Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 52 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 15

«TN: Trigger warning: contains loli»
«TN: I mean it, seriously»

“Uncle! Look! It’s starting to grow sprouts desuyo!”

“Hurry, hurry,” Kirisha called me to hurry to the garden, flower sprouts were starting to appear here and there in the garden.

The bulbs and seeds we planted together had began to sprout.
Kirisha’s eyes shined brightly seeing the new life grow out of the ground.

Incidentally, Kirisha was wearing the sundress I gave her as a present last time.
So pretty ♡

“Mr Flower is cute too desuyo~ ♡ Mr Flower is not like people, they have a high chance of sprouting so they’re easy to raise!”

“Well … it’s true that people can get crushed easily”

The way she spoke of people and flowers on equal terms, she really was the Lord’s daughter.

“Ehehe, Mr Flower is working hard. I want to brag to everyone about the product of love between Uncle and Kirisha!”

“Ha ha ha, I’d like it if you don’t, I’m going to be ruined”

“Don’t worry, all the people Kirisha wants to brag to don’t exist!”

“I self destructed …” Kirisha raised both arms.

“Now, I can’t stay like this! Let’s get to work!”

Kirisha held a shovel in one hand and began working the soil.

I looked at her hand wondering what she was going to do. Kirisha was picking up the sprouts that lost the fight for dominance and replanted them somewhere else.

“Hoo … you’re not culling them”

Normally, these badly grown buds would be picked up and thrown away.

“Kirisha won’t throw away the children Kirisha raised nodesuyo. If they lost in their original place, they can live somewhere else!”

“Hoo … little lady is very kind”

“Mr Flower is moving house nodesuyo!”

Kirisha replanted the weak buds.
It was a very calming scene but —

I wonder if the flowers could live in their new place.
If that place became full of flowers, where would they go next.

If they continued running li that, where will they end up —


Once the gardening was done, Kirisha said she was tired and wanted to take a nap.

The two of us entered the bed, Kirisha went inside my arms right away.

“Ehehe. Papa~♡”

Which angel said that, I wondered, but it was Kirisha.
You can be spoiled all you like …

I frolicked with Kirisha with a fatherly feeling —

However the more I touched Kirisha’s skin, indecent feelings bubbled up from inside my body.

… I really wanted to do something lewd.

I wonder if I could nonchalantly strip Kirisha naked —

Then, I came up with an idea and tickled Kirisha’s sides.

“Geez, it tickles~♡” Kirisha laughed and flailed her legs.

The hem of her dress magnificently flipped up and her panties peeked out.
While she was being tormented, the shoulder of her dress also slipped and her bra was showing.

Her panties slipped down almost to the limit, just a little bit more and her crotch would be completely visible.

Her bra also slipped and one of her breasts flowed out.
Her chest that was starting to swell, garnished by a cherry-like bud.

I could finally see it …!

Kirisha who struggled to get away from the tickling was breathing roughly, “haah, haah”

Her eyes were teary.

“… geez, uncle is a hopeless prankster desuyo! Kirisha will get even one day desuyo!”

With one of her breasts out and panties slipping down … right at this moment Kirisha was a little “woman”.

The allure made me feel like my reasoning was going to be blown away …


“… hm? Someone’s coming”

There was a knock on the door.

I considered ignoring it but Kirisha answered “We’re coming, please wait desuyo!” so I can’t help it and decided to go out.

I opened the door and there was —.

“Good day … you’re in a different body but you’re Motoki, right? Ah, is it alright to call you Motoki right now?”

The visitor was Ruby.

Which reminded me, I asked her to come over today.

Ruby nonchalantly peeked inside the house — and her eyes stopped on the bed.

There was a flopped down lolikko in a messed-up dress.

“Loliki … may I at least go inside?”

My name is Motoki goddess dammit.


I want Kirisha to be friends with not just me but other people too.
With that in mind, I asked Ruby to come, but —

Ruby said to Kirisha, “Hello Kirisha-chan. I’m Ruby. I work in a grimoire store. I want to be friends with you …”

She was trying her hardest to act like an older sister.

