Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 61 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 24

“Montavo, you helped my son the other day didn’t you? Thank you, really”
“Montavo, thanks for the advice the other day! My shop’s getting back in the black somewhat!”
“Montavo, make sure you win against Yuutarou, okay. Everyone’s rooting for you!”

Montavo who was practicing with his sword in the plaza was called out by the townspeople.
This was how it’s been recently.

Ever since he was released from his trauma with Phryne, Montavo had been actively helping people.
With the high specs he was born with in full swing helping people, Montavo’s popularity boomed.

The people that until recently had been going Yuutarou this Yuutarou that were now infatuated by the noble’s third son.

I understood their feelings well. The Montavo right now had charm.
This bearing that exudes aura belongs to a story Protagonist.

“Yes, I’ll do my best! I’ll devote all my strength and challenge the reincarnator Yuutarou!”

Sunlight shone on the scar on Montavo’s cheek.
The mark that said I am the protagonist.

“I don’t need to worry anymore, I suppose”

Transformed as Kai, I muttered.

Today the training ends.

All that’s left is to watch the two fight.


The practice continued until sundown, then I judged Montavo to have fully mastered training.
Since you’re now a Protagonist, there’s nothing more I could teach you, I told him.

Montavo bowed to me deeply with tears in his eyes.

“Thank you very much …! If I hadn’t met with Kai, I would surely have walked the path to ruin! I have you to thank for everything!”

“No, it’s alright, you don’t have to say that”

“It’s not alright! I am really grateful to you. I will be your disciple for life!”

“… do what you like”

As you’d expect, it’s awkward when you get thanked straight like this.

I only trained him for my own sake …

“… I say whatever, but don’t lose to Yuutarou. Make sure you win against that chuuni”

When I said so Montavo had a complicated expression.

“Well, about that, Kai … Is Yuutarou’s and my battle going to happen …?”

“Hm? Ah, of course it’s going to happen, right? You can’t stop it this late”

The truth is, there were lots of doubts about the festival this time.

The reason was that the Lord of Coura, Grisha, had gone insane.

According to the rumors, Grisha claimed that his wife had been sleeping with men in town and his own butler.
He even tried to put his wife and butler to the sword.

Not only that, he even added that his house employees had conspired to cover up his wife’s infidelity — he wanted them all put in prison.

Punishments and fines were actually the prerogative of the Lord.
However, his claims this time was too unfounded so the Quira and Euva churches joined hands and stopped him.

Milord, that was all your own persecution complex, they said.

The Lord Grisha only allowed his daughter by his previous wife, Kirisha, near him and shut himself in his room.

Sheesh, so weak minded. That’s why the idiot’s always been dominated by women.

Lord Grisha would probably be unable to continue his married life with Irene any more after this.
He’s surely going to chase her away soon.
What about the twins Yuyu and Lala? Will they be chased out together with her?

— well, let’s just see how things go.

Incidentally, it should go without explaining, but the one who cornered Grisha this far was me.

As Irene, I played around in town and fanned rumors, casting a shadow of doubt on Grisha’s heart.

Then, when Grisha was away I transformed into him. I entered the mansion and went into the bedroom Irene was kept in.
I then transformed into the elf and used magic to paralyze Irene.
Finally, I transformed into the butler and waited for the Lord to come home.

If Grisha only thought a little then he’d notice something was amiss, and yet he crumbled much easier than I expected. He’s truly a small fry.

“— well, you don’t need to think too much, just focus your mind until the day of the fight. See ya”

I said as much to Montavo and turned away — but then

“U, um … Kai!”


I was called to a stop and turned around, Montavo had an unusually serious face on.

Oh no, is he going to confess to me? I tensed, but there’s no way that’s going to happen.

Montavo quietly said.

“Kai, I am really really thankful to you. I will forever be. So — whatever you’re going to do from now on, I will never begrudge you. Please remember that. My ties with you will last a lifetime”


I think I still underestimated him.
Montavo was having suspicions.

That I was scheming something.

Not only did he notice, he also would accept whatever happens—

“Yeah, I’ll keep it in mind. Our bond is forever”


There were lots of people tonight.
Everyone was waiting for the festival that was going to take place starting tomorrow, every shop was full.
There were temporary misgivings about the festival, but it began peacefully.

“But these decorations are weird …”

Fantastic art were placed in town here and there.
They were made of excess crops and animal bones.

The harvest festival was probably something close to hallowe’en.
Every culture holds festivals like these when the season changes.

There was the sound of music playing from somewhere.
The collaboration of the strings and percussion felt mysteriously good.


I stood up in the middle of the throng.

As I did, the people’s smiles were baked into my eyes.
Depending on the situation, I might end up destroying this.

This scene might well disappear —


I disrupted the relations between the Lord, Irene, and the butler in order to save Kirisha.
In order to distance the Lord from Irene and her daughters and get him attached to Kirisha.

— But not only that.

I planned on weakening Coura itself.

By removing the Lord’s brain Irene and the butler, I will destabilize the town. — That was the biggest goal of yesterday’s act.

The reason the foolish Lord Grisha could become Lord was because of his wife and butler.
As long as they’re there, the town won’t be disturbed in any big way.

And when Coura is peaceful — reincarnators will come here one after another.

The initial town for reincarnators have an inseparable relation with them.
As long as Coura and Sephro hadn’t been captured, the problem won’t be cured.

Even as I racked my brains over Yuutarou, it was no more than a coping measure.

I weakened the Quira church when I handled Miria’s case, and now the central pillar of the town, its Lord, was shaken.
And now if just one more disturbance happened —


I left the main road and entered an alleyway.
When I did, a lone girl walked to me from the other side.

She looked like an Elf — but she’s really a High Orc.

I acted as if passing her by and handed her a letter.

“Send this to Luna”

This game with Yuutarou will soon be over.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 61 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 24

  1. Oooh orcs is going to attack the festival isn’t it?
    Then the female knight will ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) by the orcs, and Yuutaro arc will end~
    Or not, wild guess, idk.

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