Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 21 – The Grimoire Store Girl Longs for Love with a Hero 13

Having been unconditionally saved by Yuutarou, Ruby thought she was all fine and well.

Just giving her heart and body to Yuutarou is enough.
Even if she wasn’t Yuutarou’s beloved, he would guarantee her happiness.
She should just follow along in Yuutarou’s story—

Her mind was stained with such negative thinking.

Which was why in order to release her from Yuutarou, Ruby needs to stand on her own two feet.
And then walk on her own story.
Not Yuutarou’s, hers.

What I did was first, gave Ruby’s mind a burden.

I released the novel Ruby wrote in secret.
I showed her Yuutarou going at it with another girl.
Then cursed her grandfather, making him faint.

Ruby’s mind fell into a deep depression.
Then I turned into the Elf Shuka and appeared.

With living expenses as bait, I made Ruby write her novel.
Repeatedly judging her work, I urged her to continue writing.

The unending effort strengthened Ruby’s willpower.
Ruby was visibly changed.

However, that wasn’t enough.

In order to release Ruby from her shackles, in order to make her story more dramatic — she needs to be rid of her trauma.

Ruby had to defeat an Orc by her own hands.

Which was why I whispered rumors of a healer living in Sephor and took Ruby on a journey.

Then, I prepared an Orc along the way.
Liu brought him along, the Orc Dyra-kun.

I bedaubed my whole body in blood and screamed, pretending to be attacked by Dyra, and calling Ruby.

Shuka attacked by an Orc — If it were the old Ruby, once she saw that scene she would’ve frozen in fear.

However, the Ruby that I had forged did not flinch.

She perfectly executed the magic and defeated the fated Orc.

I had expected, to an extent, that Ruby had some kind of great magic in her.
Being involved in Yuutarou’s Narrative, there’s no way she’s an ordinary girl.
Though I didn’t expect it to be that powerful….

Meeting his end, the Orc Ruby burned sent me a look, saying, “this was not what you said…!”
Sheesh, he doesn’t know when to give up.
He’s killed so many people before, and yet when it’s his time to be killed, he complains.

Well, I’m not an ally of the Orcs or anything, after all.


“Ruby, you’ve really become something great. Yeah, I’m proud of you”

I hugged Ruby in a deep embrace.

“Shuka, you’re suffocating me …”

Ruby pushed her face out, suffocated, and then —



I covered Ruby’s lips with mine.

Ruby twitched in surprise, but she soon accepted it.

Her eyes turned blank, intoxicated.

I moved my mouth near Ruby’s ear.

“Ruby, may I do what I want to do with you?”

Ruby shivered at the question and cast her eyes down.

“Y … yes”

She gave me permission.

The time had finally come.
I had gone through hardship, schemed and schemed to take Ruby from Yuutarou — now the time had come where I can finally make her mine.

Since she said I can do whatever I like, I’ll really do whatever I like.

The Elf woman Shukalaaya I’m transformed into possessed magic not inferior to her little sister Elieya.
Even magic you’d use for lewd things.

I used [Paralyze] on Ruby.

“… Ah—!”

Receiving an electric-like shock, Ruby’s body spasmed.

I laid the quaking Ruby on the ground.
I opened her legs in the shape of the letter M.

“Next is …”

Next, I took out a black piece of cloth from the luggage and covered Ruby’s eyes with it.

I can’t let Ruby see me transform into a man.

Also, I cast Destroy Armor on Ruby’s clothes, and undid my Mirror, returning to my original form.

As a result of Destroy Armor, Ruby’s clothes gradually disappeared.

First was her lower half.

Since her legs was in the M shape, her privates were exposed to the night air.
If her grandfather saw her like this, he’d faint.

For although she was properly wearing clothes on top, she was wearing nothing on the bottom — very indecent, this is really something ….

However, her top also gradually disappeared.

Her navel was exposed, then her huge breasts showed their enormous shapes.

Ruby can’t cover them now.
Even though she knows I was staring at her right now, she can’t cover up.

