Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Interlude – This and That of the Harem Members 2

The next day, Liu came to the grimoire store again.

Revenge against Ruby — was not her goal.

“Heey, Liu-chan is here. Tea s’il vous plaît!

“Ah … Liu, welcome. You came to read my novel again?”

“Oh ho! You wrote that much in a single night? — lemme see, I can read it right? I can give red marks more precisely than that incompetent editor Motoki after all!”

After the fight yesterday, Liu and Ruby calmly worked things out between them.
Bit by bit, they talked about themselves.

When Liu said she was a fan of Ruby, the latter was overjoyed.
She brought out the huge amount of novels she already wrote but Motoki won’t read.

They hade a pleasant chat while reading novels in the store — somewhere along the way, they had come to a ceasefire agreement.


To share that garbage of a man for the time being.


There are problems in the world that you can’t solve by talking.
But there are those that you can.

Today, the two chatted until the sky got dark.

“Hm? It’s this time already? Well then, we should go there already”

“Yeah … we should”

Ruby locked up the grimoire store and went out with Liu.

The two of them went to the Euva church.

Motoki’s third sex friend Miria was here.

Liu and Ruby came to find out how far Motoki has gone with Miria.

“Now then, let’s raid!”

“Yep …!”

The place looked like a bar from the outside. They opened the door.

“Welco — my my my! If it isn’t Liu and Ruby!” Miria greeted the two of them.

When Miria was a member of the Quira church, Motoki asked Liu and Ruby to go there, so Miria already knew the two”

In bartender getup, Miria hugged Liu and Ruby both.

“This is wonderful, you came to see me aren’t you! Come now, let’s get inside!”

Across the counter, Miria, Liu, and Ruby began chatting idly.

“Um … by the way Miria”

Ruby nonchalanty broached the subject.

“How are you … with your boyfriend lately? Have you been doing anything …?”

“Boyfriend? You mean little lamb? Of course we’re in love-love mode! My my, are you curious? It’s a reeealy lewd story you know? Why, aren’t you two precocious! So then, I’ll make a special case and tell you”

Miria began talking about “little lamb” with a face full of joy.

About how he would suckle her breasts each time, about how she was disappointed that milk didn’t come out, about how Miria did all sorts of things to little lamb in exchange —

“And then, just the other day … when Rania and I fell limp in the bathrom, he hugged us both and did the two of us together —”

“……… tsk”

“……… tsk”

Liu and Ruby popped veins on their foreheads.

Miria’s boyfriend the “little lamb” was their boyfriend as well.
But only Miria didn’t know that.

Incidentally, Miria still hadn’t found out about Motoki’s true self and his power.
If she did, she might just kill him.


Liu and Ruby were at first irritated by the talk about Miria’s sex life — but looking at Miria’s joyful face, their anger gradually settled.

When they looked at her face, the hate simply just wouldn’t come out.

While listening to Miria talk, the two stealthily looked at each other and smiled, it can’t be helped.

Let’s leave it like this

They were very annoyed that Motoki was doing other girls than themselves — but they knew what they were going into when they chose him.

Then right that moment.

Onee-san, I’m he — geh …”

The door to the Euva church opened and a boy — the “little lamb” entered.
In other words, Motoki.

“Well, little lamb! We were just talking about you!”

Miria hugged little lamb close.

“About me … onee-san, what about me did you talk about …?”

“My my, isn’t it obvious? We were talking about how skillful you are and how you’re always making me feel good … I want the two of them to know that!”

“Hee …”

Little lamb, aka. Motoki, turned pale and looked at Ruby and Liu.

He didn’t consider that these two might be here.
Motoki’s face looked confused, which was rare for him.

But both Liu and Ruby did not get angry, not this late in the game.

“Say say … you two”

Miria looked at Liu and Ruby’s faces.

“I, while we’re talking about little lamb … I’ve been getting itchy, so. I don’t think I can hold it back …. So … if you don’t mind, how about you two? It feels really good you know, little lamb’s. I, you know, when I feel good together with another girl I feel calm …. Feeling good is okay, It’s normal, something like that. So, if you don’t mind we can try doing it together …?”


“Eh …?”

Ruby and Liu looked at each other.
Together, that means, she was inviting Motoki and all the girls here to do a foursome together —?

Of course, they should’ve refused, but —



Until now, Miria had been talking about her sex life with the little lamb and the two of them had started feeling itchy.

Since they had both done it normally with Motoki before, they could vividly imagine how Miria was doing it.

“Well, I don’t really mind …”

“M, me too …”

“Oh, I’m so glad! I’ll call Rania down, then, she’s having a nap right now! It’ll be fun doing it with the five of us! Let’s do it here!”

After locking the doors, Miria went to the inner rooms to call Rania.

In the church part of the establishment, Ruby, Liu, and Motoki in the form of a child were left behind.

“I’ve been thinking how you’ve been coming home late these days, so you’ve been suckling on Miria’s breasts all this time”

“Motoki, you cheater …!”

“No, well, um … this is a coincidence, um …”

Motoki was flustered.

“Well, it’s fine, but only this time, okay … just because I want to do it too”

“Only this time … I, I really only want it just the two of us when we do lewd things, okay!”

Liu and Ruby sighed and took off their clothes.

Liu dropped her clothes with a rustling sound, exposing her well-featured slender nakedness. She covered her chest and genitals with her hands. Her face was dyed red.

Ruby’s was caught in her huge breasts, she had difficulty taking them off.
When she took of her clothes and her underwear … her huge breasts went jiggle.

Once she was naked Ruby frantically tried to hide her giant breasts.
But her breasts were too bid … her arms sunk into it instead.

Then, Miria and Rania arrived.

“W, what’s going on!? Why are you …!”

Rania who suddenly appeared looked at the two naked girls and was shocked.

“Now now, Rania too!”

“Ah, eh, o, oi …!”

Miria tore off Rania’s clothes.

Her swarthy brown skin was exposed, then her underwear came off.

Her breasts were conversely lightly colored.

“I have to strip, too”

Thus Miria who was the last to take her clothes off finally did so.

Next to Rania, Miria’s white skin became more prominent.
The charm of dark brown and white.

“Mu …”

The naked Liu looked sullen and linked arms with the likewise naked Ruby.

With the adult combo in front of her eyes, she must’ve thought to make a small and big combo.


Miria having tied her hair up became the starting signal.

The four naked ladies surrounded Motoki —

Then they piled on top of each other like mud.


— snip the actual work.

Even as I drowned in the women that I had captured until now, in my head I was calmly understanding what was going on.

I don’t get what had happened, but my women seemed to be getting along with each other.

That would be necessary for Kirisha’s capture.

Liu had probably done something.
This I could call a fine play.

Nonetheless, this is great, isn’t it…

Enjoying a wide variety of naked bodies all at the same time was tremendously good.
The downside was that it was tiring, but who cares about that.
The bodies and sweat of the participant and … various other things melted all over me.

However, I thought.

There really needs to be a loli.

I have to hurry and get Kirisha to join quickly.

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21 thoughts on “Interlude – This and That of the Harem Members 2

  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Miria is the sharing kind, though I wonder what would happen if she found out about his true form.

      1. prepares mop and bleach
        What else do you need to wash blood? Just in case.

  2. Miria will go yandere once she knows the truth,and a shota have just done a 5p

    What have the world become…..
    Not that it’s bad for me though

  3. people wonder about Miria, but I’m wondering what Motoki ‘will’ do, will he tell her the truth or just leave it like that

  4. I spit out my coffee reading this.
    I hope he doesn’t get NTR’d himself.
    continues on to the next chapter

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