Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 63 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 26

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The Lord of Coura, Grisha, had locked himself in his room these few days.

What in the world happened to him — not even Grisha himself knew.

His wife commited adultery.
With men in town, and with his butler.

Grisha saw it with his own eyes.
Everyone at home should know it too.

He wanted to pass judgement on them. These insolent fools who made fun of the Lord.

However, there was no proof.

Investigation by the Church showed that both his wife and the butler had alibis.
Unable to find evidence of his wife’s infidelity, she said to him with a smile, rumors will be rumors.

— Impossible … I saw it myself …

Lord Grisha was in distress. Was he going crazy. No, that’s not possible.

He couldn’t believe anything.
He couldn’t trust anyone.

Until now, whenever anything like this happened, he left it all to Irene.

But now, Irene herself was the cause of the turmoil.

Then how about his cute daughters Yuyu and Lala —
But those girls, he still couldn’t be sure they were his own daughters.

The world became uncertain —

But there’s just one.
Grisha could only believe in his daughter Kirisha, she stayed by his side.

His daughter by his previous wife was the only one he was sure was her daughter.

Even now, Kirisha was by his side.

“Papa, are you alright …?”

Kirisha worriedly hovered over her father who was collapsed on the bed.

The clear eyes of his daughter — they were very beautiful.
He smiled despite himself.

Then he heard cheers from outside the window.
Grisha stood himself up and looked down from the window.

“Ah … the harvest festival is starting …”

There were lots of people.
Footsteps and laughter repeatedly overlapped —

Then he remembered, a memory floated onto the Lord’s mind.

“Kirisha … do you remember? There was this one time you wanted to go to the festival so you dressed as a commoner and the two of us went out to town … it was exciting wasn’t it?”

“Kirisha never remembered anything like that, so maybe it’s Yuyu or Lala desuyo, Papa!”

“I, is that so …? Not good, the Lord made a mistake. What to do, we should rule 1, or not”

“Papa, your Lord jokes are back desuyo! Kirisha is relieved!”

“Ooh … you liked it. But, this is not good. To crack jokes in my position, I’m practically ordering my underlings to laugh. I’m a marquis 2, though”

“Papa, you’re on a roll desuyo! You’re the best!”

Kirisha burst into laughter, slapping her hand on the floor.

Right, she was always the easy one to laugh.
Nobody but Kirisha ever laughed to his Lord jokes, so he rarely ever told them anymore.

Kirisha was still rolling in laughter by the bedside.

— ah, this is bliss.

He suddenly thought.

Even though he had such happiness being near Kirisha, why did he throw that happiness away.

Thinking back, there was no particular reason.
It just happened one day.

The one who made it happen was —


Grisha deeply regretted.

Soon, this lovely daughter would leave his side.

Either to Yuutarou or to Montavo.

How did it turn out like this.

It was all none other that —

“Because I was weak …”


“Welco — oh my, have I seen you before …?”

I was entering the Euvan bar, I mean, church when Miria greeted me.

In bartender getup, Miria saw me not as the “little lamb”, and tilted her head in doubt.

This was the first time I met Miria in my own form.

But even though I’m in another form, after doing it with me day in and day out, Miria felt something.

I was sipping on liquor at the counter, and Miria stared at me, “jiiiiiiiiii
Too close …

“Little lamb’s big brother …? But you don’t look alike at all … but you’re somehow alike …”
jiiiiiiiiiiii … Miria stared at me so close her nose was going to touch me.

“U, um … who is this ‘little lamb’ …?”

I feigned ignorance and asked.

“My my! You want to hear about me and little lamb? What should I do I wonder, I don’t normally want to talk about this to men … but I somehow feel like it’s okay to talk to you”

“Ufu,” chuckled Miria.

“All right, I’ll tell you. My and little lamb’s dazzling sex days …!”

Then Miria began telling the story.
The story about the days of her seedy days doing all kinds of things with the little lamb.

“And you know, little lamb is an incredible pervert … just the other day he put Rania and me upside down and did us both —”



While listening to Miria, I waited for the chance to talk.

I wanted to say, I’m the little lamb.

Miria still didn’t know that I was the little lamb or that I could transform.

It’s not like there would be any problems keeping her like this — but I felt I should tell her soon.
That’s what I thought, for some reason.
I don’t know how it’s going to be after the festival is over.

Now is the time, I’ll tell her now, I waited for the time, but —

“and then, the little lamb … of all things … dived under the counter, and licked me while I was serving guests … geez, I thought I was going to leak a voice … such a naughty boy …”

Miria wouldn’t stop talking.
Only my and Miria’s liquor decreased — and finally.

“She fell asleep …”

Miria fell flat on the counter and started breathing regularly.

This woman’s full of freedom too.

I lent Miria a shoulder to get her in the back room.
But then —

“Little laaaaamb … my, you’ve grown big haven’t you … if you’re this big, then we can do lots and lots more things … I’m happy …”

Miria sleeptalked and mistook me for the little lamb.
Or rather, she saw through me.
Exactly because her consciousness had become dull that she could forgo reason and conclude that I’m the same person as the little lamb.

Miria circled her arms around my neck and kissed me. Then she said “I wanna do it”

“Alright …”

I picked Miria up and carried her in a princess carry.
She asked me, so I’m not about to say no.

“And since we’re doing it anyway”

It’ll be boring to do it on the bed. I want the thrill of doing it outside.

I left the church into the back alley through the back door.

I took Miria’s bartending clothes off, stripping her naked.

I casually put Miria’s beautiful body down on the dirty alley, the gap was great.

“But, not enough …”

There’s still room for improvement.
Miria had recently been trailblazing through sexual experience, merely doing it outside won’t be enough for her.

I smeared some nearby dirt on Miria, dirtying her skin.

I then wrote some indecent words on her thighs with mud.

Yes yes, this is good. Let’s add more.

I wrote everything that came to mind on her face and body.

And finally, I made her do a peace sign with both hands.

the Double Peace


Preparation complete.
I took my clothes off too.

In front of me there was Miria with indecent words written all over her body.
And doing a double peace too.
Oops, forgot to put her legs in the M shape.
I made her as sluttish as I could.

Now the preparations are complete.

I normally do it with Miria in the shape of a child so it was refreshing to be able to do it as an adult.

With my adult body, I hung over Miria.

And then we —

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  1. TN: What to do = doushimashou (dou + shimashou); let us govern = doushimashou (doushi + mashou) 
  2. TN: to give an order = kyuuhaku (suru); Lord of marque = henkyuuhaku 

34 thoughts on “Chapter 63 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 26

      1. Would it be safe to assume the author is doing that ending deal as a big “FUCK YOU” to people asking for more ero on the syousetsu (is that the name?) site?

  1. i call BS if Miria doesn’t realize that she was ‘technically’ netorared by ‘stranger’. I double dare it.

    ps. ew… Creeepo pedo father foreshadowing…..

  2. I’ve got a brilliant idea what if he does all the girls infront of yuutora

    My ntr senses are tingling

    I’m excited for that to happen shame there is no sex scenes shame

  3. I’m starting to get more and more annoyed with this novel somehow… It’s getting worse and worse, I don’t know why I feel like this though. I want to read it all since there’s only 12 chapters left, but damn… This is pissing me off, his behavior, the redundant explanations of “we did it” repeatedly and the girls that have no proper personality and accepts everything he does. It has become even more of a wish fulfillment fantasy than in the beginning, it’s just so illogical and unrealistic that I’m starting to be unable to enjoy it.

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