Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 38 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 1

“I’m back Liu. … eh, what are you doing?”

After done with Miria’s capture, I returned to the inn for the first time in a while — and there was Liu doing something strange.

Liu was using a whetstone to sharpen her favorite knife.

“Oh. Welcome back Motoki! You came back at the right time. Give my knife’s cutting edge a test, please. It’ll be fine. Nothing to be afraid of, I’m just going to go STAB and you’ll be dead before you can feel any fear~”

“Wha, oi … stop …!”

I was unable to react to Liu’s super high speed low tackle.
She swept my feet and I fell rolling to the floor.

“Well well well, looks like even a reincarnator without peer under the heavens will fall under my hands. I knew I’m a genius after all. Yes, I’m good at everything and anything, aren’t I. … besides my eye for men

Liu sat down hard on my gut and pressed her newly sharpened knife against my carotid artery.

The chilly touch of cold steel on my neck…

“Wait …! What’s this all of a sudden! I didn’t do anything!”

Well, I did lots of things though.

“So you really don’t understand why I’m angry? Please listen to your heart. Don’t just fondle girls’ breasts all the time, you should feel your own every once in a while, Motoki”


I think I have an idea what she’s going at.

But, Liu already gave her OK with doing it with Miria, right?

“Listen here,” said Liu, “you see, as the legal wife here I know I already gave you permission to get a third. Yes, I’m not angry about that. A legal wife must be tolerant”

However,” continued Liu.

“I don’t remember ever giving you permission to get a fourth, have I? Miria and Rania, the fourth set of breasts are certainly charming aren’t they …? Am I right, Galactic Boob Emperor?”

… she even found out I did it with Rania.

Why do girls catch on to these things so quickly.

“… no, but, it just kinda happened so it can’t be helped, right?”

“OH SHUT IT! You’ve neglected your duty to report to your legal wife! — and that means, capital punishment”

“Please calm down Liu-san …” I ended up being polite.

“Tread on a philandering dick and they will turn¹ they say, I suppose I could give you a little bit of compassion. I’ll let you choose where I’m going to cut you. The jugular, the lung artery, or the collarbone artery? Choose which one you like”
¹ «TN: The original proverb is ‘tread on a worm and they will turn’ i.e. even the smallest things have the will to live»

“Why do you know so much about arteries … also, those are all going to kill me if you cut them”

“Yes, that’s what dying means”

This is bad, she’s really angry for real this time.

I could use Mirror to escape but this woman’s going to chase me no matter where I go.

… can’t be helped, I suppose I should use that.

“Liu, check inside my breast pocket”

“Hm? You want a special play this late in the game? Such a hopeless man”

“No, not that … just check it already”

Liu knit her eyebrows but still put her hand in my breast pocket.

She then took out what was inside.

— a small box the size of her palm.

“T, this is …!”

Liu timidly opened the box.

“It’s the ring I promised”

“Seriously!? I thought since it was you Motoki you’d forget all about it! A miscalculation! A happy miscalculation!”

Liu dived onto the bed and flailed her legs wildly, “Uhyaa–!”

She forcefully put the middle-finger ring on her ring finger and looked at it ecstatically.

She’s normal cute when she does that, isn’t she.

“… will you forgive me?”

“Geez~ it can’t be helped can it. I’ll say this in advance but you’re not forgiven. I’m not a cheap woman that could be bought with material … aaah, the sapphire’s beautiful …”

Thank goodness, she totally forgave me.

I stood up and dusted my clothes off.

“By the way Liu, let’s go out for a while. Go change clothes”

“Hmm? We’re doing it outside? Geez there’s no helping you Motoki. Right after we just made up?”

“We’re not! We’re going out normally”

“Eh? Motoki’s taking me out for a reason other than sex? That happens?”

“It does!”


I took Liu with me to Coura’s shopping district.

We then entered a bar-room.

Not the usual cheap tavern, a high-class establishment, with a dress code.

It had a spacious interior, the minstrel’s song and the harp’s music made it an exquisite space.

Liu and I sat facing each other on a table.

“Hm, this isn’t a bad mood, but I prefer, you know, the kinds of bars where you can swig down a mug full of beer”

“I’ll take you there next time, so — anyway Liu, read this”

I handed Liu a flyer.

This was written on the flyer:

A Fight over the Lord’s Daughter Kirisha!
Yuutarou vs Montavo
Coming Soon!

“What, is this?” Liu tilted her head.

“Just what it looks like. A notice that there’s going to be a show soon. Yuutarou against this Montavo guy, with Marquis Coura’s daughter at stake”

According to the rumors, the details go like this:

The Marquis of Coura seemed to have a marriage between his own daughter Kirisha with the only son of this Montavo noble.
A political marriage.

However Kirisha herself flatly refused that marriage.
She strongly objected saying she doesn’t want to do it — and yet they proceeded with the marriage talks.

The one who put a stop to this was the reincarnator Yuutarou who was acquainted with Kirisha by chance.

Yuutarou marched into the conversation between Kirisha’s father and Montavo.

Then, he challenged Montavo to a duel.

[Fight with me over Kirisha! If I win you will let Kirisha go!]

Montavo accepted the challenge.
If he could defeat the famous reincarnator Yuutarou in public eye, he thought he could raise his own fame.

“Eh? Hold on a minute please. Why does it suddenly become a duel? I don’t get the logic here?”

“It can’t be helped, an eighth-grader (chuuni) likes to settle things with duels. Don’t question it,” I defended Yuutarou without meaning to.

I don’t laugh at chuunis, I went through that.

“Hmmm … but Motoki, what kind of guy is this Montavo who’s supposed to be fighting Yuutarou?”

“That kind of guy,” I pointed my thumb at the VIP seats.

Sitting on the sofa there was a man with women on both sides waiting on him.

Wearing frameless glasses, he had the air of a “disagreeable elite” about him — this man is Montavo.

“Say say Montavo-sama, is it alright to be drinking in a place like this? You’ll be fighting Yuutarou soon, right? Shouldn’t you be training?” asked one of Montavo’s groupie girls.

“Training? There’s no need for the noble, super elite me to do anything like that. Not even a reincarnator can reach my level. Some second-rate plot isn’t going to be able to catch up with my superior intellect. I promise to show you all the best show possible!”

He pushed his glasses up, made gestures with his hand. A fidgety man.

“This is bad Motoki, that guy’s totally a small fry. He’s such an overpoweringly small fry I can feel his smallfrying from here. Everything he says is a lead in to some joke”

“See, unbelievable right? That is going to fight with Yuutarou”

I observed Montavo with a sidelong glance.

A worthless, easy to understand baddie, but —

He was indispensable for my Kirisha capture plan.

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  4. “He’s such an overpoweringly small fry I can feel his smallfrying from here”

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