Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 53 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 16

“I’m sleepy Motoki … why do I have to go this early in the morning. It’s harrowing … I’ve only slept for 8 hours it’s harrowing … ”

“That’s the healthy sleeping hours, isn’t it … anyway just walk”

Early in the morning, I took Liu who was stifling yawns on a walk through Schackna Forest.

We parted the branches and leaves covered in morning dew and entered deep into the unpopulated forest.

“Uu … Motoki is a demon. But you’re rather lively aren’t you Motoki. You’ve been going around capturing the loli girl and doing BL stuff with Montavo lately, too”

“Even though all I did was goverment work I originally worked a lot back on Earth. Being busy and sleepless was my thing”

“Oh, you’re one of those proud of losing sleep people. Try doing that famous Earth line, [I haven’t slept]”

“Proud of losing sleep huh … it’s still alright while you can be proud of it. Real people who lack sleep are silent with eyes of death on them. When they finally open their mouth they’ll say [You call our company a black company but we actually give our employees 100 days of leave a year], covering for their company”

“Yeah, people need to get 360 days of vacation a year or else”

“That’s unemployment”

While talking in that way, we finally reached the forest opening.

“Then, let’s begin”

— I want to be him

I willed it and Mirror transformed me into a blonde haired swordsman.

I unsheathed the sword on my waist.

“Say Liu, try holding this sword”

“Hm? Well okay. It’s a really cool sword, though. It’s calling to my chuunni heaAAAAAAARGH …!!”

The moment Liu held the sword it discharged electric attacks at her.

Liu was electrocuted and fainted.

“Even a replica named sword chooses its wielder, huh …”

I was transformed into a famous swordsman I passed by in Coura before.

The famous swordsman’s sword was of course a named sword — it chooses its wielder.
The sword decided that Liu was [Out!]. Like a famous umpire.

“Hey Liu, wake up”

I poked Liu’s cheek.

Ah, she woke up.

“… w, WHAT WAS THAT JUST NOW!! Is this how you treat your legal wife! You want my insurance payout or something!?”

“Calm down, calm down, I don’t have your insurance policy, idiot. — well actually, I’m looking for a sword I can give Montavo. A named sword that’s just right for Montavo to be wielding”

“Montavo’s sword …? But what’s it got to do with …!”

“From my point of view, you and Montavo are equals when it comes to fighting. A sword you can use means Montavo can use it as well. In other words —”

“Haha. In other words you’re using me as a guinea pig, right imma make ya pay fer this ya better grit yer teeth ya bastard!!”

Liu-chan the berserker swinging her knife around.

This is going to take time…
I don’t want to waste any so I decided to throw away my pride.

I kneeled and hugged Liu around her waist.

“Say Liu … I’m begging you. I, don’t have anyone to rely on but you. I’ll pay you back when I make it big …”

“So you’re coming at me with those lines straight out of a band member pestering a woman for cash … but um, you’re really going to repay me …? You’re not going to throw me away when it’s convenient for you …?”

“I’m not I’m not. Do I look like I would do anything like that?”

“You look exactly like someone who’d do that and you have the track record, too … Ah geez! Alright alright, I’ll be your guinea pig or whatever … just don’t look at me with those eyes!”

“Thank you Liu!”

Even though I was doing all that like a useless man, Liu actually was actually also more motherly than the typical person.

After all’s said and done, she basically listens to what I say.
Oh goddess, Liu’s got great talents as a sex friend …

“Then Liu, try holding this sword next”

I transformed into a redheaded orc and took out a sword from the sheath at my back.
I gave it to Liu.

“Ugh … I’ve got a bad feeling about thiIEEEAAAAOOOUUUUWWW …!?”

Liu was burned.


Thirty minutes passed and I transformed into all the famous swordsmen I knew and had Liu hold their named swords.

However the result was a complete failure.
Liu was unable to use any sword, which means Montavo couldn’t either.

“What should I do now …”

The plan to release Montavo from his trauma and get him started on the path of the “Protagonist” had nearly been completely worked out with Ruby yesterday.

But I couldn’t clear this one problem.
I didn’t have any weapon to give him.
A sword he can defeat Yuutarou with.

A halfhearted sword would be no use but if I gave him a named sword he’d be like Liu now.


But anyway, let’s leave that aside for now —

“Liu, you alright?”

After receiving all kinds of attacks from the swords, Liu was rolled down in a heap by my feet.
Her clothes were torn and ragged, and there were no light in her eyes.
Hmm, this is criminally erotic … let’s do her once later.

“… Ugh … that was horrible …”

Liu slowly picked herself up.
One of her breasts peeked out from a burn hole in her chest, but let’s not tell her.

“… But Motoki, Your Mirror’s amazing now that I’ve got a good look at it, huh. It can even reproduce what that person has. — which means … you can transform into a rich person and sell his stuff for a good amount of cash, right! This is going to be a big business!”

Liu gets lively when she talks about money.

However —

“No, we can’t do that. The moment I transform back, all the things I get when I transform will disappear. We can’t sell things that’ll disappear later”

“Huh? If it disappears when it’s already sold then there’s no problem, is there?”


That’s swindling.


Once Liu and I got back from the forest (did her once in the forest before we do), I immediately headed for the detached house, played with Kirisha and Ruby (did Ruby once Kirisha went home).

— Then night came.

As usual, I headed to the meeting place to meet with Montavo.

First I hazed Montavo as Kai, then continued training him as Lugindall.

Montavo’s getting good lately, he doesn’t get exhausted anymore.
It all went smoothly and about an hour before dawn the entire training menu was done.

Somewhere unseen by Montavo, I transformed from Lugindall back into Kai.

“Now then Montavo, let’s go visit the grave again today. Go apologize to Phryne”

“… I, I don’t want to! We went the other day so that’s done, right …! My noble and busy self remembered that I have something urgent so —”

“NO! We’ll be going there to apologize today!”

I tightly grabbed Montavo’s arm and dragged him to the graveyard.

Montavo averted his eyes from Phryne’s grave so I grabbed his head and forced him to bow.

Montavo let his former master Phryne die for his own self protection.
He didn’t take his poisoned master to a doctor but locked her in a room.

He had regretted it ever since.

“Say Montavo, if Phryne were to ask your help now, will you do it properly?”

“… what’s that impossible supposition about? Phryne’s dead already! The dead don’t ask for help … even to my noble self who governs the world’s providence!”

“Yeah, I suppose. You don’t get to meet with the dead again”

Normally, that is.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 53 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 16

  1. Thanks 4 the chapters!

    He’s done all sort of questionable things, but he doesn’t swindle?

  2. Umm he said that when he transforms back all the things he has on him will , whats the point of giving a sword to montavo? It will disappear if he transform back am I right?

  3. Umm he said that when he transforms back all the things he has on him will , whats the point of giving a sword to montavo? It will disappear if he transform back am I right?

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