Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 32 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 11

“W, why does he have to be killed!? That boy is a faithful servant of the goddess! There’s no reason to …”

The saint Silva’s order to kill the child put Miria in disarray.

The boy who stayed by her side through her darkest hour, the “little lamb”.

To kill that boy — it sent shivers down her body just imagining it.

“Why … why is there a need to kill that boy!?”

Miria asked, and Silva answered from up in the sky.

[Indeed, there is no harm in leaving him alive now. However, in ten years’ time, he will become enemies with the reincarnator sent by Lady Quira, Yuutarou. That was the future the goddess Quira foresaw”

“Little lamb will be, sir Yuutarou’s enemy …? Sir Yuutarou’s …”

Yuutarou — the reincarnator brought here from Earth by goddess Quira.

The strongest elementalist, given power directly by the goddess.

Gallant and noble — when she first met Yuutarou, Miria’s heart throbbed for the first time in her life.

She thought she could offer anything for the sake of this person.

However, to think about killing a young boy for the sake of Yuutarou —

“Killing a child … I can’t believe it! There’s no reason why he would become Yuutarou’s …”

[Miria. You have not noticed this, but that boy is a half-blood, born from a Troll and a Human. His father was the king of the Trolls in this island. That boy is the prince of Trolls!]

“Prince of …?”

[Indeed. And just last month, the king of the Trolls in this island was defeated by Yuutarou. — do you understand what I’m saying?]


“Little lamb” was the prince of Trolls.

Then, the king of Trolls was killed by Yuutarou.

Which means, as the prince of Trolls, Yuutarou was none other than his parent’s killer.

There’s plenty enough reason for him to begrudge Yuutarou.

Probably, the reason he came to the church in the first place was to find and approach his father’s killer Yuutarou.

[Miria, this is a trial you must face. By killing the boy you have your heart for, you will show that your devotion to the goddess is the real thing!]


When Miria woke up, she was on her bed.

“I wish everything was just a dream …”

However it wasn’t a dream.

The feeling of the wind on her skin deeply remained.

The saint of Quira, Silva, really did appear befor her last night.

Miria had to kill the “little lamb”

“… what should I do”

It was already time to begin her morning prayers, but Miria couldn’t move.

She hugged her knees on the bed, rolling her body like a fetus.

And then —

Onee-san, are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere? Should I call a doctor?”

“… eh”

She raised her face towards the voice, the “little lamb” was there.

He was worried because Miria didn’t come out to church and went into her bedroom.

He was so sweet in how he peered into Miria’s face in worry, so Miria descended from the bed and hugged him.

“My my, I’m all right little lamb. I only overslept a little”

“Hee, so onee-san oversleeps too, sometimes”

“Of course I do. I’m still a novice, after all”

squeeze, Miria put more strength into her arm, hugging the “little lamb”

The prince of Trolls, who lost both his parents in the war.

The clever, wise, and most of all gentle angel of a boy.

“… ah, hey …”

The little lamb poked into Miria’s chest with his nose, so she let out a voice in surprise.

This boy must be longing for a mother figure, or so Miria interpreted.

“My my little lamb, there’s just no helping you is there … all right, I don’t mind being your mama for today. You’re the baby, I’m the mama. — if you want to, have a suckle!”

Miria unrolled her nightclothes and exposed her breasts.

“There won’t be any milk coming out, but go on, suckle”

She didn’t know if she could kill him.

But for now at least, Miria wanted to be gentle to this pitiful boy.


The next day and the day after that, Miria still couldn’t kill the “little lamb”

Several times when the little lamb turned his back to her, she tried to reach toward his neck.

She tried to stab a knife into his back.

But it was no good.

He stayed with her during the darkest days of her life.

This lonesome church was full of people again because of him.

She couldn’t kill him.

Miria covered her face with her hands, and took some deep breaths.

Onee-san, are you hurting …?”

The little lamb peered into Miria’s face in worry.

“No … nothing’s wrong. I’m all right. Thank you for worrying, little lamb”

“Don’t lie! You’ve been suffering lately!”

The little lamb didn’t let Miria trick him with a lie.

“Not at all … I’m really fine —”

“Is it my fault?”

“Eh …?”

bump, Miria’s heart jumped.

“Are you hurting because of me?”

“T, that’s impossible …! No way! I’m happy because you’re here, that’s obvious isn’t it!”

Miria frantically denied, but the little lamb seemed to notice something.

He was a perceptive boy.

Onee-san, you know … I don’t care what happens to me if it’s for you. You’re kind to me, I don’t want to make you hurt … — you know, I’ve never said this before, but I have Troll blood in me … so I won’t complain if you kill —”


Miria interrupted the little lamb’s words.

“Are you saying it’s because you have Demihuman blood!? … that’s nothing important! Close your mouth! Never put yourself down ever again …!”

“But … Quira says, you can’t be friends with Trolls …? Because we’re unclean”


Miria let out a shrill scream.

Violating the dogma was unthinkable for the former Miria.

The moment she knew he was a Troll, she’d turn him away.

But she’s different now.

Now that Miria knew the joy of connecting with people, she couldn’t blindly follow the goddess’ teachings.

She was no longer pure.

“Little lamb …”

She can’t kill him, it was truly impossible.

Even if it was an order from her beloved goddess.


That night, saint Silva appeared to Miria for the third time.

[Why would you not kill the Troll prince! Are you going against goddess Quira’s orders!]

“I can’t do it. I can’t kill that boy …”

[You have been corrupted … such a disappointment. Very well, if you say you wont’ kill it, we shall send Yuutarou himself to do it]

“N, no …! To make sir Yuutarou kill a child …! Sir Yuutarou would not do something like that! That person, something like that!”

That innocent reincarnator Yuutarou won’t kill a child.

No matter if it was the goddess’ order, he will definitely refuse like she did —


And then, Miria’s consciousness cut off.

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 32 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 11

  1. hoho… Motoki is not only a good actor but a script/play writer as well eh. Also, seeing it in a diff pov.


    Cheers cheers cheers~?

  2. this plan is so perfectly planned and made me starting to lose myself even more in this novel…
    maybe this is the second coming of kaminomi but with more detailed plot and little sugar ^^

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