Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 48 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 11

«TN: Trigger warning: contains loli»

“Straighten up! Harden your legs and swing with all you got Montavo! Your sword’s wavering!! This is why your character’s always going to be dull!! Imma beat you up!”

“W, what does my character have to do with it!?”

“Everything. Your life’s effecting everything around you. My ice cream fell yesterday and it’s your fault too Imma beat you up!”

“Are you venting on me!!”

Raising a scream, Montavo finally fell to the ground.

He dropped his wooden training sword and was breathing roughly.

He seemed really tired but I’m not giving him any mercy.

“Oi oi Montavo … who told you you can breathe out carbon dioxide? Do you ever stop and think about how the planet’s atmosphere feels being polluted by your breathing? You don’t don’t you you heartless bastard!”

“You’re the heartless one!!”

Montavo teared up.

“How far are you going to drive my noble and miserable self to a corner before you’re satisfied!?”

“Eh? Until you drop dead”

“I had a feeling you’d say that but please don’t!!”

“Shut up, now stand,” I said as I pointed my sword at the back of Montavo’s neck.

The training resumed (forcibly)

Montavo and I exchanged blows — our display attracted rubberneckers who surrounded us to watch.

Early rising old people and rich housewives warmly watched Montavo working hard.

The praiseworthy sight of a noble working hard drew people’s eyes.

Sweating even despite being a noble. The rumors say he had a bad character but he was actually an earnest hard working person — The gap in his character made the people feel a strong charm to him.

We took a break and the spectators crowded around Montavo.

“Montavo, good work~”
“You’re working hard again today aren’t you”
“We’ll throw a party when you defeat Yuutarou!”
“You’re a noble but you’re an OK guy”
“I’m going to cheer for you when you duel Yuutarou”

Along with refreshments, they gave him words of encouragement.

On the receiving end, Montavo bowed his head and said “t, thank you very much” to each and every one of them.
It looked like he’s truly thankful.

With a weary mind from the strict discipline and hard work, he was deeply affected by the words of appreciation.

Hard work to the limit → repeated warm appreciation, this makes people’s characters change.

I was surprised how easy he became honest.

Well, it’s classic brainwashing.
A newbie’s basic induction to a black company is the same.

The effect was preeminent on somebody like Montavo, who was vain but had low self esteem.

However, I can’t just continue doing things as they were.
The real training had to happen.

“Now then Montavo. I’m going to call a coach for you. They’ll be responsible for guiding you from here”

“A, coach …?”

Montavo scrunched his eyebrows.

“Yes, I’m going to call them now, wait here”

After saying that I ran toward an alley and used Mirror.


The person I transformed into was the main heroine of Yuutarou’s story — Lugindall Affyd


The eldest daughter of the knightly house of Affyd famous in the continent. A famed sword.
The last target of my plans after Kirisha.

“Now then …”

After having transformed into Lugindall in the alley, I covered my face with a hood I had ready.

Thus I headed for Montavo again, this time as a woman.

Montavo stared at me wide.
Even with my face hidden, my body was clearly female.

“Are you the one who will be my noble and sincere elite self’s coach …? A woman …? Please, please, don’t make fun of me. Even though I’m noble and so generous and willing to listen to people, I have nothing to learn from a woman. Well, It’s a different case if you really are stronger than me. If

That’s Montavo for you, he never forgets the lead-in.


As Lugindall, I pulled out a rapier-looking stiletto from my waist and swung it diagonally.

There were several sounds of faint wind sounds.

“Wha …”

Then a second later, Montavo’s top was tragically cut into pieces.

I glared at Montavo from under my hood and asked with my eyes.

— Unsatisfied?

“U, understood … you’re strong. Would you please be willing to take my noble yet willing to follow the strong self under your guidance!!”

That’s Montavo for you, his small fry act was perfect as usual.

As Lugindall, I gave Montavo instructions.
I cornered Montavo using my quick blade.

