Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Interlude – The Girl with the Blonde Ringlets Wants to See Her Lover Again

In preparation for harvest festival, Coura was dressed in all sorts of color.

With the day of the festival drawing near, the town’s decoration multiplied.
The commoners’ avant-garde art, made from fruits and vegetables and cattle bones.
In order to please the gods and fairies who gave their favor to the town day by day, everyone frantically came up with ideas.

There were several events held during the festival.
An art competition, Miss Coura contest β€” and Yuutarou vs Montavo.

The talk of the people were now all about the festival.

β€” Who will you take to the festival?

β€” When does the Miss Coura contest voting start?

β€” Who are you going to bet on, Yuutarou or Montavo?

β€” Ah, it’s going to be fun, why won’t the day come already.


Within the brilliantly colorful town β€” a young girl, Illya Shihol was haggard.

“… where can I go to run away from this sadness …”

While her prided blonde ringlets swayed in the wind, Illya unsteadily walked through the town’s night streets.
It wasn’t the hour a girl like her should be walking around in, it was dangerous.

However, Illya didn’t care about that β€” she was already lost in self-abandonment.

Something harrowing had happened.
So sad that she couldn’t bear it just sitting alone in her roomβ€”

Illya finally arrived on a stone bridge over the waterways.
She laid her head face down on the banisters.

Tears began to drop from her blue eyes.

“Sir Ron … why did you have to go … why did you leave me behind …”

Illya’s most beloved Ron had passed away four days ago.

Her lover Ron was telepathing while walking 1 against the law, did not watch where he was going and fell down into the waterways. He died not long after.

“… I told you over and over again, telepathing while walking is dangerous …!”

Telepathing while walking is really dangerous.
Your concentration is directed there and accidents happen. You crash into people and things.
You can’t telepath while walking. Don’t.

“Sir Ron …”

Illya leaned herself over the bridge railing, gazing at the water that took her lover’s life.

Starlight reflected from the flowing water.
The white moon wavered on the water’s surface.
It was as if they were beckoning Illya to the world beyond death β€”

“I’ll come over to you now, Sir Ron …!”

Illya had made up her mind.
She would jump into the water that took Ron’s life.

However β€”

“Uuh … I … can’t die today, either …”

Illya couldn’t die.
Not because she hesitated.

It was because she didn’t have the arm strength to lift herself up over the railings.

Today was her fourth try, but it seems she still failed.
She properly exercised herself but her arm muscles were still not adequate.

“God … why are you so cruel desuno … are you telling me to stay alive … here in this world without Sir Ron …”

Shifting the blame on her own lack of strength to god, Illya sighed. She’s at that age where she’d blame anything and everything on god.

She could simply jump down from where there’s no railing, but she felt like she’d be running from the difficulty then. Illya was a suicide applicant with a high self-consciousness.

“I have to go home and do some more push-ups …”

Also, get some protein intake β€” she didn’t realize that she was directing her efforts in the wrong direction, but anyway, she wanted to go and join the one she loves.

Illya dejectedly turned herself aside β€” and then she noticed.

There was a man standing behind her.
That man was β€”

“β€” Illya, there’s no need to do push-ups you know”

Her lover who’s supposedly dead was there.

“A … ah …!”

Illya froze and then clung to her lover with all she had.

He was there in the flesh.
She could touch him, she could embrace him.

“Ha ha ha, Illya, you’re suffocating me. Also your hair ringlets are tickling my nose. What do you use to harden these? You have hairspray over here β€” you do don’t you?”

“Sir Ron, Sir Ron …! Do you know how much I suffered because you died so foolishly …!”

Illya pressed her blonde ringleted hair onto her lover.

“Hm, well, I’m really sorry for dying so stupidly. But you’re the same too for training to die chasing after me, aren’t you?”

“I know I’m putting the cart before the horse …! But, but, I can’t help it can I! You’ve died! But how did you come back to this world …?”

“Ah, yeah. Goddess Euva asked me to stop you from killing yourself. She said, [your lover’s doing muscle training to try and kill herself to go after you, I’m not going to be able with that idiot if she came here so go and stop her]”

“Ah … goddess Euva …! I thank you for your grace! I take offense at you calling me an idiot but I’ll not consider it!”

Illya clung to Ron.
Even if it was a temporary miracle β€” meeting with a person she thought she’d lost was really a happy occassion.

