Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 23- The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 2

“— And that is how this world is being supported by Goddess Quira’s divine protection. How is it? Do you understand the greatness that is Lady Quira now?”

In a small room in the chapel, the priestess Miria sermoned me for several hours non-stop.

“Yes … I understand. I understand very well, Lady Quira is the greatest …”

Listening to that, I wearily nodded in my guise of a child.

“My, I’m glad the word reached you. Wise and prudent little lamb, I am sure you are in Lady Quira’s favor”

There, there, Miria patted my head.
Her golden hair tickled my nose — it smelled nice.


I nonchalantly laid my eyes on Miria’s chest.

The chest wrapped in a white habit was rather largish, though not as big as Ruby’s.
The shape was good, too.

I gulped despite myself.

“I’ll be heading home then …”

The religious education that was close to brainwashing wore out my ears and body.

I had other things to do today.

I have to hurry back and meet with Liu — I thought as I stood up from my seat, but then Miria gripped my shoulders strongly.

“Going home? My my what are you saying? We’re just about to start the second sermon you know. I want you to hear how … how Lady Quira created and guides humans in this world that her august self had created”

“No .. but, I have to go home already … how many sermons are there anyway?”

“My my, having the sermons end is just unthinkable. Lady Quira’s power continues on everlasting after all, so the teachings also go on without end. That’s common knowledge, is it not?”

“But um … I really have to go …”

“No, you’ll be alright. No matter how late you go home I’m sure your parents will understand. Because there’s nothing more important in this world than Lady Quira’s teachings. Curfews are a trifle matter”

I tried to leave but Miria pulled my arm back.

oh shit, this chick’s cray-cray.

She really doesn’t listen to a word anyone else says.

I think I understand why this church was empty even though the Quira Church was a rather large organization.

It’s because people don’t want to get involved with this wacko priestess.

It became a battle where I try to run and Miria kept me from running —


“Miria! Are you here?”

There was a voice from the chapel.

There’s a worshipper at this hour?

“This voice!”

Miria’s face was painted in joy, she raced towards the chapel in a fluster.

I followed behind her.

“Yuutarou …?”

I peeked from behind the slightly open door and saw the reincarnator Yuutarou in the chapel.

Miria was kneeling in front of him.

“Sir Yuutarou … most exalted reincarnator sent by the Goddess Quira to this world … what brings you here today?”

It looks like Yuutarou was a reincarnator sent here by Goddess Quira.
I see, so that’s why Miria loved Yuutarou and became a harem member.

“Yeah … I just came back from an expedition. I wanted to give Lady Quira my after-action report!”

Yuutarou made a refreshing smile.

The fact that his face looked a little sullen was probably because I just stole one of his women the other day.

“My my, that much is no problem. So what did you accomplish this time?”

Miria listened to Yuutarou’s exploits in the expedition and wrote it down on paper.

Miria then burned the paper on the altar fire.

It was the so-called “Heaven Sending Ceremony”

“My Lady Quira, your blessings be upon Yuutarou!”

At the same time Miria said so, an invigorating wind blew.
That wind was sucked into Yuutarou’s chest.

“… so that’s a Level Up?”

The main duties of a priest in this world are twofold:

The first one is to report an adventurer’s exploits to the goddesses.
In response to that, the goddess grants the adventurer a new power.

Well in short, a Level Up.

And the other one was — no, let’s leave that for later.

“My my? Don’t you think Lady Quira looks a little ang … no, disappointed?”

Miria turned to face the Quira statue and tilted her head in wonder.
There seemed to be something only she could sense.

I couldn’t grasp it clearly, but it should be vaguely showing on Quira’s face, I’m sure.

Goddess Quira was angry — the reason was obvious.

Because one of the harem members had been stolen from Yuutarou who she sent.

I knew what I did really did damage on Yuutarou’s camp.

I made a small guts pose and stealthily left by the church’s back door.


After escaping the church, I went back to the inn. I picked up Liu and went to a certain place.

It had gone late into the night because of Miria’s long long sermon, but in fact, being so late at night was actually better.

After all, what I was going to do was — desecrating a grave.

Liu and I walked for half an hour and reached a graveyard without any people around.

“Well, I’ve known that you’re a perverted freaky bastard for a long time Motoki, but to even bring me to a cemetery. I think I misread the extent of your perverseness there. All right all right what kind of play would you like? Do you want to push me down on a coffin for a bed? It looks like it’s going to be cold on my butt but I can cope with it. Bring it on!”

“No, well, that’s not what I’m going to do today … what’s gotten into you, Liu, aren’t you being assertive today”

“No, just … I think I’m having a sense of impending crisis”

Liu leaned her hand on a gravestone and sighed … haah.

“Impending crisis?”

” … you know the thing is, Motoki, I made light of you, I thought you won’t be able to go all the way with another woman since you’re a chicken, wahahaha. Something like that. Then you went ahead and gave Ruby a tumble or three. Now you’re starting to lay your hands on the next girl and so I thought, crap, isn’t this going to be the one where the first girl, that’s me, gets fucked and chucked away? So you see, I thought, maaaybe I should give you a bit of a freebie”

“Ha ha”

“Ah, you’re dodging it with an ambiguous laugh …! You’re dodging it, you!”

Liu stomped her feet.

“No, well, how should I say, I like that part of you, so I won’t throw you away — probably”

PROBABLY!? Okay he said probably. That’s got to be the number one word you can’t believe in!”

“No, well, I’m not going to throw you away, okay. Anyway help me out here — watch around for people”

I sent Liu to be on the lookout and approached a certain gravestone.

I then used my Mirror power and turned into the Elf Elieya.

I used her magic [Earth Topple] to manipulate the earth underneath the gravestone and put it aside.

Then the coffin under the ground was exposed.

This time I transformed into an Orc, a member of Luna’s Royal Guard.
I used his superhuman physical strength to open the nailed-down coffin.

What appeared was a corpse with only bones and hair left.

“I wanted to try this, can I transform into someone whose flesh had rotted away?”

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  1. Y’know, he says he doesn’t have superpower and all, but even if it’s watered down, he can use whatever power of the people he changes into, including magic.

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