Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 50 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 13

«TN: Trigger warning: Contains loli»

As the curtain of the night fell, shopkeepers and artisans closed their shops — and headed for the watering holes.

Downing alcohol, dulling their minds, forgetting the hardships of the mortal coil.

Watching the noisy pubs in the tavern street, I muttered, “So lively”

Everyone was fooling around.

Old men laughing, “Gahahaha”

Noisy youngsters going “wai, wai”, ah, that’s Montavo…

“I told him not to play around …”

We’re having a break from our late night training tonight, so he probably came to take a breather.

I wanted to go beat Montavo up right away but unfortunately I had something else to do that night.

I entered an alley in the tavern street and transformed with Mirror.

“I still can’t get used to being a woman…”

I was now transformed into the bewitching lady who’d look good wearing a faint smile — Kirisha’s stepmother Irene.

She might just be the woman who the word bewitching was invented for.

Supple breasts, peeking from the open chest of her dress.
The enticing valley with droplets of sweat suspended on its surface.

The clincher was her long legs — she was the type of woman that would seduce men into her spiderweb.

“Wonder if I should make it a bit sexier”

As Irene, I put my right hand into my chest.
There were breasts that I as a man don’t usually have.

I felt around the quality fruits, looking for the most sensitive part —

“……… *gasp*”

My breath quickened, my skin reddened, my eyes inflamed.

good good, now I get 10/10 points in charm.

I then went out to the tavern street.

Everyone’s eyes was on Irene, on me.

The men called to me.

If I were to trip and fall now, they would probably rush in and give me a hand.

Such an easy mode world …

“Of course she’d be full of pride, being born into a world like this”

Thanks to Mirror, I’ve come to understand various people’s feelings.
It was very interesting.

With those thoughts running through my mind, I arrived at my destination.

A tavern hidden from the lines of sight of the other ones.

Inside, there were various men who look like they had prospered in the world, enjoying alcohol and women.

I sat beside a man sitting alone at the counter.

“May I sit here?”

“Yes, of course you can Madame — oh, you are …”

The man widened his eyes.

What was the Lord’s wife doing here, he must be thinking.

I made a smile and pressed my index finger to the man’s lips.

“Sir, one shouldn’t be so boorish. The ones here are just a man and a woman … names are of no import when in front of the glass. Am I right?”


Then the night passed and as dawn broke I hurried into town to the detached house.

Transforming into the old soldier, I crawled into bed.
Kirisha had been coming early lately.

“Uncle! Kirisha’s here desuyo!”

A voice came from behind the door.

The lively voice made my face smile broadly despite myself.

Even her voice was lovely♡

Entering the house, Kirisha opened the hemp bag she was carrying.

“Kirisha brought lots of seeds and bulbs today desuyo! Kirisha wants to try making Uncle’s ant’s nest of a garden bright with flowers!”

“Oh, that’s very nice!”

Let’s ignore the novel term ant’s nest she used.
Children tend to say condescending things as if it’s natural.

“Hehem. Kirisha will invade Uncle’s garden with Kirisha’s plants! Kirisha’s full of the frontier spirit nanodesuyo!”

“Oh my, how frightening~”

Haah … I’m at peace. What is this cute invader …

I don’t mind planting them myself actually …

Well, in the end I’d be planting all sorts of things on her (says the garbage)

“Then let’s begin right away desuyo!”

Kirisha headed for the garden.

“Please wait little lady. If you play in the dirt like that your dress is going to get dirty”

I excitedly took out an aqua colored sundress.

“I actually … made this for you little lady. Please feel free to wear it around the house”

“Waa, a present! Thank you very much for your concern Uncle! Kirisha will change then!”

Then Kirisha excitedly took off her dress right there on the spot.
Uwa … she’s taking it all off.

I gave Kirisha a hand and pulled her dress off of her head.

She also took off her camisole so what covered Kirisha was only her top and bottom underwear.

She was almost completely naked — she still had some way to go proportion-wise but with her clothes off she’s unmistakably a woman.

Her soon-to-be breasts that had begun to swell — when she changed clothes her bra slipped a little bit an a lightly colored part became visible.
Her bud was just a few millimeters away from rearing its head …!

Then the part where the cloth bit into her — seemed like it was sucked in …

And then that tiny navel of hers — I wonder what reaction she’d make if I licked all over it.

The line from her neck to her clavicle — faint, and beautiful.

Even though she didn’t have much meat in her, her body had proper three-dimensional shades … anyway Kirisha was hot.

… I couldn’t exactly keep staring, so I quickly changed her into the sundress.

I also gave her a straw hat as a set.
Yep, lovely♡

Kirisha and I then played with dirt in the garden.

