Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 34 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 13

“Come, hurry little lamb! If we don’t hurry Yuutarou will find us!”

Miria was pulling my child-transformed hand and running away from Coura.

It was rare to see the priestess so panicked, the guards manning the town gates saw and widened their eyes in surprise.

Onee-san, where are we going …?” I asked.

However it didn’t look like my voice reached Miria.

Miria was mumbling something by herself.

“What should we do, go to Sephro …? No, that’s no good … Yuutarou will find us easily … I can’t stay anywhere near … I see, then the mainland … !”

Miria seemed like she came up with a plan.

“Little lamb, let’s go to the harbor down south! We’ll be going to the mainland!”

“M, mainland …? Why are we going to the mainland? Do you know somebody there …?”

“No, nobody. But it’s alright, don’t worry. I’ll work hard to protect you. Let’s start a new life with the two of us!”


… She had no plan.

Also, she was making light of society.

A girl who doesn’t know the ways of the world carrying a child to an unfamiliar land making a new start ­— that’s impossible even on Earth.

Well, but it can’t be helped that she didn’t understand society.

Ever since she was born she had been cooped up in the church, away from worldly troubles.

For now, I decided to let Miria do what she likes. At least she wasn’t straying from my plans.

“If it’s with you onee-san, I don’t mind going anywhere, but is it alright? You were finally getting along with the people in town”

“You’re right that it’s a little lonely, but … it’s fine. Those happy memories of smiling together with everyone will always be in my heart”


Miria did not go through serviced roads, but took the shortest path to the southern part of the island.

That said, it was still a week’s walk away.

We walked through the wild plains, watching our feet so as to not get tangled in the grass.

Onee-san, are you alright? You look very pale?”

“My my, you are such a worrywart little lamb … I’m alright. Even though I look like this I’m strong!”

Miria smiled with bags under her eyes.

This only after one day of walking.

Miria had routinely forged her body by spreding the faith and all that, but a long distance walk was still hard on her.

Also, even though we had no time, we nonetheless should have prepared better.

We only had little food and water, our boots and clothes weren’t suited for walking.

Don’t make light of journeys, I wanted to say.

Don’t you know the terror of shoe sores and groin sores ….

I looked to the western horizon and saw the sun already half sunk.

Wind blew, and the grass rustled … playing a lonesome sound.

Onee-san, it’s getting dark, should we rest for today?”

“You’re right … even though it’s Yuutarou, he shouldn’t be able to find us quickly this far away …”

Miria sat on the shadow of a large tree and rested her head on its trunk.

Unable to find an outlet for her anxiety, she hugged me close like her favorite plush toy.

“I feel calm when you hug me like this onee-san

“My my, my little lamb is a spoiled child, aren’t you — nooo! … geez, don’t bite there, okay? It’s not a pacifier …”

Pretending to be an innocent shota, I did something lewd to the adult onee-san — right now, I was fulfilling the dreams of every man all over the world.

… ah, I’m glad I could use Mirror.

I usually transformed into an Orc and attacked Liu, as well, I could have fun in lots of ways.

I wonder if there’s a spring nearby.

I definitely wanted to enjoy a bath event.

“… hm?”

I noticed a presence.

Two of them, I think.

From beyond the grassy plains, two men were gaining closer.

Their getup was just whatever’s they got on them.

They’re unmistakably brigands.

Well, they would come, won’t they.

There’s a pretty priestess in an out-of-the-way place, only with a brat for company.

If they do nothing after finding such a delicious prey, then they won’t be brigands anymore, just a normal passerby.

Miria seemed to notice the presence and froze.

“Little lamb, please run …! Go! I’ll buy you some time!”

Miria tried to cover for me even now.

However, this was the scene where I should show my cool side.

Onee-san, it’ll be fine. Don’t panic”

Even if I’m a half, I’m still a transforming Troll prince.

I’m not weak.

I chanted a spell — and changed my proportions.


My skin turned slightly green.

I strengthened the Troll side of my lineage.

The boy I had always been transformed into was the Troll prince — To’Goud.