“Illya, don’t die. Lady Euva is going to punish you if you continue trying to kill yourself by not letting us meet in the next world. So please forget about dying. Really, please stop. She’s going to laugh at me in the next world”

“No … she’s telling me to live on alone …?”

“It’ll be fine. If you lived out your life span, she’ll let us be together in the next life. I’ll wait for you there. Even though you seem tough enough to live 100 years”

“Ah … I … can’t die then … I have to live in this world all alone … Um, Sir Ron … in that case, would you make some memories with me. A memory of your warmth …”


“Yes … um … I, it’s embarrassing to say desuwa β€”!”

“Ah, you want to have sex? Rather than a memory you want a make a child you mean”

“So blunt desuwa! But you’re right desuwa! Yes, considering the occassion I’ll clearly say it, I want to have sex with you desuwa! Take my virginity before you go!”

“Well, but … hm …”

Ron folded his arms and thought.

“I really should object … no, it’s fine. Since she herself said she wanted to do it β€” Yes, alright Illya. Let’s do it”

“It kind of bothers me how you’re taking it lightly, but waai, desuwa

Illya jumped up and down like a rabbit.

“Then where shall we do it? We can’t find an inn at this hour, and being noisy at my home is β€””

“No, we do it here,” said Ron calmly.

“Here …? You mean here here desuno …? I, in public desuwa β€”!”

“You don’t want to? Ah, then I’ll go back to that world β€””

“P, pleas wait!”

*swish*, Illya grabbed her lover’s arm.

“I, I don’t mind … let’s do it here …”

“That so? Then Illya, first lift up your skirt”

“Eh, ah … skirt, desuno … but, um …”

“Come on, hurry hurry, the worlds are separating. Ah, will I have to return there half-dead …”

“A, all right … ! Eβ€”i!”

Illya hardened her resolve. She grabbed the hems of her skirt and lifted it up.

Her legs up to her thighs were exposed, of course her panties too. Even her navel was in clear view.

Out of utter embarrassment, Illya’s face was painted red.

“Hee. Black string panties. You have quite a sexy one on”

“T, that’s because … I was thinking I’d see Sir Ron right after I go β€””

“Alrighty then”

Ron took hold of Illya’s panties’ string and undid the knot.

Down plopped Illya’s black panties to her feet.

“M, my groin feels breezy β€” …!”

“Bear with it β€” now next is”

This time Ron grabbed the chest of Illya’s dress β€” he slipped it down along with her bra.

*boing*, Illya’s twin hills were exposed to the night air.
Now both her top and bottom was exposed.

Ron brought his face close to Illya’s chest and “Aaaah”, he …

Illya was unable to look Ron in the face out of pure embarrassment. She averted her eyes β€” and

“U, um, Sir Ron, we’re seen! We’re being seen β€”!”

There were people on the other side of the bridge.

Some middle aged men were holding their breaths looking at Illya.

Her nakedness was seen.
By someone other than her lover β€”

Up to this point in her life, Illya had taken care to avoid showing skin out of modesty.

And yet, she was seen at her most embarrassing moment by those dirty men β€”

“Hm? Ah, give them a show. It’s no big deal”

“N, no …! Ah … don’t … continue … please …”


“That desuwa girl was really good …”

I recalled how Illya looked earlier and nodded.
Her blonde ringlets were really a bother, but other than that she was top notch.

Dirtying the womb of a prim and proper lady β€” that was the most amazing sense of immorality.

It was the best, seeing a lady lift up a leg like a dog in public. And then she let me do it.

By the way, I didn’t actually approach Illya because I wanted to do it with her.
There was something I want the loose-lipped Illya to spread by having her meet with Ron.

β€” that she met her lover who’s supposed to be dead.

I wanted her to spread the rumor that you can meet with the dead in Coura.

That’s because everything needs a foreshadowing.

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  1. TN: just think of it as being on the phone while driving. don’t dwell on it too much. 

6 thoughts on “Interlude – The Girl with the Blonde Ringlets Wants to See Her Lover Again

  1. Just saving a bystander alongside his scheme and got a delicious favor in return.
    Yeah, thumbs up for the boy.

  2. So, he finally went from somewhat consensual sex to pure impersonating of someone else and raping their beloved. Yeah, I don’t really think I can approve of that, even though his other girls was a bit more acceptable since he was the one who made them fall in love even though he disguised himself as someone else from the beginning…

    Not that I wouldn’t want to do the same thing, but it’s a bit different when I’m not here for porn.

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