Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 59 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 22

«TN: Another small update »

“CHECKMAAAAAAAAAATE!! — How is it, my complete victory? Weell, I’m really a genius aren’t I, even I’m scared of my own ingenuity, it won’t be long before I reach the hand of god is it. The talentless lolikko should just try again next time. Shoo shoo shoo”

“Uu … Liu-neesan is too cocky after calling backsies 240 times nodesuyo! Kirisha wants to raise an objection to this match!”

Kirisha flailed her arms with her hands balled into fists, protesting against Liu who was seated opposite of her.
They were playing a board game. It’s so nice of you two to be so peaceful.

“Oh, is this what they call a poor loser? Lolikko kids don’t know when to give up, do they. You’ve already lost when you let your opponent take backsies you know”

“B, but … Liu-neesan even did a dogeza, so … a dogeza is like an attack desuyo! It’s not fair! It’s cheating!”

Kirisha continued objecting.

But Liu stopped up her ears and stuck out her tongue going “lalala I can’t hear you”

Even looking from outside she looks so irritating I really wanted to beat her up.

“Uuu…” Kirisha finally began to tear up.

“Uncle—! Liu-neesan is bullying me desuyo — …!”

As she cried, Kirisha clung onto me in the guise of the old soldier.

I gently patted this angel, I mean, Kirisha’s head.
“There there little lady, don’t cry. Liu’s a heartless person. A crazy person who lives by throwing away all her dignity as a person. Please forgive her, she’ll self-destruct later anyhow”

“Kirisha has some life experience but this is the first time Kirisha ever seen a person like Liu-neesan … she even hit her head on the floor when she did a dogeza …!”


Today I called Liu to the detached house to keep Kirisha company.

I was worried whether Liu who was mentally a child could get along with Kirisha — and just as I thought she bullied her.
Well … Kirisha seemed to enjoy talking back to her so all’s good.
The fact that she could object was proof that she valued herself.

Me, Ruby, Liu.
Little by little Kirisha’s friends in town increased.

By relating to people she would come to want to take root in this town.

While I was patting her head, Kirisha soon stopped crying and made a smile in my arms, “ehe—♡”

Lovely— ♡

Aah … so cute.
I want to cherish her and raise her.

I’ve been going all out raising Montavo lately so I think I’ve come to enjoy the fun of teaching.

But in that case, there was one problem —

“Hm? Uncle, you’re having a faraway look? Anxious for your old age? Don’t worry desuyo! Kirisha will one day set up a gentle pension system!”

“No, well, that’s what you do while you’re young, so … no, I’m not really thinking of pensions … was just looking at you and thought, ‘the young lady sure is cute'”

… would I be able to get aroused at such a cute Kirisha.
Her innocence levels are going all out already.

This is bad … I have to do it and yet I’m getting these feelings.

Ah, I suppose I can’t do it as an old man.
If I turn into a young man again — well, let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

Let’s just do what I have to do for now.

There’s just a few more things to do before the festival.
I had to make just a few more preparations.

I want to welcome the day I overcame all obstacles and get to leisurely watch Montavo beat up Yuutarou.


“Then all I have to do is leave this paper laying around?”

“Yeah. Just leave it on a table at the bar or so and make it look like something a customer forgot. Now go, go!”

I pushed Liu’s back away.

“Sheesh, you’re rough on your underlings. You’ve been neglecting your legal wife and BLing with Mon just yesterday. But I wonder why, when remembering Motoki and Mon going ‘Aah—!’ my heart, like, feels …!”

“STOP IT, don’t turn rotten, and don’t make my and Montavo’s master student relation into something dirty”

“By the way Ruby already began writing a novel with a Motoki×Mon couple. She says she was going to publish it in town to get back at you for before”

“You women … — just go!” I said, chasing away Liu with the flyers.

Carrying the same, I went out to town.
After a bit of walking, I reached the circular plaza at the center of town.

“The ground was still gouged out, huh …”

The scars from the Montavo vs Phryne fight last night was clearly left there.

Recalling the heart-stirring fight between the two, I got up onto the audience seating surrounding the arena.

Here and there on the wooden seats, I left several sheets of the paper I brought with me.
If someone took the paper and turn what’s written inside into rumor a few days later — my scheme will be a success.

“Ah, that’s right”

I jumped down from the seats to the arena.

I approached where Phryne turned to sand last night.
And there were mysteriously sparkling sand here and there.

Since it’s might be a clue someday, I collected it.

… but I wonder who did it, bringing Phrine back to life.

I looked up at the night sky.
I asked the goddess who resided there in my heart.

Euva, was it you? or maybe some other —

No, no use asking now.

If they don’t get in the way of my plans, then I don’t mind who they were or what they were doing.


If they don’t get in the way, that is …”

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 59 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 22

    1. Yes I need that novel , the same way Momoki sleep with a man before with a body of girl, a step more chance his body to a male XD

  1. “Don’t make my and Montavo’s master student relation into something dirty”
    Haha. Motoki is completely attached to him.

    If Motoki doesn’t want to lay his hands on Kirisha, then how about….don’t? Really. You wouldn’t be disappointing anyone if you don’t, I promise.
    There’s surely some other way to steal her without doing that.

  2. “Euva, was it you? or maybe some other —”

    Other or not, anyway you want to kill all of them so stop talking nonsense as if you will kill them only if they are in your way..

  3. So… He’s actually human too and can’t just casually ravage an innocent loli that thinks of him as a father. Perhaps my wish where he won’t do her in an old mans form will become true… Might not be able to see it though, since I don’t know if the last chapter before it was discontinued actually was the last chapter of the loli arc.

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