Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 60 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 23

While being rocked about on the coach, the Lord of Coura, Grischa La Coura, thought of his wife.

Irene β€” The wife who earnestly supported himself as a Lord.

One year after his previous wife died, Grischa married his current wife Irene.
For Grischa, she was a better woman than his previous wife was.

The fact Grischa who wasn’t talented by any means inherited the Lordship was thanks to his wife.
His wife can see through the world.
There were never even one occasion that he went wrong with following what his wife said.

The one who took care after the Orcs attacked Coura three years ago was mostly her.

When he offered his daughter Kirisha’s hand in marriage to the local noble, the Gingaits, just as his wife said β€” they immediately silenced the noisy townspeople.
Sure enough, he can’t go wrong doing what his wife said.

The one who decided Montavo to fight Yuutarou was also his wife.
For the Lord Girischa’s family, this feat had no demerits at all.

If Monavo won then Kirisha would marry into the Gingaits as planned, and if Yuutarou won, there would be no problem either.

He was the currently popular reincarnator, bringing down Orc fortresses one after another.
He would surely win fame as a great hero in the near future.
If his daughter joined Yuutarou’s party β€” he would be able to gain fame for the family.

Which was why he didn’t care who won.

By the way, the one who decided the match should take place on the last day of the festival was also his wife.
Religious authority had been weakening in Coura lately so they had misgivings about even holding a festival β€” but by having the top grade entertainment of a hero’s match, the townspeople became excited right away.

His wife was a genius. Irene was the best of the best of women β€” that was what Lord Grischa believed.
However β€”


Grischa was right now having trouble with regard to Irene.

He was suspecting Irene of adultery.

It had become the talk of the town.
Irene was gallivanting with men.

He was told, she was hunting for men at a high-class tavern.
She herself called out to a man at the counter, and the two disappeared into the night.

There were no end to the eyewitness reports. Not just one or two saw his wife walking with a man.

Among them, there were some who saw his wife strip naked in public.

Grischa found it unbelievable.
That good wife and wise mother, to be cheating β€”

“Impossible …”

Sure, he did allow Irene a certain amount of freedom.

But to gallivant about night in and night out, was logically impossible.
But there were too many rumors, Grischa couldn’t help distrusting his wife.

Currently, Grischa was forbidding Irene to go outside and locked her up in her room.
At the entrance, he set up a maid to stand watch.

Irene was shocked at this treatment and said, “why do you even need to suspect me who loves you so …”

However, Grischa couldn’t be calm unless he did this.
There were too many rumors

“β€” master, we’re here”

While the thoughts ran through his mind, the coach arrived at the mansion.

“Hm?” Grischa felt something amiss.

Even though the coach had arrived, no maids came out to greet him.

He thought it impossible, but he opened the door himself and entered the mansion.
When he did, a maid who happened to be there opened her eyes wide in surprise.

“M, master!? Why … didn’t you come home just earlier …”

“What the hell are you saying …!?”

β€” something’s not right.
Grischa scrunched his eyebrows.

“……… tsk”

Grischa had a bad presentiment and went to the second story bedroom.

The maid who should have been standing watch by the door wasn’t there.


Grischa jumped inside the room.

And what he saw there was β€”.


His wife Irene was on the bed.
She seems to be asleep.

And sleeping next to her β€” was a butler who had long served the house.

Grischa couldn’t believe the scene in front of his eyes.

“M, master!? T, this is not what it looks …!”

The butler got up in a fluster β€” but soon looked as if he had resolved himself.

“… no need to make excuses anymore, huh … actually, ever since the day Lady Irene came to this house, we have been having this kind of relations. Everyone in the house knows of this, only Master doesn’t”

“W, what did you …?”

Grisha’s whole body trembled …

Not only his wife and butler, everyone in the house betrayed him β€”

However, it all makes sense now.

Even though he was absent, there was no way his wife could so grandly sleep around with men.
But if everyone knew and stayed silent β€”


Grischa’s sight wavered.

Who, who could he believe.
Not his wife, not his butler, not anybody in the house.

At a time like this he could only believe in family. Only his daughters Yuyu and Lala β€” no.

β€” were Yuyu and Lala even actually his daughters?

Irene had been sleeping with the butler since the day she came to this house. It couldn’t be β€”

The butler continued.

“Lady Irene was such a slut. With just some incitement from me she easily opened her legs. But on this point, your previous wife Lady Maron was tough … there was no gap to use in her. Such a chaste woman. So different from this slut sleeping next to me β€” Well then, excuse me!”

With that said, the butler ran to the windows and jumped.

Left behind, Grischa felt like the world had collapsed around him.
The maids came running after hearing the commotion and seemed to be saying something, but it didn’t enter his ears.

Where could he find someone to trustβ€”

Then a face popped into his head.

That’s right, only herβ€”

“Kirisha … where’s my Kirisha …”

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 60 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 23

      1. i see. he hasn’t full turned into a villain. there are mc that are actual evil villains. like that one novel with the old guy who created a dungeon and summoned a succubus and rejuvenated his youth

      2. he’s neither good nor evil. rather than good/evil, he’s taking sides in the law/chaos axis. his goddess is the trickster which is to chaos what the devil is to evil.

  1. Now I just want to see Kirisha reject her father to some degree. He was just being stupidly manipulated, but there are consequences for burning bridges he should have to shed tears for.

  2. Ok one question which is bugging me – did our MC fuck with random guys while he was transformed into the Lord’s second wife or not? How far did he go to succeed in his plans? Someone answer me please like did the author comment on it?

    Great job on the translation. It is always fun reading it. Thank you for your hard work!

    1. nope, “she” took men with “her” into the night so all he needed was for the people to see them together, i bet he knocked them down and let them lie/brag about it

  3. Now this bugs me a little. Why did MC destroy this woman’s life? I get it she didn’t like the loli, but she wan’t all evil on her, she just favorite her own children instead of the loli.

    1. Don’t forget. MC is by no means a good guy. If it serves his goals, what’s a life or two.

  4. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    I guess he’s too shocked to question why did the butler confess so thoroughly.. or why did he jump off the window.. πŸ˜‚

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