Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 22- The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 1

“Alright, now after he’s done sinking his poison fangs into Ruby and devoured her enormous breasts, I think it’s time for an oppai interview! How was Ruby’s boobs, Motoki? Ah, excuse me, I mean, mister alien from planet Boob”

Liu was using a broomstick as a fake mike, pushing it at my mouth.

“Stop calling me alien from planet Boob …”

“Sorry, that was rude of me Count Boob”

“I’m telling you to change the ‘Boob’ part …!”

“Then, Duke of Boob?”

“My rank’s not the issue here …!”

Haah …, I sighed.

I was back at the inn after capturing Ruby, and Liu insisted on picking a fight with me out of sheer boredom.

She told me she wasn’t going to be jealous before, but sure enough, she was perturbed by the fact that the man she gave her first to was doing it with another woman.

If you see her like that, she’s kinda cute. She won’t shut up though.

“So, did anything change after you’ve captured Ruby, Boob King?”

“And I’m finally a King … — but if you ask whether there’s a change after I captured Ruby, then the answer is a definite yes”

Having Ruby stolen and part of his harem wrecked, Yuutarou was certainly weakened.
And it was a total weakening, too.

Earning the goddess’ disappointment and having part of his power taken away.
Also —

“With Yuutarou, he has a magic type cheat to begin with, right. Then losing the supplier of grimoires is going to damage him substantially”

I smiled.

“I’m going to go steal the other girls like this. The next one probably won’t take as much work as Ruby”

I had already decided on my next target.

“Next is the priestess Miria, she will be mine!”


There was an old church in the middle of the town Coura.

And there was where the priestess of the organization of the faithfuls of the Goddess Quira, Miria, listens to the people’s troubles, cleanse the dead, and busily worked.

All on her own.
From what I heard of her, Miria was the only daughter of the previous priest.

She was protecting the place her parents left behind with all she had — isn’t that a sob story?

“It’s old … but it has the ambience”

Using the Mirror skill, I transformed into a boy and visited the church.

The reliefs, the altar, and the limestone statue modeled after the Goddess.
It felt just as if a goddess would just descend upon the place.

It was close to nighttime, nobody else was there but me.

I locked eyes with the goddess Quira statue.

“I don’t remember seeing you”

It’s just a possibility, but this goddess Quira wasn’t the one who sent me to this world.

I had no memory of it, but the goddess who reincarnated me would be more, like, looking good wearing an evil smile —


“— oh my oh my, what have we here, a little lost one. Good evening, what do you need?”

I heard a voice from the church entrance.

I turned around and I saw a woman in white habit carrying a paper bag.

Her long hair was golden and slightly wavy, and she was wearing a loving smile — so this was probably Miria.

“Ah, I’m sorry … I went in on my own”

As I’m transforming into a child, I cast my head down.

“My, why are you apologizing?”

“That’s because … I’m not a disciple of Quira”
“It’s all right, you’ll be fine. The goddess Quira accepts all men and women young and old. Tolerance is the highest spirit”

“Also,” continued Miria.

“Even if you’re not a disciple of Quira now, that is only the case ‘now’. You might become a devotee of Quira in the future … no, I’m sure of it. Therefore there’s no reason for me to turn you away — Welcome, my future lamb”

Miria gently took my hand.

“I wil tho–roughly explain to you how great Lady Quira is, okay. I’ll guide you, your family, and e–veryone, so there’s no need to worry”

“Come, let’s listen to Lady Quira’s greatness,” said Miria as she guided me inside.

… she’s unmistakably the type of girl that never listens to people.

I feel tired just talking to her.

I’m glad I had Ruby for healing, I sighed inwardly.

No, well, but, it was now or never.
Once I’ve stolen two girls, I would have brought down Yuutarou’s power to a level where he could be killed.

I’ll definitely go and get this woman.

Dreaming of the day I can trace my tongue along the skin under the habit, I fired myself up.

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 22- The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 1

  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Not listening to others when she’s talking about her Goddess. How is he going to capture a fanatic without breaking her?
    This should be “educational”.

  2. Thanks for the chapter, MC went from “killing Yuutaro” to “lick the nun” in less than a second……. i like his priorities

  3. Thanks for the chap~!!!
    Wow! a huge wave of chapters is here!!!
    I’m Ready!! I’m Ready!! I’m Ready!!

  4. He could have been sent by the Goddess Quira’s younger brother the evil god. If she is the only goddess of the series. I assume there is only one goddess. But if there are more, it will be complicated.

  5. I like the story but the mc’s goal is suppose to be to kill all other
    reincarnation-ers. The idea of him targeting just this single reincarnation-er and stealing away his harem one by one seems to be taking a long time and almost makes following along with it not feel that worth it. How is he going to take down ALL other mc’s if he spends so long just taking out one mc? idk, I guess keep reading and find out
    If they wanted to make it easy just have the mc turn into another rincarnation-er’s harem members and stab that mc in the back

    1. At least it has a certain feel of realism achieving the goal of willing the suspension of disbelief. And if the author rushes the narrative, it will become dull and boring because there will be less time(chapters) to expand on the girls characterization.

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