Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 19 – The Grimoire Store Girl Longs for Love with a Hero 11

“Ruby, are you doing all right? Should we take a break?”

“N, no … I’m fine …”

The second day after we left Coura, Ruby and I earnestly walked and walked.
We walked towards Sephor in order to find medicine to heal Ruby’s grandfather with.

The road was well maintained but to keep on walking and walking was still a harsh thing.

The form of the Elf woman I borrowed was robust so I was fine, but Ruby who didn’t normally exercise herself looked like she was having it hard.

Fatigue and muscle pains.
And the one most important thing you need to mind on a long journey: foot and groin sores.

“Oh, there’s a good spot with trees. Ruby, let’s take a break in the bower”

“Y, yess …”

Ruby collapsed dejectedly on the roots of one of the trees.

“Say Ruby, let’s redo the salve coating”

“Please …”

I took off Ruby’s shoes and coated her blood-clotted heels with medicine.

“Now, let’s plaster it on your groin too. C’mon, nobody’s here, take off your pants”

“U, um … I’ll do the groin myself … kya!!”

She delicately resisted, but I took them off anyway.

Now only in her panties, Ruby resigned herself and spread her legs.

Faking calmness, I laid my hands between Ruby’s thighs and smeared it with ointment.

“No .. Shuka, it tickles …”

“Bear with it”

Those words were half meant for myself.
Just a little bit more, bear with it just a little more, me.

Bear with it a little more and Ruby will be mine.


We continued walking the next day and the day after.

Rain fell on us somewhere along the way but we didn’t get any night burglars and generally the journey proceeded peacefully.

As we walked, Ruby’s countenance gradually changed.
She had always been fidgety up until now but she’s optimistic now.

Journeys change people.


Then on the fifth day.

“Say Ruby, I have a suggestion. What do you think, there’s a little shortcut around here, want to take it?”

“Short … cut ?”


I spread the map open.

“If we go through this forest, we can shorten our round trip time by three days even taking the difficulty of the terrain into account. We can get the medicine to gramps sooner”

“L, let’s take it!”

Ruby answered energetically.

“Right, that’s a good answer”

Ruby and I together entered Lülüca forest.

It was a forest overgrown with tall trees.

Grass tangled at our feet and roots grew out here and there.

I was worried whether Ruby would trip and fall, but after walking for five days she had gotten used to walking.
Her gait was steady.


“Waa … A spring …!”

Just around dusk, we reached the spring halfway through the forest.

The reflection of the moon flickered on the water’s surface, fascinating like a prostitute beckoning us.

“Shuka … I, want to take a dip … !”

“Ah, alright”

The two of us took off our clothes.

Ruby had gotten strong and was no longer embarrassed in female company.
Well, I’m a dude though.

When Ruby took her tunic off over her head her huge breasts flashily jiggled like pudding … hold back, me, hold back.

We entered the the warm water like dipping into a bathtub.

Ruby’s melon-like things floated in the water.

The Elf woman Shuka I transformed into had a good figure, but I can’t help comparing us ….

No, well, what was I going to do if I felt like I lost.


“Oof… !?”

Ruby suddenly threw water at me.
Such a nostalgic thing.

“Haha, you’ve done it now. Take this!”


We both chased each other in the water while splashing about.

“Got you now!”

I caught her from behind with my arms around her chest area …. Really, these boobs are amazing.

Once we’ve gotten tired of playing, the two of us gazed at the perfect sky.

I was caught in a sentimental mood — wondering whether the world I used to be in was around one of those stars.


Suddenly, Ruby called to me.


“I … I’m glad I met with you. If you never came along, I … I won’t know what to do when grampa fell ill. I wouldn’t be able to do anything …”

“Hm? No, I didn’t do anything much. You worked hard because you had the strength to work hard in you. — And even if I didn’t help you , that Yuutarou kid would’ve gone and did it, wouldn’t he?”

” … Yuutarou, would come and help me, I think. He always does …”
“but,” continued Ruby.
“Now when I think about it … I don’t like myself when I was helped by Yuutarou. Everything got better even when I did nothing about it. Essentially, nothing about me had changed …”

“Is that so? What about now? Have you come to love yourself?”

“… yes, I feel like I can love myself now”

“Really? Good then”

I embraced Ruby in the water.

Tightly, until both our chests pressed against each other.

“When you’ve come to love yourself, I’m sure you’d be able to write the best novels”


Ruby had fallen asleep by the water’s edge.

The weariness finally caught her. She slept without even making a sound, as if she was dead.

I got up quietly so as to not wake her up.

I went around to the other side of a large tree by the spring.

“I’ve kept you waiting, huh, Liu”

Liu was there, after I sent her on an errand a few days ago.

I gave her a map and told her to wait around here.

“Sheesh, what took you so long! You got the gall to make other people wait while you had fun fondling a huge breasted girl’s chest, haven’t you. What, you think you’re a nobleman now? A king? Huh?”

Liu’s complaints today were like an everflowing stream.

Being with Ruby wasn’t bad but sure enough, I can feel at peace being able to hear her like this.

Liu wasn’t alone.
She brought another Orc along.

Unlike Liu who looked like an Elf, this one was a stereotypical, ugly Orc.

“You must be … Milord Motoki, yes? Queen Luna’s guest? It’s an honor to meet you for the first time, my name is Dyra, private Dyra”

The Orc kneeled down at my feet.

He was one of the members who participated in the attack on Coura three years ago.

I asked Liu to go to a nearby Orc fortress and bring him to me.
I didn’t care who it is, just to bring me one of the soldiers involved in the attack on Coura, so I told her.

“Now then Milady Ka’Liu, Milord Motoki, what would you have me do … no, I mean, I will do anything you ask of me”

The Orc Dyra asked us in a formal tone.

“Ah, I want you to do a little acting”

As I said that, I took out a small bottle from my pocket.

I covered myself in the clotted blood inside it.

“Liu, you go and head back to Coura. — Now Dyra, you’re going to attack me. Grab me by the collars and lift me up. Pretend like you were going to kill me”

“O, okay …”

Though bewildered, Dyra did as he was told and picked me up.

Covered in blood and with an Orc grabbing me by the collar, I completely looked like I was being attacked.

Then what I did was:


I screamed.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 19 – The Grimoire Store Girl Longs for Love with a Hero 11

  1. That reincarnator is first target and he didnt even conquer one girl and we are on 19 chapter isnt it taking too long, its not like target is last boss or big shot but its just random target.

    1. I hope it’s a one time thing, kinda since the first time’s special or something. If not, I guess this novel is not for me. Actually, I’m feeling a little bit sorry for the girls he’s tricking… I don’t think NTR or whatever we want to call it is really for me, this is actually the first novel I’ve tried where NTR has been the main focus.

      Everything’s a first 😛 It’s surely interesting, but I keep getting this uncomfortable feeling when he’s tricking everyone and setting them up.

      1. I do believe that perhaps it is only taking so long because Ruby is going to be a main character??? That would make sense,giving some exposition for ruby…

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