When I was staying in the Orc Queen O’Luna’s castle, he was there as well as a hostage from the Trolls.

Goud had always harbored shame that he was a half-blood — but he would keep me company a lot.

We probably felt sympathy with each other.

Goud who was both Human and Troll, and I who can be anyone.

Both of us having unstable existences, we felt we were alike.

Having played together a lot, I had grasped the way Goud uses his body.

“Now then …”

I used the one and only magic that Trolls could use — Body Strengthening.

It was magic to strengthen all my limbs and senses.

I strengthened my legs and ran towards the brigands.

“Huuh … !?”

They looked in surprise.

I jumped in with a feint and drove a high kick into the brigand’s temple.

Mirror could not perfecly replicate the target’s fighting strength, but it’s enough for these small fry.

I delivered a low kick to the other brigand and kicked his gut with a mid-kick, making him faint.

“So weak”

The fight was over.

“Little lamb …!”

Miria ran up to me.

Onee-san, … I’m looking a little Trollish right now, please don’t look … I’m ugly right?”

I tried to turn my face away but Miria wouldn’t allow it.

She held my face with both hands and lovingly looked at me.

“There’s nothing ugly about you … I won’t allow anyone to say otherwise …!”


“Yes, really. You are truly beautiful”

Miria smiled.

I made an expression of deep emotion.

“Thank you onee-san, for accepting me for who I am — I will protect you from now on!”

I made a smart expression and gripped Miria’s hands.

“My my, little lamb … you’re looking like a man …”

Miria’s face flushed.

She looked not at all dissatisfied, the face of a female in heat.

— hm …

Looking at Miria’s face, I became convinced of a theory I had.


I had always thought it was strange.

The girls that entered the reincarnated Earthlings’ harems — despite being good-looking girls, they were all virgins.

There’s no presence of men around them.

They never fell in love with any other men.

It’s weird.

Beautiful girls of ripe age were all being left to wither.

Could they possibly, by agency of the goddesses, be all treated to be unable to fall in love nor lust for any other men?

In order to satisfy the reincarnators who were fussy about virgins, the goddesses made the girls like that.

Which was why no matter how good looking the guy, the harem member girls will only be swayed by the man the goddesses decided for them.

The girls made unable to have desire for “men” — that was why when I tried to capture Ruby, I transformed into the mannish woman Shukalaaya.

Ruby was made so that she can’t fall in love with a “man” other than Yuutarou.

But how about a cool woman? I thought.

In the end, I was able to steal her away.

I was able to remove the lock the goddess put in place.

If the partner was a woman, Ruby was able to desire her normally.

Then as for Miria, I approached her as a shota.

Aboy that still had a ways to go to being a man — seems to be OK.

Miria was desiring the shota me.

Miria was disappointed in the only “man” she could desire, Yuutarou.

Losing a place to go, her piled-up lust was turned towards the shota that was always right beside her.

If I wasn’t able to confirm that Miria became a shotacon, I intended to transform into Rania and do another yuri steal.

“hm …”

The restraint gives rise to peculiar habits.

Because the outlet for desire was blocked, it opened another hole.

The goddesses did a sinful thing.

— well at any rate, I was able to confirm.

Onee-san, I think we can’t safely reach the harbor like this. Could we go back to Coura for now?”

“B, but, there’s Yuutarou there who’s going to kill you …!”

“It’s all right, I have an idea”

— now then, I was just getting tired of this, let’s finally make Miria mine.

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 34 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 13

    1. I know, right? Although I think he’s somewhat over thinking it — rather than manipulating their desire, I think the goddess simply isolates them. Why would they choose to be part of a harem if they felt they had another option, after all?

  1. Both goddesses are like me, one wants the MC to go full out netori and make others fall in despair, while the wants the harem to only have feelings for MC not even giving glances to other guys and are virgins. I like netori goddess though because harem goddess usually gives dense MC.

  2. “My my, little lamb … you’re looking like a man …”
    Miria’s face flushed.
    She looked not at all dissatisfied, the face of a female in heat.

    I see… So that’s how it’s going to go…

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