do anything then.

Then ever since, Ruby stopped taking any initiative on her own.

She never went outside, she didn’t talk, she only worked as her grandfather tells her to.


“But … when I was as good as a corpse, Yuutarou came … and helped me”

Ruby smiled, remembering a happy memory.

“I see, I understand. So that’s what caused everything”

When Ruby was unable to do anything, the reincarnator called Yuutarou came and helped unconditionally.

He killed the Orcs that killed her parents and Ruby was able to talk again.

This was what Ruby thought, being helped without doing anything herself.

I knew it, it’s better if I didn’t do anything on my own.

Yuutarou made a mistake.
Help is not something you one-sidedly give.

You have to help the person help themselves.
Otherwise, they would turn into a doll that can only receive help from others.


“I see …”

However, now I can see the way.


The way to release Ruby from Yuutarou’s Narrative.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 17 – The Grimoire Store Girl Longs for Love with a Hero 9

  1. I can see the ending – kami-sama
    Definitely this feel that last sentence

    But the hate is still seeping within me,that ending……

      1. Finally, someone who understands my frustration and anger regarding that manga. The whole series ruined for me because Author decided to go for a liner ending and I regretted so much for picking this manga ever.

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