Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 40 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 3

“Sure enough, I can’t find anything out just by transforming …”

In my room at the inn, I transformed into Yuutarou’s duel opponent Montavo.

I wanted to find out what power this man has by transforming into him.

Montavo was an important pawn in my current plan.
I had to absolutely get a full picture of his abilities.

— However, my Mirror wasn’t powerful enough to know everything about the target.

I could somewhat know what kind of person they are when transformed, and I can trace the movements they have burned into their bodies — however, I can’t copy their memories and thoughts.

Even their skills and magic can only be traced once I knew about the real person’s power in detail.

“What we’re certain about is that he’s a knight, I suppose”

Montavo wore a sword at his waist and he had those callusses peculiar to knights.

However, he didn’t feel like he’s anything special as a knight.
He probably didn’t have any significant skills.

… if so, then isn’t he an idiot for picking a fight with Yuutarou?

“What’s wrong Motoki, you’ve been going hmm.. hmm... Is your belly hurting? Is your belly black?”

Today Liu cheerfully called me names again.

“… I won’t deny I’m a black belly, but — say Liu, What kind of guy do you think this Montavo is? Just your impressions is fine”

“Hmm, an easy to understand baddie that gets put on a bus in a superpower battle at the end of the first volume, I suppose. Boasts ahead of time but loses in the end, and around the third volume he re-appears as a joke character”

“Yeah, he does give the impression he’s going to be a joke character in the end”

“Well, I suppose I can’t lose to him on being a joke character. I’m beginning to be proud of myself doing that role lately. So please observe Liu-chan‘s service enlivening Motoki’s story from now on too s’il vous plaît

“Wow, you’ve got the willpower for becoming an extra, don’t you”

“I’m even resolved to jump into a tub of boiling water”

“Um, I’m not asking you to go that far …”

Though the conversation turned out like that, we were talking about Montavo”

Even though he was going to be a joke character later, being chosen as Yuutarou’s “Antagonist”, he should have some decent ability.

He should have some kind of unique skill to offer some form of resistance against Yuutarou.

Yuutarou was an owner of a magic cheat.
So in order to oppose Yuutarou —

“— anti-magic power, is it”

Montavo probably had some kind of magic resistance.

“Oooh, you look like you thought of something. Hm hm, good work. Then I’ll give you a reward. Come now, fly into your legal wife’s chest!”

Liu rolled the front part of her tunic up, exposing her jiggling twin hills.

Maybe it was because of her sensing impending crisis, but she’s been assertive towards me lately.

Those breasts pointing outwards looked enticing, but —.

“Yeah, I’m going to go fly onto Ruby’s chest for a moment”

“GOING FOR YOUR SECOND AGAIINNNNNNN…!! Is it the breasts!? It’s the breasts isn’t it!? Even though bigger breasts may be better to catch you with, but breasts aren’t airbags you know …!”

Liu banged on the floor in frustration while I ran out of the inn.


“Welco … oh, Motoki!”

When I opened the grimoire store door, Ruby who was minding the store inside greeted me happily.

“I just finished writing a new novel … Motoki, won’t you give it a read before we have sex?”

“Well, it’s not like I came to have sex … ah, a new novel, what’s it about?”

“It’s about a girl who found out that the guy she’s going out with was sleeping with other girls, and the protagonist let him have a piece of her mind …”

“I see … seems interesting …. I totally haven’t a clue why Ruby would think of writing a novel like that, though … — anyway Ruby, can I ask you for a little something?”

“Sex in the store again…? You can’t wait until night Motoki …?”

“No, I’m not asking for sex … — Ruby, try hitting me with some light magic”

I used Mirror and transformed into Montavo.

If I took a magic attack as Montavo, I could find out how big his magic resistance is.

“All right … I can attack Motoki with magic, right. Wait a moment”

Ruby said so and began drawing a magic circle on the floor.

She touched the magic circle and began chanting a spell.

“Oi, wait, Ruby, not something serious like that, just a light one, a light one …”

But it seemed like my words didn’t reach Ruby’s ears.
Between chants, she seemed to be muttering something.

“… Motoki doesn’t come to see me lately, you don’t even read my novels … I know you’ve been sleeping with Miria …! Go die in a fire …!”


The spell Ruby was launching at me was [Purgatory Hellfire], infused with her grudges towards me.

Crimson flames wrapped my Montavo body.

Taking it head on, I would get some burns at the least.

However —

“Eh …!?” Ruby widened her eyes in surprise.

The flames vanished as soon as they touched my body.

“That’s cool, Montavo. So he could totally nullify magic”

Then for Yuutarou who holds a magic cheat, Montavo would be something like his natural counter.
The worst enemy to fight.


The story the goddess wrote probably goes like this:

Yuutarou challenged Montavo to a duel with Kirisha at stake.

Yuutarou tried using magic to overwhelm Montavo, however —

Magic doesn’t work at all on Montavo.

Because magic attacks don’t work, Yuutarou was forced to a sword fight he was not used to doing.

Yuutarou had a hard fight, and he was slowly backed to a corner.

But right before he was defeated Yuutarou awakened.

Kirisha’s hopes, a companion’s feelings, and the audience’s cheers — they all helped to awaken Yuutarou’s true power.

Then Yuutarou won the fight.

Having gained funds by getting the noble’s daughter Kirisha, Yuutarou finally embarked on a journey outside Coura.

“Well, that’s how the cliché goes …”

By the way, a bit of trivia. A formidable enemy like Montavo in Yuutarou’s Narrative is called a “Gatekeeeper”.

After defeating the Gatekeeper, the protagonist could then embark on a journey to the wide world.

Which means, if Yuutarou could defeat Montavo — Yuutarou will go to a place somewhere far far away.

He would escape and I won’t be able to kill him.

“Well, I’m not letting him,” I flashed a grin.

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 40 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 3

  1. I’m starting to think Motoki is not going to survive long enough to receive his reward from the Orc Queen…

    His Yandere training program is too efficient. 😛

    1. “GOING FOR YOUR SECOND AGAIINNNNNNN…!! Is it the breasts!? It’s the breasts isn’t it!? Even though bigger breasts may be better to catch you with, but breasts aren’t airbags you know …!”
      ROFFL this get me everytime i read it 😛

  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    The two girls in the know seems to be developing yanderes. Would the others develop in that direction too? I don’t think he’s going to live to old age.

  3. Well he’s somehow has another ability to change the girls personality to YANDERE…..
    AND the cause of that was because of NOT ENOUGH sex……..
    Answer he’s just a man with limited time and supply, and that’s obvious…
    AND his other fault were that he didn’t take any advantage of recovery magic and food,
    Also obviously MORE attracted to the more fresh and green leaf. 😑
    The YANDERE is heavy in this one!

  4. So Motoki is trash, eh. A complete trash… kukuku~

    Have some deredere moments with your LEGAL WIFE! Although neglect play is good too, it’s probably been a month, she’s pent up lol

    Best Waifu. Liu.
    Next is prolly Queen.

  5. Cant the guy just use magic to manipulate his surroundings? For example blowing up a huge trench around the opponent, then destroy the foothold beneath. This is just one of the possible ways to fight indirectly

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