The reason why I was training Montavo as Lugindall was, well there’s a definite reason —

But let’s leave that for later and torment Montavo for now.

“Stop, STOP … please don’t hit my noble and delicate self that hard…!”

Ah, it’s fun bullying small fry.


After having finished training Montavo, next I headed for an old house in town.
A small one story house that I leased just yesterday.

I transformed into the old soldier and laid on the bed.

The wound I received from covering Kirisha yesterday wasn’t much but I bandaged it to look like it was bigger than it actually was.

“But it really hurt, didn’t it …”

Incidentally, the damage I received while transforming transfers when I transform to another person.
But not all of it.

For instance, if I took 100 damage as A.
When I transformed into B, 30% of the damage transferred across. Just 30%

Then, when I transform back into A — 100 damage will remain on A.
Which means now that I’m back to being the old soldier, the wound from yesterday was clearly there.


While pressing my pained arm, I rolled on the bed and waited —

“Uncle! Kirisha is here desuyo!”

A cute voice came to me from the other side of the door.

“Oh my little lady, you’ve came. Come in, come in”

As I said that the door gently opened — from behind it a fairy, no, Kirisha’s face appeared.

“Uncle, I’ve come to play desuyo!”

Haah … so cute.

The angel, I mean, Kirisha tottered by my bedside.

“Since Kirisha’s here Uncle can take it easy desuyo! Kirisha will be nursing you!”

“Ah, you’re supposed to say taking care of you there … but anyway, thank you little lady. You put me at ease”

“Hehem, leave the sweeping and the laundry and everything to Kirisha too desuyo! Kirisha’s houseworking skills is out of the ordinary! Kirisha does image training every day desuyo !”

“I see, image training …”

“But before that Kirisha wants to be pampered a little desuyo

Kirisha joined me in bed.

“Ehehe. Papa~♡”

Kirisha slept in my arms.

Haaah … so lovely♡

Just as I planned, Kirisha was seeking a father figure in me.

It was in order to deepen this feeling that I transformed into an old man the same age as her father.

With her real father being entranced by her younger sisters, there was no one else but me to pamper her.

“There there. Let’s take a nap together”

I patted Kirisha’s forehead gently and she closed her eyes feeling comfortable.

Just like that, Kirisha began to fall asleep.

She was trusting me.

I want to protect her.

Well, that is that and —


I lifted the sleeping Kirisha’s skirt.

Legs like glasswork and exposed crotch. Sweetly erotic.

Even though she was so innocent, she’s a proper woman when you raise her skirt — the gap was really …

Today, her underwear was biting into her important parts again.

I stretched towards Kirisha’s leg joint and grasped the edge of her panties.

I slipped it down.
A little at a time, exposing the area between her legs.

I only meant to pull it down a little bit but I ended up pulling it down until —

“……… fuuh”

Let’s stop here today, I persuaded myself.

I’ll end up doing her anyway, no need to rush.

As I watched Kirisha’s happily sleeping face, I fell asleep with her.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter~

    YES LOLI, NO TOUCH, DAMMIT. Also, is the double post intended or not?

    “Stop, STOP … please don’t hit my noble and delicat self that hard…!”

    delicat -> Delicate

    1. Since no age has been mentioned you’re free to imagine her any age you want. I recommend taking the average age of all the lolis in all tensei novels which should be around 511 😀

  2. Me:Officer there’s a dangerous person here!
    Officer:Where is he?
    Me:He’s rig-wait where did he go? He was just here!
    Officer->Dangerous Person:You looking for me?
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  3. While I’m all for lolis, the point that he is in the form of an old man and she considers him to be something like a father and he’s planning to screw her even then is not really up my fetish alley. That’s two points that I really dislike, especially the old man part. I’m going to get real bad shivers if he really does her in the form of an old man… I can’t imagine how she’d be able to accept it if she discovered that he’s actually quite young, not too far above her own age, yet she thought of him as a father… Hell, even if she doesn’t realize yet keeps having sex with him would be creepy enough. Urgh.

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