Hitokui Dungeon e Youkoso

Chapter 14 – Red Crows Invade: Afternoon Decision

This series is rated MATURE, please make sure you are of age in your jurisdiction before reading.
This series contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes.
You have been warned.

One of the warriors was wounded from the skeleton archers’ attacks.
As expected, it was poisoned, and his movements became dulled.
Legda clicked his tongue and ordered the poisoned warrior and thief out of the village.
The monsters defeated were six zombies and four skeleton archers.
The gains were just a few trinkets.

He had considered it as just a place to run away to so he didn’t expect much income, but it irritates him that he was wasting time.
Sara’s magic can be used to investigate, but that would reduce the number of salamanders that could be summoned.
She herself said that she could only call as many as four in a day.
If she forced herself, maybe five or six, but that was probably the limit.
It hasn’t been long since the day Sara joined the Red Crows, so Legda hasn’t completely grasped the true extent of her powers.

That said, he had roughly seen through the limits of her stamina.
There were weak but persistent zombies in this mining village, Sara’s magic was very effective.
However, because of their numbers, it’s obvious that she’ll hit her limits if she fired off magic without a plan.
Let her fire off magic when it’s safe, and rape her when she becomes powerless.
Forcing her to it and using aphrodisiacs against her will is fine, too.
By controlling the amount of aphrodisiacs to use next time, she’ll become a docile bitch just like Shiro.

Legda had always wanted Shiro … Charlotte from the beginning.
She had good character, strong at negotiations, and had big breasts though she was small in build.
He approached her many times to become his woman, but partly due to their parties not getting along well, she didn’t reply favorably.
Which is why he made her his against her will.
The poisoning and attacking of the white dogs was Legda’s order.
He thought the other women can just be his men’s playthings, but one of them was killed in the attack.
It didn’t take long to break Charlotte’s ego due to the aphrodisiacs, but the other one broke down completely.
And because he beat Charlotte up many times when he did her, her former lively disposition was all but gone, becoming a docile but frightened puppy.
This is not the Charlotte he wanted. Which is why he let his men use her.

If he did a little better in ravishing Sara, she’ll be his own personal bitch.
She had small breasts, she herself was conscious of it.
Setting her next to the small but big-breasted Shiro and doing them and comparing and teasing them would make for a fun play.
That was what Legda thought.

“Legda, it’s that imp again!”

Sara’s voice brought Legda back to reality.
Looking over, the imp with one of its wings burnt was totteringly flying in another direction from the village.

“It’s going somewhere … huh?”
“Probably, might be some kind of base?”

Time wise, it’s about time to set up camp or think of evacuating for the day.
If they returned now, they’d be back at the fisherman’s hut just as the sun went down.
However, he can’t stomach not bringing back anything worthwhile.
He heard the dungeon master had his base in the village or a nearby place and did business with the underworld.
If one had cash even a criminal would be sheltered, and given aid to escape, but Legda himself wanted to kill that dungeon master and snatch away the treasured base.
Once the heat had cooled down, he could present the return of the mining village to the lord and the disturbance in the city would be water under the bridge. He may even get some rewards.

“Right, follow that imp. If there’s a base let’s capture it”

Legda gave his orders and started walking leisurely.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 14 – Red Crows Invade: Afternoon Decision

  1. Guy is a sick fuck eh? He wants to destroy his vice leader too. I guess that’s why the other men don’t even mind asking her for sex. She’s a weak magician.

  2. Ugh, so he has plans to rape his 2nd in command. Well it did say earlier she holds no voice over his men. I guess I was thinking naively earlier when at teh beginning I thought she might be protected since shes part of the group. About the time when they abducted the white dog members.

    This story surely isnt just rainbows and flowers.
    Aside from that, being a “tall” female, with smallish boobs, sounds like my type of girl! 😮 going to root for nothing bad to happen to her 😮 But I guess shes destined to be raped anyway, by either Legdar or the MC.

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