Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Interlude – This and That of the Harem Members 1

“Mufufufufu♪, an e-me-rald-ring~♪ proof-of-the-le-gal-wife♪”

The High Orc girl Ka’Liu was rolling about on her ben in the inn, gazing at the ring she just received.

It was meant to be a middle finger ring.
But she wore it on her left ring finger.

It was slightly the wrong size but she somehow managed by forcing it in.
Liu had always somehow managed to do things by fighting spirit.

“But well, that philandering dick can be praiseworthy sometimes, I guess. Glad I didn’t kill him”

Liu was somewhat off personality-wise, but she was still a noble’s daughter.
She had a stronger sense of virtue than the average folk.
She was attached to Motoki whom she gave her virginity to.

That Motoki had recently made more and more sex friends — there was no way she was OK.

However, this time he was even trying to sink his fangs into this loli Kirisha something brat.

“Well, but … as the holder of a ring it’s very clear that I’m the legal wife so … let’s forgive him for adding a loli girl”

A legal wife must be tolerant.
Scolding him over something so minor is unbecoming.

“No–w then, why don’t we take a nap. Motoki’s still not back yet”

Motoki was rather busy nowadays, going to the loli’s place or to Montavo’s to train him.

“Neglecting his legal wife is he? I’ll give him a piece of my mind later”

Liu sulked to bed and closed her eyes — but then suddenly opened them.

She suddenly noticed something.

— Motoki didn’t give the other girls a ring did he?

He couldn’t, he wouldn’t do that, would he?

The only one to receive a ring should only be herself, the legal wife. That’s how it’s supposed to be — she wanted to believe in Motoki, but since he’s complete garbage he just might.


Liu ran out of the inn.


The direction Liu went in was the grimoire store.

The daughter there was Motoki’s sex friend.
His Second.

“Now then …”

Liu opened the door and entered pretending to be a customer.

“W … welcome”

The big breasted girl Ruby was minding the store.

She didn’t know about Liu, so she didn’t show any odd responses.

Ruby was resting her huge rack on the counter and writing something on a piece of paper.
Probably a new novel.

Uwa, want read thought Liu.
Liu was a fan of Ruby’s novels.

But she had to leave that aside and check to see if she had any rings.

Liu looked at Ruby’s hands.

“…… yay!” Ruby made a small guts pose.

Ruby wasn’t wearing a ring.
Which means, she won against Ruby.

Since she won, she should’ve quickly left the store, but —

— she was really really proud.

Ruby had no ring and she had one. The superiority complex was welling up inside her.

She wanted to brag, she wanted to provoke Ruby.
She couldn’t fight that desire.

Liu flashed her left hand at Ruby and said, “waa, this ring Motoki bought me is heavy, see. It’s probably 100 kilos see my finger’s gonna break see. This is troubling see. Love is heavy see”

“Motoki …? Did you say Motoki?”

The pen dropped from Ruby’s hand.

“… I knew she was not only doing it with Miria-chan, but ah, you did lewd things with Motoki too, didn’t you?”

“Oh? So you did it with Motoki too? Weeell what a coincidence, it’s a wonder isn’t it, two women, both did it with Motoki, meeting each other. By the way I was the one who took Motoki’s virginity, ah, but I’m not saying that really matters though? Even though I got the ring”

“You got a ring …. — my breasts … have thirty of Motoki’s kiss marks …! Yours don’t look like they have the space for that …!”
«TN: burn!»

As she said that Ruby unbuttoned her shirt and showed her chest.
There were countless marks there like signature stamps.

“Motoki … likes breasts so, he won’t be satisfied with those …”
«TN: Burnn!!»

“Ngh …. But still, you shouldn’t think that this is a matter of breasts. Yes, I don’t have breasts. I concede that. But you know, look, I’ve got the ring?”

“A ring, even I got accessories from him before …”

“Oh … accessories? Well well well. But you know, compared to a ring, accessories are like small fry enemies, you know. Like slimes? — anyway this is getting dull. Shouldn’t we settle this already”

“I know, right … we can’t settle this with a quarrel …”

fwoosh … Ruby’s small frame filled with magic power.

Liu took a slight distance from Ruby and thought her tactics through.

(…It’s fine, no problem. Ruby’s supposed to need a magic circle to launch attack magic. I’m not going to give her that chance. I can win if I close the distance right away …!)

“Hah ha! A dunce of a magic user can’t possibly win against the great thief Liu-chan — WHAAA!?”

Flames erupted from Ruby’s palm.
Elemental purification without a magic circle.

Due to her envy against Liu, Ruby managed to grow within these few seconds.

The flames become numerous fireballs and approached Liu.

“Please wait … let’s talk this through … ———”

Liu burned.


“I’m back … eh, what happened to you? You look burnt …?”

“Welcome back Motoki! No, well, actually I forgot my sunblock today and took damage to my skin. I’m a shame of a maiden!”

“No, they’re not sunburns, but more like physical burns, aren’t they? I don’t think the sun’s that bad? How did you get so burned?”

“I forgot to mention this but I burn up once every two weeks”

“Ah alright. Don’t spontaneously combust too much, kay”

“I did want you to let it pass but you letting it pass randomly like that hurt quite a bit, doesn’t it”

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16 thoughts on “Interlude – This and That of the Harem Members 1

    1. From what I understand, sapphire, Ruby and emerald are all pretty much the same. With slight differences in crystalline structure resulting in different light refractions and colors

      1. also in japanesse blue and green are seen as shades of a third color, “Ao” was it? so maybe the word may be something like “blue/green gem” which would change the meaning according to which shade of green/blue is highlighted

  1. Damn! She got roasted. That’s what she get for fighting with big booty Judy, I’m pretty sure that meant for the behind but think booty as boobs.

  2. Thanks 4 the chapters!

    Liu want Ruby to burn with jealousy but got burned instead.

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  4. “I forgot to mention this but I burn up once every two weeks”
    “Ah alright. Don’t spontaneously combust too much, kay”

    Ah, how thoughtful 😀 Which maiden doesn’t dream of such a response.

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