Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 37 – The Priestess Miria Only Listens to the Word of God 16

Leaving the guestroom where Miria slept, I undid Mirror.

I returned to being Motoki from being Miria’s foster father.

“Is it done?” Rania asked, waiting behind the counter with some glasses ready.

“Well, it’s done. With this Miria will be released from the phantom of her foster father. She’ll convert”

“That so? A toast then. Why don’t I make some of our church’s secret cocktail”

“Normally churches don’t have secret cocktails … oh whatever” I sat down facing Rania with the counter between us.

“At any rate Motoki, ain’t that a scummy thing you did? Transforming into the dead father to persuade the girl, a normal guy with a heart can’t do something like that”

“Yeah, I might’ve done something bad to Miria. But I don’t feel guilty for using Miria’s stepfather to my own ends. — Miria’s foster father the priest, he was a reincarnator. A guy from Earth”

Among the grave goods of Miria’s foster father, there were a school uniform and a student’s handbook.

Miria’s foster father was a reincarnator who came to this world long long before me.

“Oh…?” Rania raised an eyebrow, curious.

“You’re saying that if it’s a reincarnator, you’re not going to go easy on them even if they were dead?”

But what was he thinking, becoming a priest ­— did he regret self-indulging with his cheats when he was young?

Also, why did he think of raising a daughter?

There were lots of things to be curious about — but there’s no use thinking about it, let’s not.


“You ready, Miria-chan?” asked Rania in a soft voice.

“Y, yes”

Rania was seated on the counter seats and answered in a trembling voice.

“Keep going onee-san, I’ll be here with you!” I reassuringly said with the usual child guise as I grasped Miria’s hand.

Miria gripped my hand back as if trying to cling to it.

— The conversion ceremony begins now.

In the morning, Miria woke up in the guestroom and bowed deeply to Rania and said “please let me be a member of the Euva church. I want to live the rest of my life with Rania here in this church”

Rania, of course, responded amiably and readied the materials for the ceremony.

“Now Miria-chan, show your chest”

“Y, yes!”

Miria cut the chest part of the priestly habit she was wearing with a pair of scissors, brazenly turning her own breasts toward Rania.

The twin supple hills jiggled.

Rania put ink on her finger and on the space between Miria’s hills — the center of her chest — she wrote some kind of showy words.

I had completely no idea what she was doing, but as for me, I’m fine with just looking at Miria’s breasts.

Miria’s breasts have gotten big lately, I thought in my mind.

Maybe her body’s responding to her motherly feelings toward me.

This was a good inclination.

Since I’ve decided I was going to do lots of things that will cause her to release lots of female hormones, they will probably get even bigger.

As I was thinking on those lines —


A silver light suddenly came out from Miria’s chest.

The light revolved and was pulled to the ceiling as if by a whirlpool and disappeared.


That was probably the power of goddess Quira that had ben protecting Miria up until now.

The fate that had bound Miria in chains — and it’s gone now.

Onee-san, are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m alright little lamb … but … please stay next to me for a bit okay …? I’m feeling down somehow …”

Next, a golden light settled in Miria’s chest.

The sign that goddess Euva’s protection dwelled within her.

Conversion complete.


Now then, what became of Miria now that she had been openly released from goddess Quira’s chains—

“Little lamb … don’t go away from me. Always be here …”

Like a favorite plush toy, Miria hugged me, tightly.

It’s been four hours already.

Onee-san … I wanna go to the toilet”

“No! You can do it right here on my lap, don’t go anywhere!”


I really don’t have that kind of hobby.

After the goddess Quira’s power had left her body, Miria had become a completely spoiled girl.

She couldn’t help feeling lost.

The power of the goddess that had always been inside her all this time was gone.

“I don’t want little lamb and Rania to leave me …?”

Hugging me close to her chest, Miria followed Rania around everywhere.

“Good goddess … what a hopeless kid”

Rania had a troubled face, looking like she’s finding it hard to do her job.


And thus the night came.

The time I had long been waiting for.

After finishing dinner on Miria’s lap, I waited for a chance and said

“Say say, onee-san, lets have a bath with the three of us!”

I confirmed yesterday that this Euva church had a bath in the premises.

The bathtub was leather, but the construction was similar to a Japanese bath.

I thought, the three of us could fit in here.

Startled at my proposal, Rania showed a shocked expression.

“… oi oi, what’re you saying boy —”

“Oh! That’s a wonderful idea! I’ve never had a bath together with family before. Waa — it’s so wonderful …!”

Miria was completely on board.

All of us together warming up in the bath — it was a terribly fascinating proposal for the forlorn Miria.

“W, wait Miria-chan … I’ll pass so … so you two …”

“Rania … you don’t want to go in together with me …? Do you, hate me … ?”

“Uu … no, I don’t …”

Urged with teary eyes by her “little sister” Miria, Rania relented.

grin, the edges of my mouth raised.

Just as planned.


And thus the three of us got in the bath.

Rania went in wrapped in a towel this late in the game — but as for Miria, she no longer felt any shame with regards to me.

Well, we’ve been together through all this.

