Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Interlude: The Goddess Loves Diversity

[Converted the priestess of Quira Miria to Euva, then did it in the bathroom. Rania included. Had a threesome. No plans to go steady with either. Plan to be sex friends. Current number of sex friends is 4]

I finished writing down my recent exploits and nodded, “right”

“What the hell’s ‘right’ … your whole existence is completely wrong,” said Rania loathsomely as she read the exploits I wrote.

There were deep bags under Rania’s eyes.

And she was shivering and clattering from the waist down.

“Rania, you look really tired, don’t you”

“This is your fault for wringing out my stamina until morning! I said ‘no more, no more’ and you still did it again and again …. And why are you still full of energy anyway? You a monster? Well, I knew you were a sex fiend, but are you physically a fiend as well?”

“Well, I regularly exercise after all. With Ruby and them. But you have quite the stamina yourself don’t you Rania?”

“Hmph. I shake shakers all night long, I have stamina”

“Priestessess don’t normally shake shakers, and that doesn’t build stamina …” I said while gulping down Rania’s special cocktail.

Meanwhile, Miria was still sleeping soundly in bed even now when it’s past lunchtime.

Seems like she used up all her stamina.

Miria’s indecent act last night — it was the best ….

“Anway Rania, hurry and send my exploits to goddess Euva please”

“Sure sure … well, but even if it’s Lady Euva I don’t think she would appro — WHOAH SHE TOTALLY APPROVED …”

The moment Rania lit the paper, many golden particles sprung out.

The gold dust-like particles wrapped my body and —


… where am I.

When I came to, I was in an unfamiliar room.

The room had no sense of unity.

The walls were ethnic, the floor was tatami, and the ceiling had a chandelier.

Impressionist paintings, delicate bronze statues, and some avant-garde art.

What is this place…

“— it’s got all sorts in it, my room”

A voice reached me from behind, I looked back.

What I saw there was a little girl in goth-loli costume.

The diamond-shaped tatoos beneath her eyes made quite an impression. Your parents will cry you know.

“Good evening, my cute Motoki-kun. You look like you’re having fun in the world you reincarnated into, aren’t you — by the way Motoki, you’re perceptive, but do you know who I am?”

“Yeah, of course,” I nodded “Um … my old neighbor Yocchan, right?”

“I’M NOT! Who the hell’s that! I’m the goddess! The one who’s been watching over you, Euva!”

“No, well, I knew that. Just trying to make a joke. So, what does the goddess want with me? And make it short”

“Uuh … I never imagined I’d be teased by my own progeny … you don’t look too happy do you”

“You threw me in the alternate world without so much as a tutorial, and now you appear all of a sudden”

The other reincarnators received proper explanations from their goddesses before they reincarnated, and yet only I was suddenly thrown into this world.

Only me.

“Weeell I’m sorry about that. The day your soul came to heaven, I was feeling a bit hungover so I didn’t want to show my face. It was embarrassing you see! And isn’t it all right since everything turned out okay!”


“Ah, so you want a tutorial now?”


The story had progressed quite far already.

“Now now, Motoki. Don’t be so mad. Why don’t we have a little talk”

Goddess Euva ignored my anger and started talking.

“Say Motoki, diversity is such a nice word isn’t it? It’s are fun because there’s all kinds of stuff. Objects and cultures and people, because there are all kinds of them they make a fascinating story!”

“Well … I agree with you on that point”

Diversity — I love that word.

“I know, right? Male and female, petite and hulking, humans and demihumans and phantoms — It’s fun because it’s a hodgepodge!”

“But you know,” continued the goddess “the reincarnators carrying cheat skills are hurting the diversity I so love. I want them to stop killing the Demihumans. The administrative-type reincarnators as well. Stop trying to make this world into Earth. Seriously”

“They do, don’t they”

This goddess’s thoughts scarily resemble my own.
I don’t want to admit it though.

“So with that in mind, I want you, Motoki, to weaken the reincarnators who harm the world’s diversity from now on! Work hard, my Balancer. I’m rooting for you!”

She gripped my hand hard and smiled really close to my face.

Looking at that smile, I became fired up despite myself.

“By the way Motoki. There’s one thing I want you to do when you’re back on the surface”


Back on the surface, I began working on the thing goddess Euva asked of me.

I headed for the Quira church Miria had been protecting until yesterday.

Since Miria ran away, it was now completely deserted.

I hid in a corner of the chapel, waiting for people to come.

And after waiting about one hour—

“They’re here”

I heard footsteps heading my way.

The towns Quira followers are coming to offer their prayers.

I used Mirror — and transformed into the goddess Euva.

… of course, transforming into a goddess takes A LOT out of me, but I could somewhat bear it.

“Eep …”

The two ladies who came gulped seeing the goddess Euva descend into the world.

I spoke.

“My name is Euva! My sister Quira had already deserted this place — from today onwards this place belongs to me!”

The goddess Euva descended — the town was in an uproar.

Then, the Euva church gained power.

On the other hand, the Quira church was dejected.

Their goddess had left the town.

Because of this, the influence of goddess Quira on Coura became definitely weaker.


— that, in other words, meant the weakening of Yuutarou.

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59 thoughts on “Interlude: The Goddess Loves Diversity

    1. Nah, Ruby’s the smart girl, Miria’s the yandere. She’ll kill him once she finds out ‘little lamb’ isn’t real.

  1. And here i though she’s a pervert =^=
    but …
    ““Say Motoki, diversity is such a nice word isn’t it? It’s are fun because there’s all kinds of stuff. Objects and cultures and people, because there are all kinds of them they make a fascinating story!”””
    When she said this =))
    I almost think of how she fully accept MC ‘ Exploits =))
    and yea, that a way of diversity too =)))

  2. i want to see the face of the hero now,NTR twice….(while i go to a expedition because im awesome keep your love and virginity for me, its not like you have will or anything, you won’t meet other people, because cute girls will never be aimed by other guys ….

    1. i don’t think it’s NTR since the girls are “dolls” fated to be with the reincarnator but it’s not like they are already married or girlfriend/boyfriend relationship and that is what Motoki exploits since they are dolls with their fate already written he free them from that and when that happens the chose him out of free will for the first time in their life

      1. yes, but that is the problem of the reincarnator, i’m not criticizing the girls or Motoki but the retarded that didn’t keep the woman that is important to him by his side while killing orks for fame….

      2. @VelhoDit
        No, the girls aren’t important to the reincarnator because he understands none of them

  3. please let me be a member of the Euva church. I want to live the rest of my life with Rania here in this church….
    Me too wants boobs

      1. Arrgh the melons paradise is……
        Doesn’t matter coz the goddess luv diversity. 😇

  4. m(_ _)m
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…

    Naal suleyk do shor, zu’u kogaan di fahdon.

  5. such an asshole… I LOVE IT!
    Thanks for all the chapters!
    BTW, Does anyone know the release schedule? Will he only update once in a while because of all te chapters released at the same time?

  6. Thanks 4 the chapters!

    The trickster goddess is a protector of balance. Didn’t see that coming.

  7. Almost 4o chapters and he is still on the first reincarnator… I am sure there are buttloads more… guess we will have a very loooooooong ride…

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    1. kudos to erotora and the other guys at animesuki. 4 out of the 7 novels I’m doing came from recommendations there…

      1. Will this stay in teaser or are you planning to make this a main project? I like how the MC is more ass than Kazuma but still think about the girls circumstances nonetheless.

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    That the name from sora no otoshimono also a bastard hero from tsuki ga michibiku isekai dochu. All of them are pervert. Wonder if there a relation a name Tomoki with sex.

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