Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 30 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 9

“Today is … no good, either”

Miria made a deep sigh and stood to a stop.

She had been visiting houses and accosting people on the road, but there were no people who would listen to Quira’s teachings.

We had been doing this for five days, but we had nothing to show for it.

Onee-san cheer up. We’re just starting. It’s not going to be successful right away. Let’s try again?”

Transformed into a child as usual, I encouraged her.

“You’re right. I have to work had to make it up to the little lamb who kept me company every day!”

Miria bravely showed her determination.

She gripped my hand and began walking again.

But continuing on preaching like this, bluntly speaking, was no use.

Miria had gotten used to dealing with people, but she was stlil clumsy at it.

She lacked the communication skills to draw people into the church.

To solve this —

“Say onee-chan, if it’s all right with you let’s get someone to teach us how to do this”

“Find a coach to teach us? But who?”

Miria tilted her head.

“Leave it to me, I have an idea! I’ll bring her to church tomorrow”


“And that’s why you’re bringin me along?”

The person I called and brought along the next day was the Euva priestess I just met the other day, Rania.

She looked like a bartender wearing her white shirt and waistcoat, but she was a full-blown priestess.

“But you sure can transform so perfectly, huh … are you really Motoki?”

Rania poked at my cheeks that had transformed into a child’s.

“I’m the real me, I showed you my real self, didn’t I? But keep this a secret from Miria”

“You reincarnators sure are a weird bunch … sheesh, I’m not gettin it at all”

I ignored Rania scratching her head and opened the church door. Then I called Miria.

Onee-san! I brought the coach I talked about yesterday! A Euva priestess!”

Miria was offering her prayers to the Miria statue inside the chapel. She saw Rania and was surprised.

“… My my little lamb, so the person you said would coach us is a priestess of Euva … ah … why is this happening”

“Huh? Do Quiran and Euvan chuches not get along well?”

I heard the goddesses Quira and Euva were sisters, so I thought their believers must get along well together — but did I get it wrong?

“My my little lamb … how can we be getting along together? Goddess Euva always tricks and teases our Lady Quira … always causing so much trouble. Yes, I would like it if her believers don’t set foot inside this church please”

A vein popped on Miria’s head.

This is bad, is this going to be a fight

But then.

“Uuh …”

Suddenly, Rania staggered. She seems to be feeling lightheaded.

“Are you alright Rania?”

I propped Rania up right away.

Miria also hurredly rushed towards us and lent her shoulder to Rania.

They’re fine with each other at times like this.

“Sorry, just a bit under the weather … can I sit over there? Sorry but can I have a glass of water?”

“Water is it? Alright!”

Miria went to fetch a cup.

Rania sat on the church pews waiting for Miria with the water.

“Phew …. Thanks … um, Miria was it? Sorry to trouble you, for the likes of me. You’re a great help. — Quira people are kind, aren’t they? We’ve got a lot to learn from you guys in this regard. Ah, you guys are great, really”

“My my, not at all … I only did the obvious thing … Loving others is a matter of course for us Quira faithful”

“Nope, you’re awesome. Say, this is a good chance, so why don’t we have a chat? Abouth the Quira church and our Euva church”

Then Miria and Rania had a long long conversation.

Looking at them, I was deeply touched.

Miria was talking normally with someone other than me …!

Rania was good at making people talk.

She would say a single question and then let Miria do all the talking.

She would then make exaggerated nods.

And thus an hour passed.

“— Right, lecture over”

Rania suddenly said that and stood up.

“Lecture … ?”

Miria tilted her head.

“You two, you wanted me to teach you how to talk about faith to people, right? That was what this was just now. When you go to people’s houses wanting to spread faith or sell something, what you first must do is to get inside the house by any means necessary. You can’t decide anything on the front porch”

Rania continued.

“Once you’re inside the house, next you ask the owner for some water or food. That way they’d get in the mood to talk. After that you praise the owner somehow or another and make them feel good, when they do they’ll be on board with the conversation, so then you make them talk for a long time and open their hearts to you. When you do that, solicitation’s a simple thing”

“Oooh …”

I leaked a voice of admiration.

Amazing, as expected from a bartender, I mean, priestess.

“……… tsk”

Miria bit her lips in frustration and cast her eyes down.

She must be ashamed to have been completely fooled by a Euvan and even received a lecture from them.

Rania brought her mouth close to my ear and whispered.

“You owe me one. Keep me company later sometime”

“Later,” Rania said and left the church.

… yep, she’s a great girl.

I’ll definitely do it with Rania soon, I hardened my resolve.

But before that, Miria.

Onee-san, let’s try it the way she taught tomorrow!”

When I called out to her, Miria raised her face.

“… little lamb, I … it frustrates me that I received charity from a Euvan … but today, I felt it was fun. — It feels good talking to people. Thank you little lamb, thanks for bringing Rania here”

Miria bashfully smiled.


This was a good sign.

The lonely Miria was able to talk with a peer — Miria was released from her isolation.

In the stories, one of the reasons a woman would join a man’s harem was because she was alone.

The lonelier a person is, the easier they yield to a strong person.

Which is why this time, I worked to release Miria from her loneliness.

By transforming into the saint and reprimanding her, I softened Miria’s strict faith.

Then in order to get her to relate to more people, I made her work to spread the faith.

Just a little bit more, a little more, and Miria will become a normal girl.

And when she clears one more event —

Miria will definitely be mine.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 30 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 9

  1. You know what I like about the story (I just realized why am totally OK with his shitty personality when another stories I’m not ok with the mc being like that) In order to bed all these girls, he doesn’t tear them down, he builds them up.

    1. Yeah, he doesn’t really harm them, although he does deceive them big time in order to achieve his goals, he also won’t marry them and treats them as just sex friends. But he never went in saying that he’ll marry them. Well, most of all I’m okay with his personality because I never expected him to get into any true romance, thus I don’t read this with any heavy feelings, if it was any typical novel I would’ve wanted to kill him for his behavior, but somehow the author manages to avoid hard feelings because they somehow don’t mind it even when knowing that he’s mainly after their bodies(a bit unrealistic, but necessary for such a novel). The girls don’t break down like a normal girl in love would, they become more spirited/independent and will live a better life.

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