Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 18 – The Grimoire Store Girl Longs for Love with a Hero 10

“Noow then, I’ll be going for a lit-tle while. If anything happened to me please burn my desk at my parents’ house, but don’t look in the drawers. If you do I’ll curse you from the next world”

“… all right, all right, just hurry up and go. You’re not going anywhere that dangerous anyway”

*shoo shoo*, I shooed Liu away.

“You’re somehow being rough with me lately Motoki. Is it ‘that’? The one where you stop feeding the fish that you’ve baited. Please feed the fish, please be gentle to the Orc that you did it with once …!”

“Okay, okay, I’ll give you anything you ask when you get back so hurry up and go!”

“All right! Now I feel more motivated! I’ll be on my way then!”

With a grin on her face, Liu used the Thief skill “Scale Wall” and ran up the town wall.

Then she jumped down outside the town Coura.

I had Liu go on a little errand.

I had Liu deliver a letter somewhere it would take her five days on foot to get there.

Since the town gates were closed at night, I had Liu use her prided Thief skills to jump out of the walls. It’s a rather urgent job after all.


The next day, I transformed into the Elf Shuka and visited the grimoire store.

“I’m coming in”

“Ah, … Shuka … ”

Ruby raised her head from the novel she was writing.

“I, I’ll be done soon …. I think I’m going to make it, good this time … !”

“No, I’m not here to ask for the manuscript today. It’s about your grandfather’s illness”

“G, grampa’s … ”

Ruby’s grandfather was now bedridden from an illness of unknown cause.

Well it wasn’t because of an illness actually, but because of the [Kiri Curse] I cast on him, but anyway —

“You know, I heard this from a peddler earlier, there’s a town east of here called Sephor, and there’s a famous healer there. I’m sure they would know what to give to gramps to make him better”

I continued.

“What are you going to do Ruby? Are you going to go to Sephor and buy medicine for gramps? Of course, I’ll come along if you do”

“A, another town … ”

Ruby’s face turned paler and paler.

She was of course helplessly frightened at the prospect of leaving Coura.

Since she was attacked by Orcs, she had locked herself at home.

Even though she might have been able to go shopping nearby, but she had probably never taken a step outside town.
No matter how many years passed, she would stay within these walls.

I dropped to my knees and looked up at Ruby’s face.

“Are you scared?”

“I, I’m scared … I’m shivering in fear …”

Ruby’s body clattered as she trembled.
This girl was always shivering, but today she shivered more than usual.

Of course, her breasts went jiggle jiggle like a pair of slimes, and even in a time like this I thought I was going to get aroused.
… These boobs are dangerous weapons, they are.

“So you’re scared, are you? Well, it’s true that there’s no real proof that gramps would be healed if you went and got the medicine after all”

As I said so Ruby looked relieved — but then she raised her face.

“I, I won’t quit …! I’ll go!”


Once we decided we would be going, Ruby and I quickly made preparations.

We bought tough clothes and boots, also food and water for the journey.
Then we bought self-defense weapons, medicine, and leaves for insect repellent.

We also hired someone to look after Ruby’s grandfather while we were away.

“Grampa … Ruby will be going away for a while, but, please don’t worry … Ruby is going to find medicine to heal grampa …”

Ruby whispered to her grandfather’s ear in his sickbed.
Gramps weakly said “never mind me … it’s dangerous outside town …” to stop her granddaughter, but Ruby had already made her decision.


Then the next day, Ruby and I woke up early and met at the Coura town gates.
Ruby had a tense face carrying a backpack.


“Let’s go then”

“Y … yes!”

But once we were about to take a step outside the gates, Ruby’s feet stopped.

She was overwhelmed by the breadth of the world outside the walls.

Roads that seem to go on endlessly.
Ground covered by grass and trees.

She must be scared.
Of course, the unknown is a fearful thing.

I said to Ruby to her ear in a whisper.

“The gods won’t smile unless you tear down those walls”

When I did, Ruby seemed to have come to herself.

She then finally took her first step outside town.

Strongly, stamping her feet on the ground.

— Now it begins.

The last phase of the Initiation, “Departure”, begins.


I will make Ruby stand on her own along the journey, making a “Ruby” released from Yuutarou’s Narrative.

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