Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 41 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 4

«TN: Trigger warning: contains loli»

“Ah, uncle! I’ve been waiting for you desuyo!”

I transformed into the old soldier and visited the opening in Schackna Forest, and Kirisha greeted me.
With a big grin on her face.

Ah … I am healed ….
The black thing inside my belly was being purified.

“You’re looking lively little lady. — playing with your beast friends again today?”

Kirisha was sitting on a beast, a black wolf.

Little birds loitered on her head and shoulders, and a puppy beast around her feet.

“Yes! Kirisha has lo–ts of friends nodesuyo! Friends 1 up to 12 is a–lways with Kirisha nodesu!”

“You don’t have unique names for your friends …”

That part of her was rather dry.

“By the way uncle! Kirisha has gathered topic so Kirisha can talk lots and lots with uncle today desuyo!”

“Really? That makes me happy! So what kind of topics?”

“There’s ‘hypertension’, ‘heart disease’, and ‘diabetes’, please choose which one you like out of those three!”

“The big three adult diseases …”

“Kirisha can make you laugh whichever topic you choose desuyo!”

“That’s a big challenge, can you do that?”

Kirisha began talking about the big three adult diseases to me who was an old soldier (I didn’t laugh).

“Really, It’s been fun talking with you little lady! — by the way, I brought some sweet bread, would you like to eat with me?”

I showed the pouch I was carrying on my waist.

“Waa! Kirisha looooves sweet things nodesuyo! Kirisha also want’s a sweet life!”

“I think so too … but anyway, here you go, eat up”

I gave Kirisha a napkin-wrapped bread and she bit into it like a commoner.

“This bread is really tasty desuyo~♡”

With her cheeks all puffed up, Kirisha smiled wide.

Haaah … I am healed.

The High Orc who thrusts knives at people’s carotids and the book girl who burn people with magic needs to learn a thing or two from this girl. *forgets own shortcomings*.

“Little lady, there’s sugar on your mouth”

“Oops, excuse me desuyo! Kirisha’s manners are still not perfect nodesu! — can you wipe them off for me uncle?

“Of course”

When I wiped around the edges of her mouth with a napkin, Kirisha looked like she was happy being pampered and closed her eyes looking pleased.

I, can I take this home …

“Thank you very much uncle— ah!”

Kirisha dropped her remaining bread on the skirt of her dress.

“Geez … Kirisha has been failing a lot today nodesuyo! Kirisha is ashamed as a lady!”

“No no no. A child should make mistakes every now and then. May I clean it up if you will?”

“Please desuyo!”

Since she asked, I took the hem of Kirisha’s skirt and raised it up.

I reached one hand inside the skirt and put a napkin on the other side of the stain.
I then took the leather canteen I carried with me and poured water over the stain, then wiped it.

Seen from afar, it looked like there was an old man who was committing an indecent act of looking under a young girl’s skirt.
That was exactly what was happening.

While I was wiping the stain away, I thought about Kirisha’s actions and gestures earlier.

Lively and flurried — She did not seem like she was raised with the education of a lady.
So the rumors might be true after all.

— No, but before that


I stole a glance downwards.

Since I was holding Kirisha’s skirt and raising it up, her place that should not be seen was clearly visible.

Legs that were like glasswork.

And the silken underwear covering her privates —
It seemed to be a little small for her, the cloth bit into her skin.

A small navel above that.

*gulp*, I gulped.

I was worried whether this too innocent little girl could stimulate me — but yeah, it works. This girl is a “woman”.

I can do it.
She’s too good for Yuutarou, I’m going to steal her ASAP.

“I’ve finished wiping it”

“Thank you very much, uncle!”

Kirisha made a wide grin and patted my shoulders without meaning anything.

Looks like she’s becoming attached.

“Kirisha was getting lonely here desuyo! Yuutarou and Lugin used to come along and play but they were lately saying they’re busy training for the duel nanodesu!”

“Duel … ah, there were rumors of that in town”

The duel between Yuutarou and Montavo, with Kirisha at stake.

“Kirisha is thankful that Yuutarou is going to free Kirisha but … Kirisha doesn’t understand why does it have to be a duel desuyo! There are things you do before that desuyo!”

“… yes, you can say that again”

Girls, even little ones tend to think realistically.
So they tend to look at chuunis coldly ….

Haah … Kirisha sighed.

The little girl looking sadly to the sky.

She’s lonely, this girl.

According to rumors, Kirisha has no place in her home.

Her real mother died when she was little, and her stepmother kept pampering her own children.

Her father, the Lord, was entranced by his new wife and never looked at Kirisha.

That was why she went so far as playing in this forest.

With the “Tamed” beasts as her only friends.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 41 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 4

  1. Lol as long as she can stimulate your desire she’s a fine woman indeed. 👍
    «TN: Trigger warning: contains loli»
    And thanks for your consideration kami sama, but I’ve already became a grey man that luv both melons and and the sweet unripe fruit. 👍

    1. My viewership stats didn’t spike as high as the previous two releases this time. So a few people seem to have found the warning useful…

  2. Seems like this girl isn’t really smitten with the reincarnated guy like the other two who clearly showed feelings close to love. I guess it hasn’t gotten to that part yet, it was probably supposed to happen at the duel or afterwards, slowly. Seems our mc will ravage her in just a short while though(10-15 chapters? if it’s like the other two).

    Click on below links on your own risks, two loli songs 😛

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