Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 62 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 25

“The lolikko hasn’t been coming over lately, hasn’t she. And I thought I’ve finally got the chance to teach someone some life lessons. Like how to do a brilliant dogeza or how to take the panties off your noisy friends”

“Those things are only useful for you. But I’m interested in the taking off panties things, can you please teach me?”

“Oh, are you interested? That’s a philandering dick for you, always keeping ahead on technology. That desire to improve is one of the reasons I let you get more sex friends, Sleazyki. — I don’t mind teaching you but there will be a catch. Let me borrow some pocket money. I don’t have cash. I can’t go buy things at the festival like this. Give me money!”

“Um, didn’t I just give you some the other day? How did you waste it all so fast? Because your existence is itself a waste?”

“Well, I invested it in this”

What Liu showed me was a bundle of paper that looked like horserace betting tickets.
All the tickets had the name Montavo written on them.

It seems she spent all her money on Montavo’s win. You scum …

“Well, Montavo’s gonna win, right? He’s gonna beat Yuutarou down with Motoki’s underhanded tricks, right? Heh he, I’m actually a small time capitalist at heart you know! I refresh myself with a bathtub of copper coins!”

“So both your heart and body are dirty … so how’s the betting rate looking?”

“Yuutarou is bigger but there are quite a lot who bet on Montavo. That noble’s got quite the reputation”


It was obvious but the audience will be cheering for their bet.
I shouldn’t underestimate the voice of the crowd.
In all sports, the home team with the louder cheers going for them have the overwhelmingly bigger win rate.

Ideally, I wanted the crowd to be split fifty-fifty, but —

“Well, I suppose I should be glad he gets any … — It’s about time Liu, let’s go out”


Liu and I together set out to town on the opening day of the harvest festival.
There was nothing in particular that I had to do, so I genuinely went out to enjoy the festival.

“Ah … Garba, Motoki! Liu-chan!”
We met up with Ruby at the meeting place in front of the shopping street.

I felt like she was calling me names as soon as she saw me, but let’s not sweat the small things.

“Ruby, yaaaay! How are your novels going? Have you reached the part where Motoki gets raped?”

“Mm … it’s going well. My grudge against Motoki’s giving me plenty of motivation …”

“Yes yes, I know that feel. When it’s done this Liu-chan is going to take responsibility and spread it around!”


I thought I heard an improper talk, but let’s not worry about it.

While buying these two some things from the food stalls, I nonchalantly led them to a quiet place.
Towards an abandoned building.

“Hey wait up Motoki, why are we heading to a deserted place? The stands are that way”

“Hm? Well, you see, it’s a festival”

When it’s a festival, isn’t there something you have to do?

“Um, I don’t see how this relates to the festival … uh, why are you eagle-gripping my and Ruby’s boobs …?”

“Well, you see, it’s a festival”

“Like I said, why do you have to let out my and Ruby’s boobs just because it’s a festival! Um, people are going to come …!”

“Well, you see, it’s a festival”

“Are those the only words you know!? … ah, no … don’t pinch …”

“Give it up Liu-chan … Garbageki won’t stop once he’s like this …”

Unlike Liu who’s been protesting, Ruby had already given up.

Ruby made no move to resist and only stared at me in embarrassment and heavy breathing.
She had accepted the fact that her breasts are out in the open as a normal thing. The result of her training.

Ruby was so gallant and great I ignored Liu and focused on her.

I’ve already developed her this far so I knew these breasts like the back of my hand.
Both her breasts had my kiss marks at all times.

“Uuu— …”

Liu started kicking me, but let’s leave her be.

Humm — but you know.


I’ve done it with these two several tens of times already, so, how should I put it …

Frankly speaking, I’m a little bored …

I might have gotten too pampered to be able to say this in front of two beauties half-naked in public, but I can’t help being bored.
I have to change things around.

I grabbed both their hands and started walking.

“Eh, wa … Sleazyki?”

“H, hey Garbageki … there’s people over there …?”

We went to a place we were more in danger of being seen than the one earlier.
We could hear the bustle and the sound of footsteps from right next to us.

The two frantically tried to cover their breasts with their arms.
Good, thanks to the tension I feel myself springing with tension.

Also …

“Hey, Deadki … why are you tying me up …? They’ll see, they’ll see us …!”

I used Ruby’s clothes for rope and tied both her hands behind her back tightly.

If someone were to come now Ruby won’t be able to hide her impressive breasts.
Ruby frantically tried to twist her body and face the wall but I held her shoulders and stopped her.

Flustered, Ruby’s eyes teared up — Mm, this is good.
I’m getting aroused.

“M, Motoki … why only Ruby …! Your legal wife is here! No, I don’t mean I want to be tied up but I still can’t accept it!”

“Well, if I tied you up you can use your Thief skills to set yourself free right?”

“U … uuh …”

And thus I neglected Liu for tonight and concentrated on Ruby.

This big breasted girl’s been cheeky lately, so I decided to up on her discipline.

“Ah … ! No don’t pull it down …!”

I pulled her skirt and panties down, making her completely naked.

“Now then …”

I then laid Ruby down on the ground.
Then I used the skirt I stripped off Ruby and bound her feet.

“Garbageki … why my feet too? I can’t move, I can’t move …!”

Ruby, buck naked, with both hands and feet tied.
In that state, she was laid down on the surface of the ground.

“Then see you later Ruby”

With Ruby naked and unable to move, I left her there with Liu and left the place.

“Eh …!? H, hey …! Don’t leave me …!”

I ignored Ruby’s pleas and turned the corner, then waited.

Ruby would be on tetherhooks about now. If someone came and saw her like this —
They would see her big breasts, they would ravish her —

After waiting a while I went back to Ruby. She was glaring at me with a red face.

The sophisticated neglect play brought her anger to the top. She wasn’t even able to speak and only trembled in rage.

“Sorry, sorry …”

I gently patted her head and untied her feet.

And then we —

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