Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 43 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 6

«TN: Trigger warning: contains loli»

Kirisha wakes up very early in the mornings.

She would up long long before the maids and the butlers do.

She would put her dress on by herself, eat the bread she prepared the night before, and sneak out of the mansion.

She didn’t want to meet her family. Nor the maids and the butlers.

That’s because she had no ally in the house.

This wasn’t the case four years ago.

Kirisha had a mother.
She was funny, she was bright, and they would sing lots of songs badly together.

But her mother had died.

The epidemic suddenly came from beyond the skies.

The sadness had already stopped.
Denial, death was a common thing in the world.

However, there were things she couldn’t accept.

— why won’t the changes stop once the “situation” changes .

Kirisha’s mother died, and Kirisha’s daily life changed.
When she finally accepted that daily life, another change happened.

His father remarried, and she got a stepmother.

Her new mother was not necessarily evil, but she was distant.
Her father was entranced by his new wife.

When she became used to that life, the next change happened.
She gained half-sisters, twins.

Her father was entranced by his new daughters.
Once Kirisha was no longer the only child, the maids and butlers attitudes began to change.

Changes, changes, changes, and more changes.

When she thought, this time, this will be the last change — but then Kirisha was told, you will get married
More changes.

Kirisha noticed.
Once the situation had began to move, it will never stop changing ever again.

— She wanted something that doesn’t change.

She wanted something that will stay by her side forevermore.
She wanted something that will never have a change of heart, that will swear everlasting love to her.

That was why Kirisha crept into the mansion’s treasury and stole a grimoire.

The magic inside it was “Taming”.

A rare magic, one that compels beasts to obedience.
If she used this magic, the beasts will forever stay by her side.

With a pressing thought in her heart, she continued practicing “Taming” — and finally attached collars on the beasts around Coura.

She had finally obtained peace — “Friends” that will never change forever.

The world was an everchanging place, but there was a place that never changed within the forest.

At the end of her strenuous efforts she finally obtained it — however, that somehow felt useless.

In her head, Kirisha recalled the old man.
The “uncle” who always visited Kirisha out here.

“I hope uncle comes by to the forest again today”

But she held no expectations.

The world was an everchanging place.


“Hello little lady”

I transformed into the old soldier again and visited the forest.

“Uncle! I’ve been waiting for you desuyo!”

Kirisha was sitting on the black wolf and greeted me looking happy from the bottom of her heart.
With a big grin on her face.

Aaah … this is good.

“Uncle, today Kirisha made chocolate as thanks for the other day desuyo!”

Kirisha proudly brought out a woven basket.

“Ooh …! I’m so happy!”

“Kirisha didn’t make it straight from cocoa, so technically you can’t say it’s handmade though …”

“No, it’s handmade, it’s handmade enough for me. Even when making sweets you don’t count the process of planting and raising the trees, right?”

I sat beside Kirsha and bit into the irregularly-shaped chocolates.

not sweet.

Huh, somehow it’s

Somehow, there’s a weird depth to the bitterness

“Oops—! Kirisha mistook glutamate for sugar desuyo!”

“Yes, it has a rich umami taste in it … n, no, but, it’s delicious! It’s really really delicious!”

“Kirisha is happy if uncle is happy desuyo! So, Kirisha will give uncle all the chocholates! Kirisha will pass!”


I finished all the chocolates.

I then spent some time together with Kirisha.

Kirisha hummed as she played with the tamed birds.
Looking at the innocent young girl, I was at peace.

“Owie! … uu, I fell desuyo!”

Kirisha slipped, and fell face up.

“Oh dear me, are you alright?”

While offering my hand, I looked at her lower half where her skirt had flashily flipped up.

The underwear she was wearing was small and was biting into her important place.

I feel like I want to lick her small navel — Uhm … I’m a weak-willed man.

So fidgety, being happy and wanting to eat her up.

Being swayed by such hobbies must be an effect of Mirror — or so my excuse goes.

… but I wonder if Kirisha’s feeling lonely.
With beasts that you can’t be sure have intelligence as her only “friends”

The only others by Kirisha’s side was me as an old man, and —

“What part of Yuutarou do you like, little lady?” I tried asking.

“What part of Yuutarou? That’s obvious desuyo! His stability!”


Does a reincarnator even have stability —?

“Yes! Because Yuutarou will probably never fall sick, never die in an accident, and no matter what happens he will win in the end! He looks like he has many troubles but he’s really the number one most stable person in the world!”

“Ah, I see…”

A story’s protagonist won’t suddenly die by an arrow.
They wont die from an epidemic.
They won’t be killed by small fry.
They won’t suddenly awaken a vice, either.

Their roots are forever guaranteed.

I see, I think I understand what Kirisha was seeking.

This girl was afraid of change, and wanted something that stays the same.

She wanted safety.
She wanted peace.

Wanting a place she can be at peace, Kirisha decided to go on a journey.
Together with the stable Yuutarou, to the end of the world.

“Little lady, can you give this to Yuutarou when you see him next time?”

I took out an envelope from my pocket.

“A fan letter?”

“No, … — there’s information on Montavo inside. I thought I had to help Yuutarou and asked an old connection to get this. I have to make sure Yuutarou wins and save you little lady!”

“Uncle …! Thank you for helping Kirisha desuyo! Kirisha will definitely deliver this!”

Kirisha raised the envelope up high looking deeply moved.

“Kirisha will soon go on a journey to the end of the world with Yuutarou desuyo!”

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 43 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 6

  1. This chapter has no comment yet. So I’ll comment here. Thanks for the chapter. Im healed 😊😊

    1. Me too… I kinda feel like he’d have a better chance at getting in her pants as a younger man since she wants stability, might be harder to get close to her though. But I guess the point this time is to remove her dependance upon stability, remove the chains that shackles her and then bed her, like the two previous times.

  2. Bookworm’s parents taken by epidemics… Miria’s parents taken by epidemics… Kirisha’s mother taken by epidemics. The goddess sure is inhumane when she forces thoses kids into the path of becoming heroes playthings eh.

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