Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 26 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 5

“She’s zealosly praying all morning, huh…”

Early morning, I transformed into a little boy and went to church to see Miria.

When I opened the door and peeked into the nave, Miria was kneeling in front of goddess Quira’s statue, offering her morning prayers.

“… but she’s sure taking a long time”

Doesn’t her knees hurt doing the same things every morning?

After more than 30 minutes passed, her prayers finally finished and Miria rose to her feet.

Then, Miria noticed my presence and waved at me.

“My my, aren’t you the little lamb from the other day?”

Miria rushed over to me with a smile covering her whole face.

“Morning onee-san …… wait, whoa!”

I was suddenly picked up and lifted [high and high] by Miria.

“Oh child with wise and prudent eyes, you must have come here wanting to understand more deeply about goddess Quira’s teachings, right? You must! This is such an auspicious day. Ah … Lady Quira, I thank you for this precious meeting”

Miria spun round and round while still holding me up high.

Even though I’m in the body of a child, she’s still quite the strong one.

Miria’s slightly wavy blonde hair shined in a golden light under the morning sun.

“Are you really that happy I came …?”

“My my, of course I am!”

Miria let me down onto the ground and this time hugged me close.

I can feel the softness of her breasts through her habit.

… they, were larger than they looked.

And they’re supple, too.

It felt about twice as large as Liu’s.

She must be the type to look slender in clothing, absolutely awesome when it’s off.

“The townspeople of Coura here don’t come to church. Whenever I went and preached they would say ‘Ah, nevermind all that …,’ and run away for some reason …. So I am really happy that you came here a second time.

Miria was happier at my second visit than I expected.

This was a good start.

“By the way little lamb, I’ll be cleaning up the church now, so please wait in the room until I’m done —”

“Ah, I’ll help!”

I volunteered, and Miria said, “My my what a gentle little lamb” with a broad smile.

Then together with Miria, I polished the church’s ornaments, swept the floors, and plucked the grass on the gardens.

It was harsh work for a child’s body and I was totally exhausted, but I kept on going in order to deepen my bonds with Miria.

In order for this plan to succeed, I need to strengthen the bond between Miria and myself in the form of a child.


Oneesan, have you always worshipped goddess Quira since you were small?”

Miria and I were eating our lunch bread in the church courtyard when I asked her.

“When I was small? No no no. It was from long before that. I have always been Lady Quira’s servant even before I was born. Faith never begins and never ends, it is eternal. It is obvious — I was sent to this world in order to spread Lady Quira’s teachings”

“Is that so …”

“Yes, yes, it is so — by the way little lamb, if it’s alright with you, I wonder if you can bring your papa and mama to church too? I’m sure your parens will understand Lady Quira’s teachings, as well”

“Ah, sorry, both my parents already died …”

That’s my setting.

“Well … Is that so? I’m sorry, I didn’t know. Will you forgive my rashness?”

“Mm, I’m not angry”

“Thank you, you’re a gentle little lamb”

Miria laid her hands gently on my face.

She lovingly caressed my cheeks.

… what, so she’s normally a good girl.

All the townspeople were unanimous that “Miria is totally bonkers, she never listens to what people say,” calling her a crazy girl, but that’s not the case.

Sure, she has times when she doesn’t listen to people, but that much was part of her charm, right —

“Say, little lamb, I want to pray for your parents,” said Miria abruptly, “you and me, let’s pray for your parents until nightfall”

“N, nightfall …?”

It’s lunchtime right now.


And thus Miria actually prayed until nightfall.

She knelt in front of the statue, in the same pose the whole time.

She doesn’t allow movement during prayer.

No sounds, either.

Now, that’s a problem.

What will happen to your body if you keep it in the same pose for over seven hours straight?

… you’ll get horrible pins and needles all over your body, some of your muscles can’t move, and your kneecaps will inflame and throb painfully.

Most of all, staying in the same pose without any change for a long period of time is harsh mentally.

You feel dizzy and nauseous and will tear up for no reason at all.

That was halfway torture.


After we were done with the prayer, my body felt heavy as lead even though I wasn’t exercising at all.

I stole a glance at Miria and as she finished her prayers she let out a satisfied “phew…”

She had plenty of strengh remaining.

And it never occured to her that she was doing something bad to the child that was me.

… I see, so this was the reason why the townspeople were calling Miria a nutcase.

She was under the impression that everyone in the world had the same level of faith as herself.

And speaking of the reason why Miria became like this —

“As I thought, the loneliness must have something to do with it,” I muttered.

I recalled the information regarding Miria I had gathered beforehand.

Miria was once an orphan. She was picked up by the priest of this church and raised as his daughter.

The priest that was Miria’s father was a rather strict believer of Quira.

He does not compromise on any matters relating to faith.

Religious faith is normally something that changes gradually depending on the spirit of the times.

However, that man never accepted those changes even once.

For that reason people started to draw away from Miria’s father.

Even the other priests disappeared.

But Miria’s father was never by any means all alone.

His daughter Miria was always close by his side.

However, when the father died, the daughter Miria became truly alone.

The lonely Miria continued to preserve her father’s teachings all on her own.

Through the days of solitude, Miria became more and more absorbed in the Quira faith.

She was clinging to her goddess.

Behind every overattachment, there would almost invariably be loneliness.

Oneesan, thank you for praying for my parents … I’ll be going home today then —”

Then, as I was saying my goodbyes.

“Miria –! I’m here –!”

There was that voice resounding inside the church.

The person who appeared was my target reincarnator Yuutarou.

“Sir Yuutarou! Ah … the reincarnator sent by the goddess Quira, abundant in strength, what brings you here today?”

Miria happily rushed over to Yuutarou.

Her steps were light as a rabbit.

“Ah, I’m going to go on an expedition tomorrow, so I thought I should come see Miria!”

“My my, you are being too considerate …! Sir Yuutarou’s heart is Lady Quira’s itself”

Miria gripped Yuutarou’s hands with her own and sent him a warm gaze.

Her face was like an animal in heat.

To Miria, Yuutarou who was sent by Quira was her one and only kindred soul in the world.

A lonely girl meeting a boy who she could honor from the bottom of her heart — there was no way she wouldn’t fall in love then.

If this goes on, Miria will definitely be devoured by Yuutarou.

— However.

“… I’ll definitely take her”

Just like Ruby, I will have Miria.

I will definitely do it with Miria while Yuutarou went on this expedition.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, i don’t know why but everytime she says Little Lamb i imagine James from Metallica saying in Of Wolf and Men

  2. Doesn’t her knees hurt doing the same things every morning?
    Started laughing when i remembered seeing this church sign.
    The most powerful position is on your knees.

    1. Well, we do improve our body by tearing up our muscle (Straining ourself to the limit), So I imagine if she has been doing that since child, it should be easy peasy for her now. Wait, with a knee like that, what if she kneed someone in the balls..? Shudder

  3. I was going to comment about how easily these girls fall in love, but then I remember all the harem novels I’ve read, or just any novel, and realize that those girls also fell in love almost as easily, pretty much love at first sight most of the times, only the author goes into detail of the process that makes it feel more reasonable. Well, at least the girls in those other novels don’t usually fall in love instantly or just because he’s a hero, but rather after getting saved or spending some time with the mc. Depends on novel though…

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