Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 35 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 14

“I see. So that’s why you came here to hide from that Yuutarou reincarnator kid?”

Said the Euva priestess Rania mixed with a sigh.

Rania looked like nothing but a bartender behind the counter wiping the glasses, but she’s a bonafide priestess.

And this place is the Euva church that looked like nothing but a bar.

Having returned to Coura, Miria and I sought asylum at the Euva church.

Yuutarou was a reincarnator sent to this world by the goddess Quira, so he was of course a Quira follower.

That would surely make him reluctant to approach a Euva church — that was the reasoning.

“I’m sorry Rania … for shamelessly intruding on you. You don’t like it do you, a Quira priestess like me being here … I’ll leave soon … but please, hide this child here! I don’t want Yuutarou to kill him …!”

Miria desperately begged Rania.

“Sheesh, there’s no helping it, is there. Fine, nuisance’s the story of my life anyway. I’ll hide the kid. — and you Miria-chan, you can lay low here for a while as well. At least until Yuutarou goes away on his next expedition. You don’t know what he’s going to do”

“Is it alright for me … we have different goddesses,” Miria said with unease.

“It’s fine, our church’s loose with stuff like that. To begin with, our goddess Euva’s really never a serious one. She challenges people who get to heaven to tennis matches and decides things with a twist serve you know?” said Rania jokingly.

But she’s really not a decent goddess, huh ….

“My my, Lady Euva … such an eccentric goddess. Well then, If you’re really alright with me I’ll be in your care …?”

“Of course. In fact, it’s like, how can I turn away Miria-chan who’s desperately protecting a child. — Giving a cocktal to hard working kids, isn’t that one of a priestess’ jobs?”

“I don’t think priestesess make cocktails …” I thought I’d at least throw in a retort.

“Rania … you somehow look like an older sister …”

“Well I think you look like a little sister”

Rania held Miria’s face with both hands from behind the counter and brought her into her chest.

“There there, you must be scared. I’ll protect you now”

“… Rania …”

Miria looked like a tamed little kitten.

… she’s my Miria, I felt envy boiling up inside.

People who NTR other people are the worst!


“Now then, this is my deluxe cocktail, drink it and calm down, and some milk for you boy”

“Uwa, this is the first time I ever drank alcohol …” said Miria as she brought the shot glass to her mouth.

… good, she drank it.

Rania and I exchanged glances.

— this was all going according to plan.

“By the way Miria-chan, aren’t you tired? You look like you need to catch a wink. There’s a bed in the guest room inside. Go get some rest”

“Yes, I am a bit tired … my head feels like it’s spinning … — little lamb, let’s borrow the bed and sleep together”

I finally was getting an invitation to bed from Miria, but I shook my head.

“No, I’ll pass. I need to talk with Rania for a little while”

“Wha!? … my my little lamb … even though you were all over me just recently … so it’s Rania now! Y, you two-timing … ! Y, you’re not getting to suck anything anymore!”

“Calm down onee-san, it’s nothing like that, I was just wondering if I should join the Euva church, and I was going to consult with Rania on that. It’s logical that you’d join the church when they’ve sheltered you, right?”

“Ah …” Miria cast her eyes down.

Normally, Miria who was hiding together with him should also convert from the Quira church to the Euva church.

However, having been raised a Quiran since birth, Miria had some reluctance to do so.

Miria didn’t say anything more and tottered into the guestroom.


“Phew …”

Since Miria was no longer there, I undid Mirror and turned back into Motoki.

“Well, Miria-chan doesn’t look like she’s going to join our church is she? I knew changing faiths is a difficult thing”

Rania muttered while wiping water droplets on the glass with her finger.

She looked cool but she really didn’t look like a priestess at all. Just call yoursef a bartender already.

“Well, yeah, it’s not easy. But it’s not impossible either. I’ll be sure to have her convert,” I said.

In order to release Miria from Yuutarou’s Narrative and become completely mine, I had to have her throw away the Quira faith.

That was a required condition in order to remove Miria from Quira’s supervision and have her walk on her own story.

All the work I did up to now was done in order to get Miria to cast away her faith.

Freeing Miria from isolation, reducing her dependence on the goddess.

Transfoming into the Quiran saint Silva and giving her the cruel order to “kill the boy”, inducing Miria to lose faith in Quira.

Transforming into Yuutarou and declaring “I’ll even kill a child if it’s my goddess’ orders!”, impressing Miria on a Quira follower’s abnormality.

Though it wasa religion she had followed since she was a child, now that I’ve gone this far her attachment should have faded away by now.

“Just one more push. There’s only one more chain binding Miria to the Quira faith. I’ll be undoing it now”

“Hmm … I don’t really get it but I like the look on your face when you’re up to no good. You look just like me when I was planning to crash a boring mixer”

“The Euva church’s full of not so decent people, huh …”


Miria was sleeping lightly in the guest room.

Probably because it was a different bed and pillow, her consciousness drifted in waves of sleep and wakefulness.

However, her body was as heavy as stone.

I don’t think I hold my alcohol well … Miria thought with a hazy consciousness.

Miria was thinking.

About her faith from here onwards.

If she stayed in the Quira church, she could not be with the Troll prince “little lamb” anymore.

In fact, ever since she was ordered by saint Silva to kill the boy, she had lost almost all her affections toward the Quira faith.

Killing a child just because he was a Troll, she couldn’t allow that.

And Yuutarou as well, she never thought he was that kind of man.

Even though it was a goddess’ orders, to even kill a child …! She gets shivers of rage and fear just remembering it.

There was no reason for Miria to stay with the Quira church.

She thought about converting to Euva, and living together with the broad-minded Rania from now on.

But Miria could not make the decision to take that step.

She had one big worry.

What will that person in heaven say if she converted from Quira to Euva —

[Miria, can you hear me]

The voice in her ear roused Miria to full wakefulness.

This voice …!

Her body was heavy as lead but she desperately tried to turn.

There was the person she always wanted to meet there.

The one she thought she wouldn’t be able to see again—.

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 35 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 14

  1. People who NTR other people are the worst!

    I don’t want to hear that from you!!!
    and thanks for the chapter

  2. “People who NTR other people are the worst!”

    Well, at least Motoki works hard, and I mean “tedious” efforts, to get/steal the women. He also doesn’t force it, but achieve consensual instead.

    Cheers for the tl~

  3. “People who NTR other people are the worst!”

    Hahahaha this is hilarious. Thanks for the chapter!

  4. “People who NTR other people are the worst!”

    Joining the bandwagon of putting that line above then a punchline below.

  5. As there was many people commenting about his opinion on NTR(at least he’s conscious of it), I’ll just go with something else.

    In order to release Miria from Yuutarou’s Narrative and become completely mine, I had to have her throw away the Quira faith.

    That Quira goddess is going to be so FCKING pissed. She lost a priestess and another of the reincarnators harem members(and probably the reincarnated guy will die too). Her sister goddess is going to be so fcking happy though, I can imagine her laughing while insulting Quira.

    “Hmm … I don’t really get it but I like the look on your face when you’re up to no good. You look just like me when I was planning to crash a boring mixer”

    Yeah, this goddess… if she existed, I would totally join her religion. Hilarious.

    The one she thought she wouldn’t be able to see again—.

    Her father from the grave? 😀

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