Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata

Chapter 65 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 28

“So here, use it well. Well, it’s going to be a big deal if it broke, though”

I transformed into Kai and formally gave Montavo the demon sword Ghulcyut in front of the arena entrance.

Ghulcyut seemed to have already considered Montavo as a master, so it didn’t struggle anymore. In fact, it seemed happier than when I was wielding it. Damn slut of a sword ….

“Thank you very much. — I will make sure I show you the best fight that won’t be a shame to the sword”

“Okay, good luck”

Having curtly said that I separated from Montavo.
There’s no more to say now.
The sword knows all the important things.


Having done my duty as his master, I got up to the audience seating on the coliseum-like arena.

“Ooooi— Motoki! This way! This way!”

Liu who was sitting on a back seat waved her arms at me.

“This transcendently multitalented early-rising Liu-chan had properly tagged seats! Well, it was harsh you see, I had to wake up in the morning you see. Ah, I think it’s worth praising, it’s worth giving me some more pocket money”

The broke Liu stole glances at me. I ignored her and looked around.

The audience, eyes bright in anticipation, cheered so loudly it hurt my ears.

Even though the match hadn’t yet begun, the arena was already enthused.

Well, it’s that good a match, after all.

The reincarnator who had a goddess’ protection and the swordsman Montavo whose fame was heard all the way to the continent.
People obviously would want to know — which of them was the stronger one.

At a glance, it looked like the Yuutarou fans had the greater numbers but Montavo’s had the louder cheers.
The adventurers Montavo saved all put their whole might into their cheers as if to make up for their inferior numbers.

Everyone was wild with enthusiasm.

“It’s amazing though. So it’s really because there’s gambling involved”

“Really, they should be enjoying the match elegantly, I say. Someone highborn such as I only — URAAAAA MONTAVO!! I’M BETTING ALL MY MONEY ON YOU SO YOU BETTER WIN OR ELSE!!”

As Montavo entered the arena, Liu furiously shook her knife.
I was really embarrassed but since it’s good that there are more voices cheering for Montavo, so I let her be.

Then, I sent my gaze towards a certain place in the stadium.
The Lord was there.
Next to him was Kirisha.

Kirisha worriedly gripped her father’s hand tight.


In the middle of the jam-packed venue.

Montavo was standing in the middle of the arena.

Yuutarou still hadn’t entered.
Normally, the lower ranked person should be the one enter first. By all rights they should have entered together.

But Montavo as the challenger wanted to challenge Yuutarou.
This order of entrance was what he wanted.

— there’s no need to stand on ceremony.

Vanity will only get in the way in the fighting ring.
It doesn’t matter who thought what.
Only the clashing of bodies matters.

Casually, Montavo surveyed the arena grounds.
There were faint traces of the death match with Phryne.

Because of that fight Montavo became an adult.
Kai praised him, saying [You’ve come to be more of a protagonist, haven’t you]
Nowhere in the world would there be greater praise than that.

— I wonder if I could grow some more after fighting Yuutarou.

He had expectations.
What kind of talk would they have through the sword today.
A sword fight is like a dialogue.
Iron clashes with iron, exchanging life views and experience with each other, elevating them both.

Montavo could not wait for the fight to start and simulated the fight that was about to begin in his head — however


He tried to bring Yuutarou’s face to mind, but he couldn’t.
Even though they had met many times, he for some reason couldn’t remember the look of the reincarnator.

Why —

Just then.
The arena was wrapped in a loud cheer.

Yuutarou had entered.

Montavo raised his head and gazed at the boy he was about to fight.


— Ah, I see.

The moment he saw him, Montavo understood why he could not remember Yuutarou’s looks.

His existence was just too light.
He knew that Yuutarou posessed great strength. But he had no depth.

He didn’t need to cross swords, he understood that with one look.
Yuutarou was a child beyond helping.

He was sure Yuutarou hadn’t experienced anything.
Never saw the dark side of life.
And yet, he had acquired power.

— how pitiful …

Yuutarou entered and shouted.

“Oi bastard! You promised you won’t marry Kirisha if I won, right! I definitely won’t hand Kirisha to the likes of you! I’m going to protect her!”

Yuutarou gave Kirisha a glance.
He was drunk with himself.

Montavo wanted to look away from such a Yuutarou.

He looked too much like how he himself was.

— I want to save him.

Montavo became angry.
Not to Yuutarou, but tho the person behind him.

When a child makes a fool of himself, there will undoubtedly be an adult smiling in joy behind him.

— Today I will make Yuutarou see.

He hardened his resolve.


And thus the battle began.

“I’ll show you my power!”

Immediately, Yuutarou produced a fireball over his upturned palm.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 65 – The Lord’s Daughter Longs for the Wide World 28

  1. Montavo is like Luke from Tales of Abyss, from a snotty brat to a reliable protagonist.

    Thanks for the chap~

  2. “Oi bastard! You promised you won’t marry Kirisha if I won, right! I definitely won’t hand Kirisha to the likes of you! I’m going to protect her!”
    Yuutarou gave Kirisha a glance.
    He was drunk with himself.

    Yeah, he’s not protagonist material at all. If protagonists acted like this third rate villain, no one would be able to start liking them, they need to have proper justification in their actions but this guy acts exactly like the small fry enemy characters you see that goes against the mc… Even though the mc of this character is utter trash and should get stabbed to death by the girls, he’s far better than this guy, so I guess the mc did them a major favor just by releasing them from the grips of this guy, even if you don’t include how he cured their various traumas and insecurities…

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