Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 49 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 12

“Well, going out to the field sure makes your blood boil doesn’t it. How should I put it, my usually hidden Orc blood is bubbling …! There a female knight fallen somewhere? Guhehehe

“Calm down. I think this is useless to say to you but calm down”

“It’s useless to say that to me”

“I know!”

I took Liu along into Schackna Forest.

I didn’t really want to come to a creepy place like this anymore but there’s one little thing I needed to do here.

There’s no one better than the handyman Liu for the little job — but her Orc blood seemed to have awakened and she was now swinging her knife around and not listening to anything I say.

Like a cat in heat.

I really can’t predict her firepower …

“… Your entire family look like Elves right? Why don’t you just be Elves already? Why not be all graceful in the forest like Elves? Why do you have to be so savage? Are you an idiot? You wanna die?”

“No no no, that, you know, is just the one thing I can’t surrender. Although I look like an Elf I’m an Orc at heart. Savage is justice, and when we finally make a female knight go ‘k… kill me’ we finally became an adult”

“Do Orcs really have it for female knights…?”

Stop it, don’t you feel sorry for them?

“And in the same way, I used to be quite the berserker in my day. Yes, feared and called a snapped fuse”

“You, you know you’re being made fun of right”

That bomb won’t ever detonate, you know.

As Liu and I had that kind of frivolous talk —

— *swoosh*

There was a sussurus from a nearby bush.

When I concentrated my eyes there, I saw a puppy-like beast.

“Liu, can you catch that beast alive?”

“Is it a female knight!?”

“I said it’s a beast. How much do you want to make a female knight go k… kill me. Just go!”

“Uu … you sure handle your workers roughly, you don’t even give me a carrot. And actually I’m being the carrot here …”

Even though she grumbled, she did her job properly.

“URRRAAA!” Liu went as she hit the beast with the handle of her knife, making it faint. Savage.

“There there, good job”

I used Mirror to transform into Kirisha and raised the fainted beast’s head.

I touched the beast’s eyelid with my thumb and stared straight into its eyes.

I then chanted.

‘My magic be a snake be a rope and bind thy name to me’

As I did, the beast’s neck was encircled in a red band. The mark of ‘Taming’.

By the way, this neckband is a sign for other adventurers that this is a tamed beast.
It was useless to me now so I made it transparent.

My fake Taming would only last several days, but that’s enough.

“Liu, get around five more beasts like this”


That day, Montavo was on alert at the entrance of Schackna Forest.

It was his Master Kai (actually Motoki)’s orders.

“Sheesh … why does my noble and unparalleled elite self had to wait in a forest…”

He was displeased but if he doesn’t do as he’s told more bootcamp-like training would be waiting for him. So he stood at attention and stood guard”

The wind weaved between the trees of the forest — it made him nauseous but not so much that he couldn’t endure.

He continued to wait, and finally the sky turned dark.

Right that moment.

“HELP US—!!”

There were high pitched shrieks coming from inside the forest.

Probably adventurers wandering into the forest without proper equipment and met with the Beginner Killer.

That’s what’s wrong with these commoners, spat Montavo.
Not only poor in money, they’re also poor in the head department.

You’ll die out in the fields without proper preparations. That’s obvious.

Of course, Montavo didn’t consider helping them.
It doesn’t matter to him whether these commoners died or lived.

Just die for all I care

— but out popped the townspeople’s smiles in Montavo’s head.

Those good people that cheered him on, “do your best, don’t lose” when he was training hard.
The warmth of people.


If he let these adventurers die to the beast now, he wouldn’t be able to look them in the eye.

That was what he thought.

“… sheesh!”

Montavo started running to save the adventurers — however.


[— bocchan 1 … why … why …?]


He heard a voice.
The voice of that day.
The voice that continued to bind and curse him.

“Ah …”

Montavo’s feet stopped.
He stopped going to save the chased adventurers.

That’s right, what right do I have to do a good deed now after all that
What good would being an ally of justice do

He had to keep walking the path of evil —


“— oi, Montavo!”

