Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 31 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 10

“You’re right, I’ll go to the church next time then. Have to pray to Lady Quira”

“T, thank you, very much …! I’m sure Lady Quira will grace you with her favor!”

Miria put her palms together in deep emotion.

This was the second believer they had gained today.

We were going around the town’s houses for solicitation, and it was going well.

“We did it—!”

Miria jumped up and down after leaving the house.

She didn’t notice that her important parts were showing from the slits of her skirt, so I stealthily relished in it.

A sight for sore eyes.

But nevertheless —

“So solicitations can go this well just by changing the way we do it,” I muttered

Yesterday, Miria was taught the know-hows of soliciting believers from a priestess of another faith, Rania, and became able to gain devotees.

In this week, the devotees of Quira increased by eight.

“It was not my own strength, it was thanks to Lady Quira’s grace, and Rania’s lesson — and also, little lamb, this is all thanks to you”

Miria hugged me tightly.

“Me? I didn’t do anything though?”

“My my you jest. When I was caught in hard times, you were there by my side to cheer me on, weren’t you. Even today you helped me spread the teachings — meeting with you is the greatest treasure of my life”

Miria rubbed her cheeks against mine, it felt so good I closed my eyes in comfort.

It’s nice to enjoy this once in a while.

A girl’s motherlines is good …!


Miria had more friends other than believers.

The grimoire store’s Ruby started to come to church every once in a while.

I asked her “will you be a companion for Miria to talk with?” and gentle Ruby happily said yes.

She came here again today to consult with Miria about something that’s been worrying her.

“Um … this is about my boyfriend Motoki who I talked about last time … but Motoki’s head is full with boobs this and boobs that … even when he comes by he only unbuttons my coat and does perverted things with my breasts … he never reads the novels I write recently …”

“My my, Ruby, you’ve been taken by a bad boy, haven’t you … you have to give that boy a piece of your mind once in a while. I know, how about using the attack magic you’re proud of on him!”

“But … he was the boy I gave my first to, I can’t get angry … I ended up forgiving him … Even though I wanted to roast him every now and then …!”

glance, Ruby threw a spiteful glare at me who was in child form.


I quietly left those two to their own devices.


Yet another day, Liu came to church even though I didn’t ask her to.

She clamored and let out all her grief on Miria.

“Listen listen listen here priestess! My boyfriend’s horrible you know! He’s a bad bad boy, yeah, bad. All he ever thinks about is boobs. All he ever talks about are about boobs. All he ever touches are boobs. And to top it off, he even gets a second girlfriend with biig boobs, he’s even thinking about getting a third now, that rotten …!”

Bang, bang, Liu slapped the long desk.

“My my … there has been a rise in the number of unscrupulous boys in this town lately. This is worrying, I wonder since when did our public morals get so low. You should talk him down every once in a while. I’ll also allow violence in the name of Lady Quira”


I quietly left those two to their own devices.


The townspeople started going to church to offer their prayers.

They all said to Miria, “you’ve changed a lot lately”

They praised Miria for becoming so gentle and cheerful.

“Hm hm hm— hm♪ laaah♪”

Miria was drying the laundry while humming an off-key tune.

She raised her hand and looked up at the dazzling sun. Her face looked full of the joy of being alive.


Miria faced the sky and murmured.

“I’m not lonely anymore”

Then Miria gripped my hand tightly.


These were happy days ­— but Miria’s peace would soon come to an end.


That night, Miria awoke to a strange sensation.

She felt as if she was covered in warm water—


When she opened her eyes, she was suspended in the air.

The wind blew at her body.

Clouds danced in the night sky, and dazzling moonlight shined in from the gaps between.

The familiar sight of the town’s houses were far below her.

It felt surreal.

It felt like, maybe she was always up in the air since she was born — that fantasy started to appear without her meaning to.


[— True servant of the goddess Quira, Miria]

Before Miria’s eyes, there appeared the saint of the Quira faith, Silva.

“Lord Silva …”

Miria put her hands together and prostrated.

[Miria, you have done well increasing the believers of our faith. Lady Quira takes joy in the fruits of your labors]

“… the goddess … ah … such honor!”

Her beloved goddess had approved of her tireless efforts.

Miria’s chest was filled with pride.

However —

“Lord Silva, the fruits of this mission was not of my work alone …! I would have never been able to do anything on my own. May the goddess grant her blessings not to me but to those who stayed by my side!”

[Your humble heart is proof of your devotion as the servant of your goddess more than anything]

Silva smiled.

[Incidentally, I come bearing a mission for you]

“A mission, for me? Y, yes! Please instruct me however you see it fit …!”

The visiting saint had a mission for her — for Miria, this was nothing less than an honor.

She intended to be willing to do anything, everything she was asked.

However —.

[Miria, in this place there is a boy nearby you. — you are to kill him]


“………… eh?”

Miria could not believe her ears.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 31 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 10

    1. [Miria, in this place there is a boy nearby you. — you are to kill him]
      “………… eh?”
      Miria could not believe her ears.

      Nah, that’s not really possible, I think… It’s the cliché scenario of getting the “mission” of killing the one you love to be able to be more independent and affirm that there are things you can’t give up, even for your faith. If she defies her “goddess”(mc disguising as her messenger), that will make it possible for her to stop relying so much on her religion and in turn also open up the possibility for a lover, since she’ll be less restrained.

      At least that should be it, my guess from the experience of countless novels, anime, manga, games and other stuff.

  1. Motoki… You are in danger of being turned to cinders by your boob-goddess.

    Cheers for the great tl~

  2. Does high orcs such as the noble orcs actually look exactly like humans? I mean, since Liu went to the church to complain to Miria. I knew that saint guy preached to the orcs about that goddess too, but it seems the relationship in town and all around between humans and orcs are quite bad.

  3. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    “Extra! Extra! There’s an investation of bad boyfriend that only thinks of boobs!”
    ..wait.. that’s not a new news.. it already happened since long ago..

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