A girl, completely naked, in a blindfold. Her legs opened in an M shape, her body convulsing in spasms … it was positively criminal.

Ah … it took so long to make her mine.

Let me enjoy the fruits of my labor—!

I took my own clothes and hung over Ruby’s body.

The feel of the huge breasts pressed into my chest …!


And thus I did it with Ruby.
I took Ruby’s chastity, and did it over and over again until morning came¹
¹ «TN: Won’t she find out he’s a dude? Ah, he’s thinking with his other head right now»


Later, Ruby and I reached the town Sephro.
However, there was no healer there.

Obviously, because that was just a rumor I made up.
A week later, a dejected Ruby and I arrived back at Coura.

Incidentally, along the way I cheered up the dejected Ruby by doing her again and again.

And thus we were back at Coura, when —


Ruby let leak a surprised voice.

“Ooh, Ruby. I felt better somehow”

Ruby’s grandfather had turned back to his normal, cheerful self.

Looks like the curse I cast had expired.

Ruby was happy, she reported what had happened to her grandfather.
Her grandfather looked proudly at the changed countenance of his granddaughter.

Since it would be rude to butt into the family reunion, I decided to leave the grimoire store.

I should meet up with Liu who came back to Coura earlier, exchange reports, make love with her after so long, and —


“Wait, Shuka!”

Ruby called me and ran out of the store after me.

“Well well, what is it Ruby? Are you okay with leaving your recovering grandfather?”

“I’ll be back soon … u, um … I want to ask you something …”

“Hm? What is it?”

As I asked, Ruby put both her arms around my neck as if to hug me.

Then she whispered to my ear and asked.

“Shuka — Are you actually a man?”

” ……… ”

…… huh? I was found out …?
«TN: There you go»

“I’m not going to blame you, so please don’t hide it. There’s no way I wouldn’t notice… Even though you paralyzed me, … y, you did all those lewd things to me …”

“……… yeah, I’m a man”

I admitted.

“This is just a possibility … but were you the one who deliberately published my book? Geez … how long have I been dancing in your palm …”

Ruby giggled.

“Let me say this first. I’m not angry. It’s the truth that you got me to change, after all. Also … a boy making up all those schemes, desperately trying to get into my pants. It’s kinda funny now that I look back at it”

Ahahaha, Ruby laughed out loud.

“Just that,” continued Ruby.

“If you still felt guilty, please show me the real you”


I willed and undid Mirror.
I turned into my plain, original self.

“My name’s Motoki …”

“Ah, just like I imagined …. A contrarian boy that you just can’t hate … so cute”

Ruby brought my head tightly into the embrace of her huge breasts, saying “cute, cute” over and over again, exchanging kisses with me.

… what’s this, am I dreaming?

Did I die again —

“Say, Motoki-kun … since you did all those lewd things to me, you’ll take responsibility, right?”

“A, ah …”

She started calling me “-kun“, but that ain’t bad, actually.

“Also … If we get a baby, you’ll be responsible for it, too, right?”

“Girls are persistent about that, aren’t they …”

I flirted with Ruby on the empty street.


“R, Ruby …”

We suddenly heard a voice, Ruby and I turned our heads to the source.

Yuutarou was there.

The middle schooler boy who reincarnated from Earth.
He saw the girl who was supposed to be a member of his harem flirting with another man and froze in shock.

“Yuutarou … let me introduce you”

Ruby calmly said.

“This is my boyfriend, Motoki”

“A, ah … good for you”

Yuutarou congratulated Ruby in a trembling voice and went back the way he came pale as a ghost.

It must’ve been a heavy shock.
A middle schooler having the girl he likes taken from him.


Then, I saw it.

From Yuutarou’s back, a wispy, smoky something came out.

That was probably a part of Yuutarou’s power.

Having stolen Ruby from him, I had broken a part of his Narrative. Yuutarou had lost a part of the goddess’s blessings.

— It worked.

If I keep stealing Yuutarou’s girls like this, he is sure to turn weaker.

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