That moment, Montavo’s master Kai appeared from the forest.

“What the hell are you doing, didn’t you hear those screams!? Go and help them!”

“Why does my noble and coldhearted self have to save the lives of some commoners … why don’t you go yourself?”


“An order … fine then, if it’s an order”

(An order, since it’s an order it can’t be helped. I can’t help but save those adventurers)

Having gained a just cause Montavo ran while sweeping away the tree branches with both hands, heading to where the adventurers’ screams came from within the forest.

This was not his own will, he persuaded himself.



Watching Montavo’s back recede I undid Mirror and returned to my original self.

“I thought Montavo would go save them without me having to order him to …”

Just earlier, I used Tamer and set my subordinated beasts on some poor beginner adventurers.

Using the beasts, I chased them to near where Montavo was standing by.

In my scenario, Montavo, having heard the screams, would come over and gallantly save them.

Exterminating the beasts and saving the adventurers, raising his reputation high — or that was how it’s supposed to be.

But Montavo didn’t go to save the adventurers until I pressed him to. What the hell’s he doing. Imma beat you up.

“It somehow feels like he’s tied down somehow”

Liu who was hiding in the bushes suddenly appeared.

“That might be the case. Maybe he has some trauma or something”

“Really, people are such a pain in the rear. Even though things’ll somehow turn out for the best if you just do what your heart tells you”

“Well actually, following your heart as much as you do is kinda …”

“Oh, so says the philandering dick? Motoki who lays his hands on every woman in arms’ reach to his heart’s content is saying that?”

“Well, I’m still holding myself back with that”

“Holding back? The Motoki who right this very moment is stripping me of my clothes is holding back? Are we doing it outside again? It’s still quite light out so people will see us …! You keep calmly continuing even when people’s coming, I’m scared! What if other people saw my bre — ah … nooo … don’t pinch it too … tight … please … ah … ”

Liu’s clothes flopped to the ground.
I tore off her bra and tossed it away.

The evening sun shone on her exposed twin hills.

If people came they’ll see us — Liu was flustered but I was pinching the weak spot on her breasts so she was feeling to good to make any move.

“Ha ha, so disgraceful. You’re a noble but here you are, breasts open to the public”

When I shamed her, Liu glared at me with teary eyes and puffed her cheeks while trembling.
But she couldn’t resist me now. She’s cute when she’s like this.


“Ah ah, we might just be seen now. What’ll you do if other men saw you? Ah, you want them to see? Want to show them these upward pointing boobs of yours?”

I whispered to Liu’s ears while teasing her breasts with my thumbs.

“No … Moto, ki … don’t … wanna … seen … outsiAAAAH”

… only when she’s like this she’s really cute, huh.

While toying with Liu, I thought about Montavo.

Well, in short, he’s probably the kind of guy who lives according to what the chains binding himself said.

People who live according to the voice of the chains will gradually act simpler and simpler.
And then they one day became inadequate Characters.

If he undid those chains — Montavo could finally begin walking the path of the Protagonist.

“Moto … ki, don’t, think, anything else …”

“Hm? Ah, sorry sorry”

I kissed Liu and continued.

“Motoki, unfair … wearing clothes … on, your own …”

With shaking hands, she tried to reach out to me and strip my clothes.

Well, she’s right that it’s not fair for me to wear clothes while she didn’t.

Under the evening sun, Liu and I both bared ourselves naked.

… I see, well, it is embarrassing.

While enjoying the thrill of possibly being seen — the two of us copulated like animals.

Liu serviced me three times more than usual today.

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  1. TN: bocchan : boy or young master 

9 thoughts on “Chapter 49 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 12

  1. Am I the only one who noticed that he was thinking of a guy while having sex

    Any way thanks for the chapter

  2. As expected, Liu’s CG scene is the only thing I look forward to among his women, as of yet.

  3. …sigh… all of his relationships feels so fake 😛 Probably because they are, it’s just some shallow pleasure relationships after all, due to the mcs personality.

    1. They are supposed to be. As per the reports to the goddess…. wonten sex with no intention

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