Miria was only holding a small towel.

Her blonde hair was tied up in a high ponytail, so her oh so sexy nape was in clear view.

Her breasts, her navel, and her maidenly parts she shouldn’t be showing, I can see them all.

Miria put me on her own lap and washed my head.

“Little la–mb, does it itch somewhe~re?”

“No, I’m all right. Onee-san, wash my face next please”

“Yes ye–s! Little lamb is such a spoiled boy, aren’t you. My my, my cheek’s gone stiff~♪”

… ah, this is good.

It’s not like I was a mother-con back in that world, but I can get used to Miria’s overbearing motherliness.

Onee-san thanks. Say, my turn to wash both of you onee-san’s backs! Can you two sit side by side and show me your backs?”

“Oh! Okay then, please”

Miria seemed to trust me and readily turned her back towards me.


On the other hand, Rania was still wrapped in a towel glaring at me in suspicion.

What are you going at here…? she seemed to want to say.

Sheesh, she doesn’t know when to give up.

I did not give her a chance to say no and made both of them sit side by side with their backs towards me.


I stared and compared their backs.

Rania’s swarthy brown and Miria’s snow white skin — the contrast was the best.

Putting them side by side like this their good points became prominent.

Miria’s hard-to-approach dignitiy, and Rania’s fragrant charm.

When I met Rania, I had decided I would do her in a pair with Miria.

“… now then”

I invoked the one and only magic a Troll could use, “Body Strengthening” — and cast it on the two.

By doing that, I raised Miria and Rania’s sensitivity up as high as it could go.

The two of them didn’t look like they noticed magic being cast on them, but they have now become hypersenstive.

And just with a little touch from me—



The effect was outstanding.

They let out soundless screams and arced their backs, eyes opened wide.

Their reasoning instantly vaporized and they were now fully ready.

As they were going to fall backwards, I caught them and laid them down in the bathroom.

Two stark nked ladies of astounding beauty.

Not a scrap covering their important bits, they laid down flat on the bathroom floor.

Both of them were breathing roughly, their breasts moved violently up and down.

Their eyes were bloodshot, intoxicated.

I will burn this sight into my eyes.

… It had taken so long for me to get this far!


I recalled the path I took to get here and began.

And thus we did it in the bathroom until morning without resting.

Absorbed in a mire, the pair made into one flesh — no, three people into one flesh.

Incidentally, it was not only Miria’s first time, but Rania’s too.

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  1. Dear Translators =^=
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    1. Personally I think it is better this way. Too many LN devolve into smut that the original story gets cast aside for over long descriptions of sex acts.

      1. yep
        I prefer it more this way too
        just knowing the fact that they did it is enough for me
        I want novels that focused more on stories rather than the smut

      2. what original story? this is a porn story about NTR that is as shallow as it gets. About some shit with an OP transformation power somehow manipulating all the girls perfectly with his stupid mindgames and somehow they don’t care and love him for it instead even when they find out

        The only reason for this story to possibly have reason to exist is if it was porn. But despite having a bad porn story (bad even for a porn story), it doesn’t contain any actual porn. making this pointless shit with no reason to exist

    2. I agree, it’s better this way. Former Hero is like this as well, then there’s SL.

      though it would be nice to have some chara illust made for this in the future.

  2. For some unclear reason i’m super annoyed right now… Motoki, you…!

    Wait. He did it in half-Troll transformation? I didn’t know body strengthening can achieve hypersensitivity. What use is Yuuto’s tentacle magic for?! No… I know it’s use, we all like “diversity” after all. Umu.

    And like what he said earlier, virgins. Just for him.

    Cheers for the splendid tl work~

  3. ……..

    I could do with the story without all the porn-addicted teenage fap bait fantasy… yeesh…

    Makes me wonder what kind of life the author lived… oh well just gonna go on reading while blocking out the nonsensical all fantasy girls are actually $1 pornstar actresses in a z grade production

    1. That’s the point of the story though, to kill the hero by “ntr” ing his heroines to make him vulnerable.

  4. So Miria is fated to be Yuutarou’s harem member, while Rania is fated to be Motoki’s harem member? Both are virgins right?

    I mean, Rania & Motoki are both Euva’s believers right? Like Yuutarou & Miria are both Quina’s believer

  5. “Yeah, I might’ve done something bad to Miria. But I don’t feel guilty for using Miria’s stepfather to my own ends. — Miria’s foster father the priest, he was a reincarnator. A guy from Earth”

    I’m always quite curious as to why people reincarnating are almost always from the same time period on earth, even if they arrived hundreds of years earlier than the mc 😛

    I invoked the one and only magic a Troll could use, “Body Strengthening” — and cast it on the two.
    By doing that, I raised Miria and Rania’s sensitivity up as high as it could go.

    Really? That’s a very nice ability. However, he pretty much raped them both here. He didn’t even ask for an “ok” this time around, he just forced himself upon them all the way… Not really too fond of that, at least they should agree first like ruby did. But the author is probably going to somehow make it all okay and they won’t mind at all 😛 Better not think too much.

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