But as for Kirisha —.

“… Hmph, desuyo

She was sullen.
She puffed her cheeks up.

“Oh, what’s wrong little lady? Why did your cheeks get so big?” I said as I poked Kirisha’s cheek.

“It’s not any different than before nodesu! Kirisha’s face is normally like this!”

“Oh, is that so? I thought it looked a little different”

“Uncle’s memory is getting bad because you’re old desuyo! But don’t worry, Kirisha will take care of you. So the people getting in the way should just go home!”

She was jealous of Ruby because she thought she was taking me away.
Even while looking away, she was grabbing my pants tight and groaned.

Oh goddess, this creature is so cute …

It’s a bit of a pain but this was a good trend.
The fact that people felt envy is proof that they value themselves.

Kirisha whose father had been stolen by her half sisters did not quarrel with them but ran into the forest.
I wouldn’t win anyway, she thought and gave up without a fight.

Nobody treated Kirisha kindly so she felt she had lost value.

But now, in order to protect her place, she desperately rejected Ruby.

Then Ruby approached Kirisha

“Kirisha-chan … I really want to be friends with you …”

Ruby suddenly pulled Kirisha into her own breasts.

The moment the marshmallow-soft breasts wrapped Kirisha, her expression lost its antagonism.

“Waa … Ruby’s boobs are so comfy~ ♡”

Down in one shot.

Amazing, the power of explosive breasts.


Now that the two became friendly, the three of us had fun spending time — then evening came.

“Au. It’s night already desuyo. Kirisha has to go home …”

With a sad look, Kirisha got ready to go home.

While she did, I asked her a question.

“Little lady, how are things going in your house lately? Are things going on safely?”

“Hmm … well lately, Papa and second wife-san are getting a bit dangerously tense nodesuyo! It’s weird, they were getting along just before nodesu. Well, that has nothing to do with Kirisha”

“Second wife-san…”

That’s some expression to use for your official mother … I know how you feel though.

But anyway, the Lord and his wife had not been getting along lately — that was probably because of the thing I did.

The results were coming in a bit at a time.

… I made quite a bit of sacrifice there, I’d be troubled if there were no results.


“Then uncle, Ruby-oneesan, bye bye desuyo. Come play again tomorrow!”

“Yes, be careful on your way back”

“Kirisha-chan, see you …”

We saw Kirisha off waving our hands — then I turned back into Motoki.

Ruby and I sat around the table in the house, facing each other.
There’s a little something to do so I had Ruby stay behind.

“Now that the Kirisha healing is done, let’s get to work. This may be sudden Ruby, but I want you to do something”

“What is it …? It’s still light out but you want me to strip already …? It’s embarrassing …”

Ruby began unbuttoning herself.

“No, not that … I want to consult with you about the scenario from now on — but before that I want you to write something”

I put some paper and a pen on the table.

“I’m going to recite a plot, and I want you to write them down like a scenario”

“Hm? Motoki, are you scheming something again?”

“Yes, I’m always scheming something”


Little by little, the preparations were coming together.

In order to steal Kirisha and beat Yuutarou down.
And meanwhile, to do something about Montavo.

Yuutarou, the Lord’s family, the Gingait family — my opponents were all big shots, but were nothing much.

With careful preparations, I’ll prove I can knock down any opponent.

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 52 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 15

    1. If he can take damage that is only partially transferred, I wonder what would happen if he gets pregnant.

  1. I looked at the ToC for the rest of the chapters and was seriously surprised… This “The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World” arc lasts until chapter 75 where it’s part 38… Maybe that’s why it was discontinued, because I already feel this setting is getting a bit old. Spending so much time for each girl when you’re supposed to go through a lot of girls, especially going for 38+ chapters for a single one… I mean, the hell? I at least expected that he’d take down the knight and the first reincarnator by chapter 75…

    Yeah, this novel wasn’t that good. It could’ve been a lot better though. The way he writes this novel gets old and boring fast, it’s interesting for the first few dozen chapters, but then it’s just repeating itself again and again.

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