Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 42 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 5

“He’s not coming, is he”

“Not coming, huh …”

Late at night, Liu and I were hiding in a back alley in town.
We had already watched the main street for over an hour waiting for a certain person to pass by along the night street.

I was bored ….
However, since I’d anticipated this and brought Liu along to kill time, there was no problem.

“Say, sex friend #1, I mean, Liu”

“That misspeech would normally land you a capital punishment but in deference to the ring, you’ll be forgiven for today — what is it Motoki?”

“This is boring, tell me a really funny story”

“Please refrain from setting a hurdle I can’t clear even with a vaulting pole. It’s quite a cruel thing you know, to make a joke out of being rejected like that. Do you actually have an actor-killer cheat skill?”

“Oh, so you’re turning tail. Just now, Kirisha successfully got a laugh out of me *lies*”

“Oho … you’re egging me on aren’t you. Ya got the nerves, mentioning your fifth. Fine, I’ll show you that I’m way more amusing than some loli brat — hold on, Motoki, he’s here”

“Hm? Ah, you’re right”

I peeked out from the alley and saw a man walking composedly.

He was wearing frameless glasses and sporting a decidedly mean elite-like smile — his name was Montavo.

Yuutarou’s dueling opponent.
And also my target tonight.

“Well then, I’ll be off”

I used Mirror and transformed to my former best friend Kai.

“I don’t think you’d lose to that joke character candidate since you’re a reincarnator Motoki, but I’ll be ready in case it looks dangerous”

*sching*, Liu readied her knife.

“I’ll be fine. Don’t worry”

The worried Liu was so cute I gave her her first genuine kiss after so long.

I patted the melting Liu on the head and then jumped out to the streets.

I stood in front of Montavo like Benkei doing a sword hunt.

“Montavo, I presume”

I took out my sword.

“My my what might your business with this miracle elite me I wonder. You can’t possible be looking for a sword match. It can’t be helped, can it then, let’s give you a lecture in swordfighting”

Unflustered, Montavo broke into a grin and took out his sword.

Then, in the silent night, the fight began.

In order to not kill Montavo, I held myself quite far back.

“My my my my my my, you’re quite the strong one aren’t you? Not surprising that you would go so far as challenge the ultra elite me”

Montavo was good at sword-locking starts.

When our swords met, he immediately reversed his wrist and deflected my blade.
In that way, he reeled my sword in like a snake.

I think this move was called “Flank” or “Counter”.

I see, it was tactically repulsive but certainly strong.

“My my my you don’t look like you’re up to the sword skills of this hyper elite me!!”

Montavo was elated.

However, he was a small fry after all.

He was way below the level of me transformed into the sword-cheat holder Kai.
I couldn’t copy his strength completely but it was still more than enough for someone like Montavo.



I put some strength in and broke Montavo’s sword.
Such a fool to seriously try and compete with a cheat character …


Continuing, I drove the heel of my palm into Montavo’s jaw.

His head was shaken and Montavo fainted.

The End.

“I, is it over?”

Liu peeked out from the alley.

“Yeah, he’s weaker than I thought. Well, he’s specialized for a fight against Yuutarou. He’s a small fry after all”

As I was saying that, I woke up the fainted Montavo.

And with Liu’s help, I unfastened Montavo’s necklace.

Montavo’s necklace — a small metal box on a gold chain.

A magic item called a Sacrament Cage.

This was the source of Montavo’s anti-magic power.

“Wake up Montavo”

I slapped his face and Montavo’s consciousness returned.

Then I dangled the Sacrament Cage in front of his eyes.

“I’ll be taking your necklace”

“Wha!? Give it back! That is something important belonging to this noble great elite me …! Without it I would lose the duel with Yuutarou …”

“You want it back? There’s a condition”

“Condition …? A commoner brute like you dare give this high elite me a condi … ah, sorry, sorry, please put the sword away … what kind of condition?”

“Montavo, you will be coming here every night at this hour. I will be training you. If you come every night I will make sure to return this necklace to you”

“Training …? You? Training this noble royal elite me?”

“Yes,” I nodded.

“I will train you — and make you win against Yuutarou”


The next morning, I woke up and went to the Euva church.

Transformed into a boy, I opened the church that looked like a bar and entered.

“Ah, we’re not open ye … little lamb!?”

To the priestess wiping the counter, Miria, I was a pleasant surprise.

She rushed up to me and lifted my child body up.

“Little lamb … I’ve been lonely. Yes, yes … I thought I was going to go crazy”

“I’m sorry onee-san, I was busy with training …”

Incidentally, the story became that I was going here and there from the hideout under the Euva church while training to become a priest.
And between training sessions, I would come see Miria every once in a while.

“Little lamb, you want a suckle? I feel like I’m going to produce milk any time now!”

Miria rustled and rolled up her clothes and showed me her breasts.
It’s grown bigger …!

“Go ahead,” urged Miria as she propped her breast in one hand.

Onee-san, I’m glad to but please wait. I want to ask something first”

“My my … to have something more important than my breasts … my little lamb is growing to be an adult. Ah, but if you’re an adult you can get married, right. I’ll be looking forward to it. — so, what did you want to ask?”

“Yes, about the Quira Church in town now, how is it?”

When I mentioned the Quira Church, Miria’s face looked a little wistful.

Well, it was her former home.

“I see … it seems to be having it bad. Rumors say, goddess Euva appeared in the church that I abandoned. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the church becomes the Euva Church’s property but the Quira Church can’t use a church that other goddesses have appeared in. So they’re left without a base now”

“Hmm, is that so”

Good, it looks like my actions have damaged the Quira Church considerably.

“Anyway little lamb, Rania is having a morning bath right now”


Why was she telling me this?

“You want to attack her in the bath together? The three of us going to bath together, and then until night … okay? I haven’t seen you for a while now, my body’s aching …”

“Ah, that’s what you mean,” I grinned.

That can’t be helped then.

Miria and I excitedly took our clothes off.

Miria tied her hair in a ponytail — her nape was pretty …


While watching Miria’s naked body, I thought about Yuutarou.

Now that the goddess Quira’s influence had weakened, Yuutarou’s time in the light should be coming to a close.

I don’t hate him as a chuuni — but Yuutarou, you’ve killed too many.

In the end, what the reincarnators do was a kind of terraforming.

To change this place into a place where an Earthling could comfortably live.

The peerless ones kill in the name of helping people.

The adminstrative ones perform cultural invasion in the name of enlightenment.

Those that harm the diversity of this world, I will make sure to eliminate them.

“Come little lamb, pamper me and Rania thoroughly okay …?”


But now, let’s have fun with Rania and Miria.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 42 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 5

  1. “Little lamb, you want a suckle? I feel like I’m going to produce milk any time now!”

    …I feel it’s weird how she’d treat him like a child after doing it with him, several times.

    “You want to attack her in the bath together? The three of us going to bath together, and then until night … okay? I haven’t seen you for a while now, my body’s aching …”

    I feel it’s even more illogical and weird how she accepted everything and even while treating him as a child, she wants his D, badly.

    I mean, I guess there’s that fetish too… The mother – son thing. Well, I guess I failed the moment I tried applying any logic whatsoever to this novel, it’s just written for shits and giggles, not for it to make sense or be remotely plausible.

  2. “While watching Miria’s naked body, I thought about Yuutarou.”
    Oh my, its one thing to be with one woman while thinking of another but to be thinking of a man!?

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