Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 46 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 9

“Ah, welcome back Motoki, I mean, Loliki. How’s it going with your Kirisha capture? Did you go all flirty-flirty and licky-licky with the little girl? Well, Loliki is not only intolerant but also loves little girls, what a real surprise HE’S OVER HERE OFFICER!!”

“Welcome back Pedoki … don’t get too lusty over a little girl, okay …? There’s no turning back from there you know …?”


Back at my room in the inn, Liu and Ruby hurled horrible insults at me.

Sheesh, what ‘loli’, what ‘pedo’, so rude.
My scope of interest was simply a little large.

“By the way Loliki, I brought Ruby here like you told me to, but what are you planning? I thought that Ruby’s huge breasts are useless for Loliki who loves little girls. Which means I can rub it instead, right? Uhyaa —! It’s like marshmallow!”

“No … Liu-chan stop rubbing …”

Liu rubbed Ruby’s enormous breasts, while Ruby whined.

It was very hot, but I don’t really have a thing for yuri ….

“… Liu, let Ruby go. — The reason I called Ruby over was because I want her help for what I’m going to do from now on. Ruby’s good at storytelling so I want her to cover for the gaps in the scenario of the plan I’m making”

“Motoki, you’re … counting on me?”

“Yes, that’s right,” I nodded.

“Thank goodness … I’m not just a pair of breasts on legs to you”


I should cherish her more next time.
As for Liu, just leave her be.

I immediately explained what my work was going to be.

“Right now, I’m going to transform the man known as Montavo into a Protagonist … but it’s a little difficult. I want to think over the Montavo Makeover with Ruby”

“A person into a Protagonist …?”

“A person, if he or she fulfills certain conditions, could become a Protagonist — I will first explain what those conditions are”

I began my explanation.

“First, Protagonist condition number 1 — He or she must have noble blood or be special in the eyes of some deity”

Consider shonen manga protagonists or mythological heroes.
Their parents or grandparents tend to be great people.

Like, heroes or gods or kings — rarely just normal people.

Bluntly speaking, they have good stock.
That was really blunt.

“In Montavo’s case, this condition is already cleared. He’s a noble, and he has royal blood. Which means he had the blood of ancient gods, too. Therefore this one’s OK”


Next, Protagonist condition number 2 ­— He or she must be trained by a “Mentor”

“Mentor” — Enlightener of men, maker of heroes.

A great instructor.
Without the teachings of a Mentor, no person would reach the position of a Protagonist.

“This one is no problem either. I will be in charge of being Montavo’s Mentor. I will be using Mirror to transform into the people necessary for him to grow and to train him”


Then, Protagonist condition number 3 — Once he or she has completed training, the Mentor will give him ore her a powerful weapon or killing move or transport method.

… this one, is giving me a headache.

I could give some kind of powerful weapon to Montavo but — he probably couldn’t use any named weapons.
Weapons choose their owners.

If I were to train him in a killer move, that joke character probably won’t be able to learn it.
That Montavo, making me waste my time, I’ll beat you to death.

I should think this one together with Ruby.


“Then, Protagonist condition number 4 — To fight his greatest enemy and win. While doing that, obtain a mark of him doing so”

Protagonists have to fight their worst enemies after all.
Unless they remove the shackles of their heart like that, they won’t be able to really spin their tale.

And those who win against their worst enemy will receive the scars that prove they did it — this is the mark.

Like a barcode saying Hey I’m the protagonist

In Ruby’s case, her greatest enemy was the Orcs.
And after defeating the Orcs, I then took her virginity.

By being deflowered, a scar was left inside Ruby’s body. Marking her.

Low-profile as she is, Ruby is a Protagonist.
Though because she didn’t fulfill all the conditions, she wasn’t a true protagonist. Just my sex friend.

— So what would be the biggest enemy for Montavo?

The thing that became the shackles to his heart — We have to look for that next.
Then, we have to have him defeat that.

I needed to work out the scenario for this part, too.
I really wanted Ruby to help out.

I will be conducting Kirisha’s capture in parallel, so it would be tiring.

“Well, that’s about it. There are other Protagonist conditions like meeting with the goddess or being loved by people, but no need to mind those. — Ruby, will you think over the path to make Montavo grow with me?”

“Y, yes …! I’ll do my best! I want to be useful to Motoki …!”

Ruby balled her fist tight.
A strong will was reflected in her eyes.

She had changed a lot from the Ruby I first met, the Ruby who was a doll.

If Ruby grew up well, she will be very helpful for fighting the heroes after this as well.

“Yes yes Ruby is growing up. Ghaah — …! Watching the young people struggle to break the wall brings a tear to my eye. Well, you’re still a long long way from my level, though”

What’re you supposed to be, Liu.

“Now then”

I took a breath — and suddenly reached out for one of the buttons on Ruby’s shirt.

“Motoki … w, why are you unbuttoning me?”

“Eh? Well, serious talk is tiring, so I thought I could use some healing,” I said while slipping Ruby out of her bra.

*jiggle* … the twin hills moved up and down.

As usual, they have magnificent power.
Uoh, it’s jiggling again ….

Now, should I suck them … should I rub them … or, no, maybe I should put it between them …

” … I was worried that Motoki has turned into Pedoki … but Motoki is Garbageki after all aren’t you …”

My name is Motoki goddess dammit.


The three of us, Ruby, LIu, and I fucked each other senseless — and then night came.

I headed towards Shackna forest.
I walked through the eerie forest and reached the opening in the center of it.

Ther would usually be Kirisha here, but of course she wouldn’t be here at this hour.
She’d be home already.

“Now then …”

I used Mirror and transformed into Kirisha.

And as her, I willed.

‘Gather round desuyo! Kirisha’s friends!’

Immediately, beasts with red shining neckbands appeared from all over the forest.

Kirisha’s Tamed friends.

“You’re such a good boy”

I gave the black wolf Godoff a pat in the back.

I then touched the neckband and whispered.

“Godoff, I command you in the name of Kirisha —”

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23 thoughts on “Chapter 46 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 9

  1. Holy crap, you’re on a roll! Since it isn’t a preview anymore, does this mean this’ll become another one of your main projects? If so, I’m looking forward to reading more– like all your translated works it seems really unique. Besides, it also fills that niche for netori stuff (v:

    1. Asking it’s not a preview at chapter 45?…. It has near 70 chapters and will catch up soon to the original if it’s this fast though.

      1. If you count the actual number of chapters though (including the prologue and interludes), we’re somewhere in the 50s so we’re already more than 2/3rds of the way there… 🙂

    1. Look at the title. There’s a chapter number and a number of the chapter within the arc.

      Chapter XX – Lorem Ipsum Dolor sit Amet Y

      So what happened is that NU’s automatic parsing algorithm took Y to be a part number and combined the two together cXX-Y

  2. This is so good. I hope that he’s not going to do this with every hero. Harem would get too clunky.

  3. ” … I was worried that Motoki has turned into Pedoki … but Motoki is Garbageki after all aren’t you …”

    I hate when Female Characters abuse MCs, but it’s different here.
    I mean, It couldn’t be more fitting.

  4. @larvyde
    Here’s the complete translation for the ending of this chapter:
    “Godoff, I command you in the name of Kirisha —
    ❤destroy that cock blocking cliff❤”

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