“Mr Flower will definitely bloom desuyo!”

Kirisha watered the bulb she put into the hole with a serious look.

In the same way she planted each and every bulb and seed, and night finally fell.

Kirisha then suddenly spoke.

“… Uncle, if the flowers in the garden all bloomed … Uncle won’t be lonely when Kirisha is away right?”

Kirisha looked anxiously at me.

I see, that’s what this is about.

Kirisha will soon go on a journey with Yuutarou — that was the plan.

When Yuutarou won the duel against Montavo, Kirisha will join Yuutarou’s party.
She will then leave town.

Kirisha was looking forward to the journey — but she was worried for the “Uncle” left behind.
That’s why she came and planted the flowers.

So that when she’s no longer here, I wouldn’t be lonely.

“No, I’m sure I’ll be lonely … Everytime I see the flowers I’d be reminded of you little lady”


Kirisha gripped the edge of her dress and looked down dejectedly.

Ah, her sad look is cute too …

“But please don’t mind me. I can’t let myself get in the way of you youngsters’ journey. You have something you want to find, right, little lady?”

“Yes … Kirisha … has something to find nodesuyo. A place where everyone can smile. I’m sure it’s there somewhere”

Kirisha didn’t want to go because of curiosity.

Not because she want to know what lies beyond the mountains.

Kirisha was going to leave to find utopia.
She wanted a place where she could be at peace.

That feeling, I knew all too well.

When I was on Earth, I often dreamed of it at work as well.

Fresh greenery — ample fruits — clear lakes — quiet streams — white sandy beaches and the blue sea —

“I’m sure you’ll be able to find it little lady. — but before you go, won’t you stay with these old bones? I want to carve your smile in my heart”

“Yes! Kirisha will come and be pampered by Uncle lo–ts desuyo! Let’s make lots of memories nanodesuyo!”

Kirisha smiled and hugged me, “Papa~♡”

“There there”

Now was the time to let Kirisha experience happiness.

A brief respite before the plan began —.

With Kirisha in my arms, I apologized in my heart.

I’m sorry, you won’t be going on a journey

I’m going to take that chance away from you

You are going to stay in this town — and I’m going to do you like the other girls

Not Yuutarou, me

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 50 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 13

  1. Tch this why I hate lolis

    I mean she thinks of him as a father figure and he is taking advantage of it

    That’s fucked up

    How old is she

    Is she a legal loli like 16-18 ????

    1. He’s taking advantage of everyone. Motoki’s not exactly a good guy.

      No age had been mentioned, so you can think of her as whatever age you like. Personally I don’t think she’s really that young, since even Motoki himself has commented that her body lines are a “proper woman’s”, just that she likes to wear kids’ clothes and act childish, which actually fits with her theme of “not wanting to let go of the past”

      1. Yup, seeing how she’s getting into an arranged marriage too(seemingly not only getting engaged), I believe she’s at least 14 years old. It’s possible that she’s younger, but I’m imagining her to be 15-16 years old, that’s usually the age of any girls in a japanese novel.

    2. Even if she wasn’t a loli, that doesn’t make it even a bit better. He’s the scum of the earth, we came here knowing that before reading, so it’s best to not care and just ignore his immoral acts and questionable behavior, just read it for the laughs.

      I mean, imagine a 20 year old supple beauty thinking of him as a father figure while he just wants to get into her panties, it’s just as creepy and fcked up. That father and old man thing is something I never wish to see again, it honestly makes me feel sick 😛

  2. What the hell happened at the Tavern when he transformed into a women and spent a night with some random men XD? Didn’t know the mc is twisted here also? Or is he?

    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. You know, this series really gets me thinking- sure, the MC is messed up, and all the people he takes advantage of are messed up, too, but, somehow, he ends up making them messed up in a /good/ way. And when you really get down and think about it, the Goddess that keeps summoning all these “heroes” is the most messed up of all- she makes peoples’ lives horrible and directly interferes with their souls just to make all these so-called “heroes” have a story that she finds interesting. No matter what, that’s just so incredibly fucked up that now I want to just rip her a new one.

  4. “Wonder if I should make it a bit sexier”
    As Irene, I put my right hand into my chest.
    There were breasts that I as a man don’t usually have.
    I felt around the quality fruits, looking for the most sensitive part —
    “……… gasp
    My breath quickened, my skin reddened, my eyes inflamed.

    So, we know he’s got the sensitivity of a woman around there at least, I really wonder if his disguise skill is so complete that he actually has a complete reproductive system and can have real sex or just masturbate as a woman… I think most guys would want to try how it feels for a woman at least once, hahaha.

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